Milton was one of the first stars of the showjumping ring who truly caught the imagination of the public, competed by British rider John Whitaker. Milton was a grey gelding born in 1977, sired by the Dutch warmblood Marius who jumped internationally, his mother was an Irish Draught jumping mare Aston Answers. As a young horse Milton was competed by British rider Caroline Bradley who had jumped his father Marius, Caroline Bradley had lots of success on the young grey Milton and had hopes, but after her untimely death Milton would be ridden by Stephen Hadley for a short amount of time and then afterwards John Whitaker.

Milton - Showjumping Horse

Milton Jumping Record

During his jumping career with John Whitaker they would have numerous wins and would be the first horse to win over one million pounds in prize money. Victories include winning the 1990 and 1991 FEI world cup, Individual silver at the 1990 world equestrian games and individual silver at the 1987 European championships and then gold 2 years later in Rotterdam. Milton would be retired at Olympia in 1994 and have a happy retirement before his death in 1999.

Below you can watch John Whitaker & Milton at the all England jumping course at Hickstead.

Milton - John Whitaker.jpg

John Whitaker - MiltonMilton was ridden by British showjumper John Whitaker, watch John Whitaker riding other legendary horses (Ryan Son, Welham, Argento)

Caroline Bradley & Milton

John Whitaker - MiltonAs a young horse Milton was competed by Caroline Bradley before her tragic death, watch videos of Caroline Bradley in action

Sire Of Milton

Caroline Bradley and MariusMarius is the sire of Milton, Marius was also competed by leading British lady rider Caroline Bradley, read about the stallion Marius (Milton Sire)

Milton Showjumper

Milton Showjumper


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