• Working Hunters

    Working Hunters

    See information on the winners of Working Hunter horses past and present / HOYS working hunter winners / Working hunters for sale listed on Stableexpress
  • Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg

    Mini Horse Who Lost Her Leg

    Watch VIDEO :- What is your opinion on fitting a horse with a prosthetic leg? see the story from the miniature horse Angel who lost her leg and her story to regain her ability to regain movement
  • Dressage Meets Cowboy

    Dressage Meets Cowboy

    Watch This Fab Horse Display Dressage Meets Cowboy Showcasing The Skills From These Two Equestrian Disciplines, Dressage Riding vs Western Riding
Belmont Stakes
Belmont Stakes
- On June 9th 1973 in the Belmont Secretariat set a 1 1/2 Mile record that still stands today. | Watch one of Secretariat best race victories the 1973 Belmont Stakes | Secretariat and his astounding 1973 Belmont Stakes victory