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Mini Friesian Horse - Dwarfism In Friesian Horses

Dwarfism In Friesian horses occurs in around .25% of the Friesian horse population. Friesian horses with dwarfism is caused by unusual chondrocyte columns and irregular cartilage to bone transitions. Friesian dwarfism is caused by BIEC2-239376 on chromosome 14 which is closely related to the gene that causes dwarfism in humans. Below you can see a mini Friesian horse compared to a standard Friesian horse.

Mini Friesian Horse

King David - The Friesian Stallion @SansamueldeabrilcriaderoKing David - The Friesian Stallion @Sansamueldeabrilcriadero

Friesian FoalsFriesian Foals

Friesian Horses For Sale

The Friesian Horse originates from the Netherlands. These Horses are graceful and also quite nimble making them a beauty to behold. If you are looking for Friesian Horses For Sale, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to ensure that you make the most out of your purchase. Cross Breeding has been a popular thing to do with these Horses over the years. So if you are looking for pure Breed Friesian Horses For Sale, there are a number of things that you would need to consider.

1. Make a point Friesian Horses For Sale of finding out whether the Friesian Horses For Sale have been registered. Typically, registered Horses used to have a tattoo on their tongue. This form of identification was however replaced after the year 1999 with a microchip. Either way, the Friesian Horses For Sale are older you would still need to check them as in some instances there were crossovers. The tattoo or the microchip that the Friesian Horses possess should also match their passports. Always ensure that the Horses have the proper certification.

2. Always establish whether or not the Friesian Horses For Sale that you are looking to purchase are good. Generally, it is found that Horses that come from a first premier, a second premier and sometimes even a third premier tend to be the best quality. If you get the opportunity to enrol for a training session before you purchase Friesian Horses For Sale then by all means you should ensure that you attend because you could end up learning some invaluable things. If the Horses you are looking to Buy are of a premier grade, you should establish whether this was a grade they received in their adulthood or if when they were still a foal.

3. As with making a purchase of any living animal, you need to ensure that the Friesian Horses that you are looking to Buy are in good health. Initially while still in the Netherlands, these Horses were used for farm work and thus their health was not a primary concern for their owners. Overworked Horses will tend to have worn hooves. Always demand for a veterinary check prior to making your purchase so as to ensure that the Friesian Horses For Sale are in good condition.

4. Friesian Horses For Sale are known to be a good Breed. However, you still need to have the Horses checked for worms as well as have them administered some de-worming medicine. In addition to this you will also have to ensure that the Horses are checked for any aortal ruptures and male castration. Ensure that the Horses that you are looking to purchase have received the necessary shots from the veterinary. They should also be checked for any skin diseases they could have contracted.

5. Friesian Horses For Sale that is below the age of three may sometimes be advertised as being saddled trained. Although they may have gotten some experience, this does not mean that they are now comfortable. You will need to put in some extra work to ensure that they get to the level that you want them to be.

Friesian Horses For Sale
So you`ve found some Stableexpress Equestrian Classifieds with many Friesian Horses For Sale , and you want to pick one, or a few, up. But before you go charging out the door to look for your new Horses, there are a few things that you`ll want to check on first.

To begin with, is it a Friesian that you want?

Friesian Horses For Sale are from the Friesland Province of the Netherlands, and whose ancestors were often used as war Horses in Europe during the Middle Ages due to their grace and nimbleness. Friesians have inherited these attributes from their ancestors, making them a perfect match to the sport of dressage.

Other attributes that make them a good choice for dressage are Friesian Horses For Sale their power, appearance, and excellent body control. That they are highly intelligent is obviously beneficial as well.

Because of their heavy, muscular physique, Friesian Horses For Sale do not work well for racing. However, their strength and bulk are a good fit as a carriage Horse. Friesians are used as Show Horses as well, often leaving their mane, tail, and feather (the hair on the lower legs) untrimmed, allowing them to grow out long and thick. Their fur is typically black in color, though in very rare cases is chestnut. One look at a strong Friesian and you`ll quickly appreciate their value as the Horse of choice for use in films.

Overall, a Friesian is a good all-around Horse, whatever your needs. They are also well-mannered, comparatively, making them an excellent choice as a family Horse.

By this point, you should have a pretty good idea whether a Friesian is the Horse you want to buy. When you`re ready to start shopping around, riding instructors can often give you good advice on where to find a good dealer. But if your local Horse store isn`t working out for you, Full Spectrum Friesian Stables is worth a look. ContentAdvert

Mini Friesian Horse - Dwarfism In Friesian Horses