Meet Maximus the horse of the Captain of the guard, with the mission to capture Flynn and nothing will stop him from getting his man. But the meeting of Rapunzel can soften his heart, below you can watch some of Maximus best bits from the film Tangled.

Below you can see some examples of fanart capturing Maximus.
Maximus (Tangled) by JulieBalesMaximus (Tangled) by JulieBales
Tangled by cehavard90Maximus (Tangled) by JulieBales
Maximus by JeneryFillyMaximus by JeneryFilly

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Maximus x Vase, -

Mashal Alajami

Mashal Alajami - Saudi ArabiaMashal Alajami

Mathieu Ory

Mathieu Ory - France

Tanza Crouch

Tanza Crouch - South Africa - Endurance Rider Tanza Crouch

GăĽNter Spitzer

GăĽNter Spitzer - Austria

Sarah Huebner

Sarah Huebner - GermanySarah Huebner

Marcos Da Silva Fernandes

Marcos Da Silva Fernandes - Brazil - Showjumping Rider

Michele Cattapan

Michele Cattapan - Italy - Showjumping Rider