Olivia Bordeaux Groult

Christelle Littunen

Christelle Littunen is a rider from Finland who has had so much success, below you can watch Christelle Littunen riding her talented horse Columbo who she has won 1.35m competitions. Columbo is sired by Jalisco out of a Concerto mare, below you can watch the pair in competition.

Ladies Horseboxes
Christelle Littunen

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Christelle Littunen

Chris Height

Chris Height - Australia - Eventing

Christelle Despond

Christelle Despond is from Switzerland and competes in the equestrian sport of driving. We have limited information on Christelle Despond, please help us grow our equine rider database, please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Chris Littmann

Chris Littmann is an equestrian from the USA who competes in the sport of horse vaulting and has represented America at the 2006 world equestrian games. If you have more information on Chris Littmann and can help us expand our rider profile please email us at ChrisLittmann@stableexpress.com.

Chris Green

Chris Green Horses

Abd-El-Kader , Half Caste
The first horse to win the Grand National in consecutive years, Irish-bred Abd-el-Kader stood just under 15 hands. A top steeplechaser in Ireland, he ran in the Grand National five times, and his 1850 win set a course record that stood until 1893, al

Chris Green Competition Results

01 - Aintree, Grand National - 04/09/1859 - Half Caste
01 - Aintree, Grand National - 04/09/1850 - Abd-El-Kader

Chris Newton

Chris Newton - USA - EventingChris Newton

Christel Delaigle

Christel Delaigle - France - Dressage Rider
Christel Delaigle

Chris Irwin

Chris Irwin - Australia - Endurance Rider
Chris Irwin

Celine Christiansen

Celine Christiansen - Norway

Christa Fries

Christa Fries - Austria - Eventing

Christina Kjelby

Christina Kjelby - Norway - Showjumping Rider Christina Kjelby

Chris Bonner

Chris Bonner -

Chris Chadwick

Chris Chadwick -

Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis - uk

Chris Enstrom

Chris Enstrom - New Zealand

Chris Federer

Chris Federer - USAChris Federer

Chris Hall

Chris Hall - UK

Chris Hopkins

Chris Hopkins - Australia

Chris Landman

Chris Landman - South Africa

Chris Musson

Chris Musson - New ZealandChris Musson

Chris Buckley

Chris Buckley - New Zealand

Chris Desino

Chris Desino - USA

Chris Hunnable

Chris Hunnable - UK

Chris Muncaster

Chris Muncaster - AustraliaChris Muncaster

Chris Shaw

Chris Shaw - New Zealand

Chris Sorensen

Chris Sorensen - CanadaChris Sorensen

Chris Starr

Chris Starr - USA

Chris Tylden

Chris Tylden - New Zealand

Chris Van Mieghem

Chris Van Mieghem - Belgium

Chris Von Martels

Chris Von Martels - holland

Chris-Andre Winkelmann

Chris-Andre Winkelmann - GermanyChris-Andre Winkelmann

Chrisptophe Bogrand

Chrisptophe Bogrand - France

Chrissa Hoffmann

Chrissa Hoffmann - USA

Chrissy Ferry

Chrissy Ferry - New ZealandChrissy Ferry

Chrissy Hollnagel

Chrissy Hollnagel - USAChrissy Hollnagel

Christa Alberts

Christa Alberts - South Africa

Christa Botha

Christa Botha - South Africa

Christa Draggie

Christa Draggie - USA

Christa Hartmann

Christa Hartmann - GermanyChrista Hartmann

Christina Nagel

Christina Nagel - Germany - Eventing Christina

Christine Dannan

Christine Dannan - UK - Dressage Rider

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt - canadaChris Pratt

Chris Ward

Chris Ward - UKChris Ward

Chrissa Frith-Hoffmann

Chrissa Frith-Hoffmann - usa

Christine Della Rosa

Christine Della Rosa - France - Showjumping Rider

Chrissy Nash

Chrissy Nash - UKChrissy Nash

Christa Dauber De Arias

Christa Dauber De Arias - GuamChrista Dauber De Arias

Christa Gandolfo

Christa Gandolfo - USA

Christel Brans

Christel Brans - Holland

Christel Heyl

Christel Heyl - Germany

Christel Mayet

Christel Mayet - FranceChristel Mayet

Christel Van Der Schans

Christel Van Der Schans - HollandChristel Van Der Schans

Christele Derosch

Christele Derosch - FranceChristele Derosch

Christelle Aucamp

Christelle Aucamp - South Africa

Christelle Chatelot

Christelle Chatelot - France

Christelle Delamotte

Christelle Delamotte - FranceChristelle Delamotte

Christelle Desrivieres

Christelle Desrivieres - France

Christelle Durrant

Christelle Durrant - UK
Christelle Durrant
Christelle Durrant

Christelle Fasching

Christelle Fasching - South Africa

Christelle Gagliardo

Christelle Gagliardo - France

Christelle Haennel

Christelle Haennel - France

Christelle Marie

Christelle Marie - France
Christelle Marie
Christelle Marie

Christelle Mattasoglio

Christelle Mattasoglio - France

Christelle Portet

Christelle Portet - FranceChristelle Portet

Christelle Rambaldi

Christelle Rambaldi - France
Christelle Rambaldi
Christelle Rambaldi

Christelle Vernoy

Christelle Vernoy - France

Chris Vinck

Chris Vinck - BelgiumChris Vinck

Christiaan Afrikaner

Christiaan Afrikaner - Namibia
Christiaan Afrikaner
Christiaan Afrikaner

Christian Anfinnsen Øien

Christian Anfinnsen Øien - NorwayChristian Anfinnsen Øien

Christian Aviles-Robles

Christian Aviles-Robles - Puerto RicoChristian Aviles-Robles

Christian Bã–Dicker

Christian B£–Dicker - Germany
Christian B£–Dicker
Christian B£–Dicker

Christian Brahmann

Christian Brahmann - GermanyChristian Brahmann

Christian Dã–Hler

Christian D£–Hler - Germany

Christian Depuille

Christian Depuille - FranceChristian Depuille

Christian Flamm

Christian Flamm - Germany

Christian Gã„Rtner

Christian G£„Rtner - Germany

Christian Gersent

Christian Gersent - France

Christian Gozzini

Christian Gozzini - ItalyChristian Gozzini

Christian Hartung

Christian Hartung - Germany

Christian Hermon

Christian Hermon - FranceChristian Hermon

Christian Horstick

Christian Horstick - Germany

Christian Mage

Christian Mage - France

Christian Markus

Christian Markus - GermanyChristian Markus

Christian Plãœcker

Christian Pl£œcker - Germany

Christian Reschberger

Christian Reschberger - Germany
Christian Reschberger
Christian Reschberger

Christian Ruhland

Christian Ruhland - Germany

Christian Schlã–Gelhofer

Christian Schl£–Gelhofer - Austria
Christian Schl£–Gelhofer
Christian Schl£–Gelhofer

Christian Schmidt

Christian Schmidt - Germany

Christa-Elaine Wood

Christa-Elaine Wood - USA
Christa-Elaine Wood
Christa-Elaine Wood

Christel Boulard

Christel Boulard - franceChristel Boulard

Christel Koek

Christel Koek - HollandChristel Koek

Christel Schumacher

Christel Schumacher - France
Christel Schumacher
Christel Schumacher

Christel Worre-Jensen

Christel Worre-Jensen - Denmark

Christelle Baralon

Christelle Baralon - FranceChristelle Baralon

Christelle Cousinie

Christelle Cousinie - France

Christelle Fabron

Christelle Fabron - FranceChristelle Fabron

Christelle Gregogna

Christelle Gregogna - FranceChristelle Gregogna

Christelle Mafille

Christelle Mafille - FranceChristelle Mafille

Christelle Nicaise

Christelle Nicaise - France
Christelle Nicaise
Christelle Nicaise

Christelle Roos

Christelle Roos - France
Online Dressage

Christen Hayde

Christen Hayde - New Zealand

Christer Johansson

Christer Johansson - Sweden

Christi Mc Quaker

Christi Mc Quaker - Canada

Christi Meyers

Christi Meyers - USA

Christiaan Jacobus Spangenberg

Christiaan Jacobus Spangenberg - South Africa

Christiaan Wiese

Christiaan Wiese - South Africa

Christian Anfinnsen Oien

Christian Anfinnsen Oien - Norway

Christian Bancharel

Christian Bancharel - France

Christian Beyer

Christian Beyer - Germany

Christian Brãœhe

Christian Br£œhe - Germany

Christian Cannesson

Christian Cannesson - France

Christian Clarke -Tomlinson

Christian Clarke -Tomlinson - UK

Christian Delarue

Christian Delarue - France
Sport Horses

Christian Druon

Christian Druon - France

Christian Fabries

Christian Fabries - FranceChristian Fabries

Christian Fernandez Garcia

Christian Fernandez Garcia - Spain

Christian Forlini

Christian Forlini - France

Christian Garweg

Christian Garweg - Canada

Christian Heck

Christian Heck - Germany
Horse Themed Earings

Christian Heineking

Christian Heineking - Germany

Christian Janin

Christian Janin - France

Christian Juza

Christian Juza - Austria

Christian Kleis

Christian Kleis - GermanyChristian Kleis

Christelle Wiese

Christelle Wiese - South Africa
warmblood foals for sale

Christer Andersson

Christer Andersson - Sweden

Christiaan De Bruin

Christiaan De Bruin - South AfricaChristiaan De Bruin

Christian Coyle

Christian Coyle - Ireland
Online Dressage

Christian Currey

Christian Currey -
Horse Themed Earings

Christian Denker

Christian Denker - Germany

Christian Dunkel

Christian Dunkel - Germany

Christian Fauss

Christian Fauss - Germany

Christian Fioravanti

Christian Fioravanti - Italy
Christian Fioravanti
Christian Fioravanti

Christian Fries

Christian Fries -

Christian Gã–Tz

Christian G£–Tz - Austria

Christian Glienewinkel

Christian Glienewinkel - GermanyChristian Glienewinkel

Christian Guinand

Christian Guinand - France

Christian Heim

Christian Heim - Germany

Christian Huysegoms

Christian Huysegoms - Belgium

Christian Juritz

Christian Juritz - Austria

Christian Landolt

Christian Landolt - Switzerland

Christian Lindner

Christian Lindner - Austria

Christian Lonberg

Christian Lonberg - denmark

Christian Ludã„Scher

Christian Lud£„Scher - Germany
Christian Lud£„Scher
Christian Lud£„Scher

Christian Malmgren

Christian Malmgren - Sweden

Christian Marini

Christian Marini - ItalyChristian Marini

Christian Massazza

Christian Massazza - Italy

Christian Montfort

Christian Montfort - France

Christian Morel

Christian Morel - France
Horse Themed Earings

Christian Nadal

Christian Nadal - Puerto Rico

Christian Neubecker

Christian Neubecker - Germany

Christian Nussmãœller

Christian Nussm£œller - AustriaChristian Nussm£œller

Christian Obermair

Christian Obermair - GermanyChristian Obermair

Christian Oertli

Christian Oertli - SwitzerlandChristian Oertli

Christian Peiler

Christian Peiler - GermanyChristian Peiler

Christian Perez

Christian Perez - Italy
Christian Perez
Christian Perez

Christian Plã„Ge

Christian Pl£„Ge - Switzerland

Christian Quet

Christian Quet - FranceChristian Quet

Christian Rehage

Christian Rehage - Germany

Christian Rhomberg

Christian Rhomberg - Austria

Christian Rogge

Christian Rogge -

Christian Rossing Lonberg

Christian Rossing Lonberg - Denmark
Christian Rossing Lonberg
Christian Rossing Lonberg

Christian Salles

Christian Salles - FranceChristian Salles

Christian Schilling

Christian Schilling - Germany

Christian Schou

Christian Schou - denmark

Christian Schranz

Christian Schranz - Austria
Warmblood Horses

Christian Slawinski

Christian Slawinski - Germany

Christian Temme

Christian Temme - Germany

Christian Tofall

Christian Tofall - Germany

Christian Van Sante

Christian Van Sante - Belgium

Christian Vasconez Egred

Christian Vasconez Egred - BrazilChristian Vasconez Egred

Christian Walter

Christian Walter - Germany

Christian Weerts

Christian Weerts - France

Christian Weir

Christian Weir -

Christian Weyen

Christian Weyen - Germany

Christian Winkler

Christian Winkler - Austria

Christian Zryd

Christian Zryd - SwitzerlandChristian Zryd

Christiana Duguet

Christiana Duguet - Switzerland

Christiana Meyer

Christiana Meyer - Germany

Christiane Brinkmann

Christiane Brinkmann - Germany
Christiane Brinkmann
Christiane Brinkmann

Christiane Fleischhacker

Christiane Fleischhacker - Austria
Selle Frncais Horses For Sale

Christiane Harstel

Christiane Harstel - Germany

Christiane Herkt

Christiane Herkt - Germany
Christiane Herkt
Christiane Herkt

Christiane Kirsten

Christiane Kirsten - Germany

Christiane Krã–Ll

Christiane Kr£–Ll - Germany

Christiane Nascimento De Morais

Christiane Nascimento De Morais - BrazilChristiane Nascimento De Morais

Christiane Roiz

Christiane Roiz - Mexico

Christiane Schroeder

Christiane Schroeder - Germany

Christie Goddard

Christie Goddard - UK

Christien Kerbert

Christien Kerbert - HollandChristien Kerbert

Christin Abhau

Christin Abhau - GermanyChristin Abhau

Christin Klaewer

Christin Klaewer - Germany

Christin Schmitz

Christin Schmitz - Germany

Christin Tidow

Christin Tidow - Germany

Christina Beal

Christina Beal - USAChristina Beal

Christina Fobian

Christina Fobian - Denmark

Christina Franken

Christina Franken - Germany

Christina Gã–Ls

Christina G£–Ls - Austria
Christina G£–Ls
Christina G£–Ls

Christina Hansen

Christina Hansen - USA

Christina Hãœlsmann

Christina H£œlsmann - Germany

Christina Heinerman

Christina Heinerman - AustriaChristina Heinerman

Christina Henning

Christina Henning - GermanyChristina Henning

Christina Korte

Christina Korte - Germany
Christina Korte
Christina Korte

Christina Krekeler

Christina Krekeler - Germany

Christina Lã–Ger

Christina L£–Ger - Austria

Christina Long

Christina Long - USA

Christina Marlin

Christina Marlin - CanadaChristina Marlin

Christian Seidner

Christian Seidner - Italy

Christian Sshlicht

Christian Sshlicht - Germany

Christian Thibaud

Christian Thibaud - France

Christian Trainor

Christian Trainor - USA
Horse Themed Earings

Christian Vang Lauritsen

Christian Vang Lauritsen - Denmark

Christian Vogg

Christian Vogg - SwitzerlandChristian Vogg

Christian Weier

Christian Weier - Luxembourg
Christian Weier
Christian Weier

Christian Williams

Christian Williams -

Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler - Germany
Christian Ziegler
Christian Ziegler

Christiana Carstairs

Christiana Carstairs - Germany

Christiane Boos

Christiane Boos - Germany

Christiane Hamacher

Christiane Hamacher - Germany

Christiane Indermark

Christiane Indermark - Germany
Online Dressage

Christiane Lagasse

Christiane Lagasse - France

Christiane Schaurte

Christiane Schaurte - Germany

Christiane Stahl

Christiane Stahl - Germany

Christiane Von Gartzen

Christiane Von Gartzen - Canada

Christiano F. De C. Mesquita

Christiano F. De C. Mesquita - Brazil

Christie Chapman

Christie Chapman - Australia

Christie Wright

Christie Wright - UK

Christien Schatter

Christien Schatter - Germany

Christilot Hanson-Boylen

Christilot Hanson-Boylen - CanadaChristilot Hanson-Boylen

Christin Glindemann-Sievers

Christin Glindemann-Sievers - Germany

Christin Keen

Christin Keen - GermanyChristin Keen

Christin Mãœller

Christin M£œller - Germany

Christin Schãœtte

Christin Sch£œtte - GermanyChristin Sch£œtte

Christin Schulz

Christin Schulz - Germany

Christin Stark

Christin Stark - Germany

Christina Arnesen

Christina Arnesen - Denmark

Christina Bleckmann

Christina Bleckmann - Germany
Christina Bleckmann
Christina Bleckmann

Christina Buse

Christina Buse - Germany

Christina Dimitrakopoulou

Christina Dimitrakopoulou - Greece
Christina Dimitrakopoulou
Christina Dimitrakopoulou

Christina Ebert

Christina Ebert - Switzerland

Christina Ellendt

Christina Ellendt - Germany

Christina Ender

Christina Ender - Germany
Christina Ender
Christina Ender

Christina French

Christina French - Ireland

Christina Gouirand

Christina Gouirand - France - Showjumping Rider Christina Gouirand

Christina Thinggaard Jacobsen

Christina Thinggaard Jacobsen - Denmark - Showjumping rider Christina

Christian Troskie

Christian Troskie - South AfricaChristian Troskie

Christian Varcin

Christian Varcin - France

Christiane Miessen

Christiane Miessen - GermanyChristiane Miessen

Christiane Schrã–Der

Christiane Schr£–Der - SwitzerlandChristiane Schr£–Der

Christina Gerloff

Christina Gerloff - Germany

Christina Gornik

Christina Gornik - Germany
Christina Gornik
Christina Gornik

Christina Grave

Christina Grave - Germany

Christina Hasenauer

Christina Hasenauer - Austria

Christina Hoffmann

Christina Hoffmann - Germany

Christina Kallmert

Christina Kallmert - Sweden

Christina Kavallieratou

Christina Kavallieratou - GreeceChristina Kavallieratou

Christina Kavanagh

Christina Kavanagh - Ireland

Christina Kelly

Christina Kelly - Ireland

Christina Kunz

Christina Kunz - SingaporeChristina Kunz

Christina Leitgeb

Christina Leitgeb - Austria

Christina Leschied

Christina Leschied - Canada

Christina Mã˜ller

Christina M£˜ller - Denmark

Christina Madsen

Christina Madsen - DenmarkChristina Madsen

Christina Marazzo

Christina Marazzo - USAChristina Marazzo

Christina Matt

Christina Matt - Austria

Christina Mavrofridi

Christina Mavrofridi - Greece

Christina Miller

Christina Miller - USA

Christina Nichols

Christina Nichols - USA
Christina Nichols
Christina Nichols

Christina Mckitrick

Christina Mckitrick - USA - EventingChristina Mckitrick

Christina Morris

Christina Morris - usa

Christina Ossner

Christina Ossner - Germany

Christina Rannames

Christina Rannames - Russia

Christina Rennie

Christina Rennie - UK

Christina Rydsaa Maehle

Christina Rydsaa Maehle - NorwayChristina Rydsaa Maehle

Christina Sachonoglou

Christina Sachonoglou - Greece

Christina Scheck

Christina Scheck - Germany

Christina Schmierer

Christina Schmierer - Germany

Christina Serio

Christina Serio - USA
Christina Serio
Christina Serio

Christina Steiner

Christina Steiner - Germany

Christina Steinhoff

Christina Steinhoff - Germany

Christina Van Schalkwyk

Christina Van Schalkwyk - South Africa

Christina Vortmann

Christina Vortmann - GermanyChristina Vortmann

Christian Girard

Christian Girard - France

Christine Austerman

Christine Austerman - CanadaChristine Austerman

Christine Baumann - Heuer

Christine Baumann - Heuer - Germany
Christine Baumann - Heuer
Christine Baumann - Heuer

Christine Bolleteau

Christine Bolleteau - France

Christine Christensen

Christine Christensen - NorwayChristine Christensen

Christine Filippi

Christine Filippi - France

Christine Gmachl

Christine Gmachl - AustriaChristine Gmachl

Christine Grant

Christine Grant - USA

Christine Hall

Christine Hall - USAChristine Hall

Christine Hardinge

Christine Hardinge - UK

Christine Heller

Christine Heller - France

Christine Herrmann

Christine Herrmann - USAChristine Herrmann

Christine Hyde

Christine Hyde - UK

Christine Indreb㸠Liseth

Christine Indreb£¸ Liseth - NorwayChristine Indreb£¸ Liseth

Christine King

Christine King - New Zealand

Christine Klã–Ber

Christine Kl£–Ber - Germany
Online Dressage

Christine Klimova

Christine Klimova - Czech

Christine Knaust

Christine Knaust - Sweden

Christine Ksionek

Christine Ksionek - USA

Christine Labuzan

Christine Labuzan - USA
Online Dressage

Christine Lawn

Christine Lawn - New Zealand

Christine Lies

Christine Lies - USA

Christina Phillips

Christina Phillips - USA
Christina Phillips
Christina Phillips

Christina Richter

Christina Richter - GermanyChristina Richter

Christina Rudman

Christina Rudman - USA

Christina Sahinoglou

Christina Sahinoglou - GreeceChristina Sahinoglou

Christina Sieffert

Christina Sieffert - GermanyChristina Sieffert

Christina Sturm

Christina Sturm - Germany

Christina Sudeck

Christina Sudeck - GermanyChristina Sudeck

Christina Tã˜mt

Christina T£˜mt - Norway

Christina Thomas

Christina Thomas - Germany

Christina Tolksdorf

Christina Tolksdorf - GermanyChristina Tolksdorf

Christina Van Zyl

Christina Van Zyl - South Africa

Christina Vlasova

Christina Vlasova - Russia

Christina Wallgren

Christina Wallgren - Finland

Christina White

Christina White - New Zealand

Christina Woodward

Christina Woodward - USA
Christina Woodward
Christina Woodward

Christina-Ioanna Boutsini

Christina-Ioanna Boutsini - Greece

Christine Bates

Christine Bates - Australia

Christine Betz

Christine Betz - USA

Christine Billebault

Christine Billebault - France
Christine Billebault
Christine Billebault

Christine Bos

Christine Bos - Belgium

Christine Calluy Stockaer

Christine Calluy Stockaer - France

Christine Christie

Christine Christie - Australia

Christine Crawford

Christine Crawford - Australia

Christine De Bove

Christine De Bove - France

Christine Degermann

Christine Degermann - FranceChristine Degermann

Christine Dettweiler

Christine Dettweiler - Germany

Christine Ehlers

Christine Ehlers - USA

Christine Faumont

Christine Faumont - France

Christine Firmin Didot

Christine Firmin Didot - ArgentinaChristine Firmin Didot

Christine Gãœnthardt

Christine G£œnthardt - Switzerland

Christine Ghazanfar

Christine Ghazanfar - GermanyChristine Ghazanfar

Christine Grã¼Ner Dvergsdal

Christine Gr£¼Ner Dvergsdal - Norway

Christine Hã–Ck

Christine H£–Ck - Austria

Christine Haskamp

Christine Haskamp - Germany

Christine Hubin

Christine Hubin - France

Christine Janzen

Christine Janzen - Canada

Christine Klein-Berger

Christine Klein-Berger - Germany
Christine Klein-Berger
Christine Klein-Berger

Christine Kriel

Christine Kriel - South AfricaChristine Kriel

Christine Mãœnkel

Christine M£œnkel - GermanyChristine M£œnkel

Christine Lafabrie

Christine Lafabrie - France

Christine Lippuner

Christine Lippuner - Switzerland

Christine Pandolfi

Christine Pandolfi - France

Christine Pedersen

Christine Pedersen - DenmarkChristine Pedersen

Christine Poppe

Christine Poppe - Germany

Christine Renall

Christine Renall - New Zealand

Christine Seitz

Christine Seitz - Germany

Christine Smith

Christine Smith - UK

Christine Stãœckelberger

Christine St£œckelberger - Switzerland

Christine Swail

Christine Swail - IrelandChristine Swail

Christine Tribble

Christine Tribble -

Christine Van Zyl

Christine Van Zyl - Namibia

Christof Kauert

Christof Kauert - Germany

Christoffel Scheepers

Christoffel Scheepers - South Africa

Christoffer Forsberg

Christoffer Forsberg - SwedenChristoffer Forsberg

Christohpe Gilles

Christohpe Gilles - France

Christoph Bãœtzler

Christoph B£œtzler - Germany

Christoph Buetzler

Christoph Buetzler - Germany

Christoph Dust

Christoph Dust - Germany

Christoph F. Rowold

Christoph F. Rowold - GermanyChristoph F. Rowold

Christoph Gaillinger

Christoph Gaillinger - Germany

Christoph Halter

Christoph Halter - GermanyChristoph Halter

Christoph Lehrmann

Christoph Lehrmann - Germany

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann - GermanyChristoph Niemann

Christoph Priedl

Christoph Priedl - Austria

Christoph Schork

Christoph Schork - USAChristoph Schork

Christoph Stierle

Christoph Stierle - Austria

Christoph Wã–Rner

Christoph W£–Rner - GermanyChristoph W£–Rner

Christophe Boisson Garde

Christophe Boisson Garde - FranceChristophe Boisson Garde

Christophe Bouvier

Christophe Bouvier - France

Christophe De Senarclens

Christophe De Senarclens - SwitzerlandChristophe De Senarclens

Christophe Deuquet

Christophe Deuquet - France
Horse Themed Earings

Christophe Dubois

Christophe Dubois - France

Christophe François

Christophe François - Spain
Online Dressage

Christophe Juncker

Christophe Juncker - FranceChristophe Juncker

Christophe Le Garrec

Christophe Le Garrec - France

Christophe Lemaitre

Christophe Lemaitre - France
Christophe Lemaitre
Christophe Lemaitre

Christophe Panetti

Christophe Panetti - Switzerland

Christophe Pradie

Christophe Pradie - France

Christophe Rousselle

Christophe Rousselle - France

Christophe Torre

Christophe Torre - France

Christine Mangerud

Christine Mangerud - Norway
Christine Mangerud
Christine Mangerud

Christine Manifacier

Christine Manifacier - France

Christine Mattos Ferreira Albiani Alves

Christine Mattos Ferreira Albiani Alves - Brazil
Online Dressage

Christine Mauritsch

Christine Mauritsch - Austria

Christine Neubeiser

Christine Neubeiser - USA
Online Dressage

Christine Oie

Christine Oie - Norway

Christine Paraknewitz - Kalla

Christine Paraknewitz - Kalla - GermanyChristine Paraknewitz - Kalla

Christine Pavey

Christine Pavey - USA
Christine Pavey
Christine Pavey

Christine Peiffer

Christine Peiffer - France

Christine Pinto

Christine Pinto - USAChristine Pinto

Christine Raaholt

Christine Raaholt - Norway

Christine Ratsianoharana

Christine Ratsianoharana - France

Christine Rivlin-Henke

Christine Rivlin-Henke - USA

Christine Schulze

Christine Schulze - Germany

Christine Shubrook

Christine Shubrook - UK

Christine Simpson

Christine Simpson - CanadaChristine Simpson

Christine Spanner

Christine Spanner -

Christine Staber

Christine Staber - AustriaChristine Staber

Christine Stephenson

Christine Stephenson - USA

Christine Titter

Christine Titter - USA

Christine Traurig

Christine Traurig - USA

Christine Tribble McCrea

Christine Tribble McCrea - USA

Christine Tveiten

Christine Tveiten - NorwayChristine Tveiten

Christine Vanderschelden

Christine Vanderschelden - Belgium

Christine Vermeulen

Christine Vermeulen - Namibia

Christoph Umbach

Christoph Umbach is a dressage rider from Luxembourg, we need your help expanding our profile, please email us at info@stableexpress.com if you can help us build our rider profile

Christoph Umbach - Dressage Rider

Christine Wagner

Christine Wagner - Switzerland

Christine Waisblat

Christine Waisblat - France

Christine Walker

Christine Walker - GermanyChristine Walker

Christine Waller

Christine Waller - South Africa
Christine Waller
Christine Waller

Christine Weal

Christine Weal - New Zealand

Christine Wiame

Christine Wiame - France

Christine Wright

Christine Wright - Ecuador

Christine Zoller

Christine Zoller - Germany

Christo Beukes

Christo Beukes - South Africa

Christo Van Rensburg

Christo Van Rensburg - South AfricaChristo Van Rensburg

Christof Deraedt

Christof Deraedt - Belgium

Christof Gentner

Christof Gentner - Germany

Christoffel Briers

Christoffel Briers - South AfricaChristoffel Briers

Christoffer Bã„Cke

Christoffer B£„Cke - Sweden

Christoffer Lindenberg

Christoffer Lindenberg - Denmark

Christine Wecke

Christine Wecke - Germany

Christoph Brãœse

Christoph Br£œse - Germany

Christoph Brotz

Christoph Brotz - SwitzerlandChristoph Brotz

Christoph Dieker

Christoph Dieker - Germany

Christoph Eigenmann

Christoph Eigenmann - SwitzerlandChristoph Eigenmann

Christoph Erbschwendtner

Christoph Erbschwendtner - AustriaChristoph Erbschwendtner

Christoph Gã–B

Christoph G£–B - Germany

Christoph Geibel-Bã–Hn

Christoph Geibel-B£–Hn - Germany

Christoph Griesser

Christoph Griesser - AustriaChristoph Griesser

Christoph Hassenberg

Christoph Hassenberg - Germany

Christoph Heiden

Christoph Heiden - Austria

Christoph Klaus

Christoph Klaus - Germany

Christoph Krã–Ll

Christoph Kr£–Ll - Austria

Christoph Lanske

Christoph Lanske - GermanyChristoph Lanske

Christoph Mechtler

Christoph Mechtler - Austria

Christoph Nahm

Christoph Nahm - Germany

Christoph Nothegger

Christoph Nothegger - Austria
Christoph Nothegger
Christoph Nothegger

Christoph Obernauer

Christoph Obernauer - Austria

Christoph Sagebaum

Christoph Sagebaum - GermanyChristoph Sagebaum

Christoph Sandmann

Christoph Sandmann - Germany
Horse Themed Earings

Christoph Seiler

Christoph Seiler - Switzerland

Christoph Sonnleitner

Christoph Sonnleitner - AustriaChristoph Sonnleitner

Christoph Strobel

Christoph Strobel - Switzerland

Christophe Barbeau

Christophe Barbeau - SwitzerlandChristophe Barbeau

Christophe Boden

Christophe Boden - Belgium

Christophe Bonnefond

Christophe Bonnefond - FranceChristophe Bonnefond

Christophe Bouedec

Christophe Bouedec - France
Christophe Bouedec
Christophe Bouedec

Christophe Cros

Christophe Cros - France

Christophe Cuyer

Christophe Cuyer - France

Christophe David

Christophe David - BelgiumChristophe David

Christophe Des Jamonieres

Christophe Des Jamonieres - FranceChristophe Des Jamonieres

Christophe Dole

Christophe Dole - France

Christophe Dosse Mdl

Christophe Dosse Mdl - France

Christophe Dupau

Christophe Dupau - FranceChristophe Dupau

Christophe Escande

Christophe Escande - France

Christophe Fichelle

Christophe Fichelle - France
4 Year Old Horses For Sale

Christophe Fournel

Christophe Fournel - France

Christophe Franã‡Ois

Christophe Fran£‡Ois - Spain

Christophe Gachinois

Christophe Gachinois - FranceChristophe Gachinois

Christophe Garnier

Christophe Garnier - FranceChristophe Garnier

Christophe Gerbaud

Christophe Gerbaud - France
Christophe Gerbaud
Christophe Gerbaud

Christophe Giroud

Christophe Giroud - France

Christophe Gleizal

Christophe Gleizal - FranceChristophe Gleizal

Christophe Goutner

Christophe Goutner - France

Christophe Govaere

Christophe Govaere - Belgium

Christophe Guglielminetti

Christophe Guglielminetti - FranceChristophe Guglielminetti

Christophe Guillemet

Christophe Guillemet - France

Christophe Guion

Christophe Guion - France
Horse Themed Earings

Christophe Haddouche

Christophe Haddouche - France

Christophe Heymans

Christophe Heymans - Belgium

Christophe Hurel

Christophe Hurel - France

Christophe Kayser

Christophe Kayser - FranceChristophe Kayser

Christophe Laizeau

Christophe Laizeau - FranceChristophe Laizeau

Christophe Legue

Christophe Legue - FranceChristophe Legue

Christophe Lemaire

Christophe Lemaire - FranceChristophe Lemaire

Christophe Leutenez

Christophe Leutenez - BelgiumChristophe Leutenez

Christophe Nogueira

Christophe Nogueira - France
Christophe Nogueira
Christophe Nogueira

Christophe Pic

Christophe Pic - France

Christophe Rauline

Christophe Rauline - FranceChristophe Rauline

Christophe Richalet

Christophe Richalet - France

Christophe Soumillon

Christophe Soumillon - Belgium

Christophe Tharreau

Christophe Tharreau - France

Christophe Vanderhasselt

Christophe Vanderhasselt - Belgium
Christophe Vanderhasselt
Christophe Vanderhasselt

Christophe Verhulsel

Christophe Verhulsel - BelgiumChristophe Verhulsel

Christopher Addington

Christopher Addington - UK

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey - AustraliaChristopher Bailey

Christopher Ball

Christopher Ball - South Africa
Christopher Ball
Christopher Ball

Christiaan Provoost

Christiaan Provoost - Holland - Horse Driving Christiaan

Christian Alet

Christian Alet - France - Endurance Rider Christian

Christian Eagles

Christian Eagles - USA - Eventing Christian

Christof Kã–Nig

Christof K£–Nig - Switzerland - Showjumping Rider

Christina Andersen

Christina Andersen - Denmark - Showjumping RiderChristina

Christian Siemer

Christian Siemer - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Christopher Hitchcock

Christopher Hitchcock - USA - Eventing

Christina Liebherr

Christina Liebherr is a leading international showjumper from Switzerland, below you can watch her in action riding the Dutch bred No Mercy

Christina Liebherr

Christian Feigl

Christian Feigl - Germany - Showjumping Rider Christian

Christian Lissarrague

Christian Lissarrague - France - Endurance Rider Christian

Claire Patricia Robertson


Christina Gachoud


Christoph Fenz

Christoph Fenz - Austria - Eventing
Christoph Fenz

Christie Pritchard


Christie Pritchard Horses

Little Suzie II

Christie Pritchard Competition Results

03 - Scope, Tiny Tots Consolation - 04/09/2005 - Little Suzie II
Christie PritchardChristie Pritchard Showjumper

Christine H Moe

Christine H Moe - Norway - Showjumping

Christoph Distel

Christoph Distel - Germany - Showjumping
Christoph Distel

Christine Axcell

Christine Axcell - New Zealand - Endurance Rider

Christoff Hendrik Christoffel Human

Christoff Hendrik Christoffel Human - South Africa - Endurance Rider

Christina Kenyon


Christian Brolin

Christian Brolin - Sweden - Dressage Rider Christian

Christof Katzlberger

Christof Katzlberger - Austria - Showjumping Rider Christof Katzlberger

Christi McQuaker

Christi McQuaker - usa - Showjumping Rider / Video of Californica ridden by Christi McQuaker Christi McQuaker

Christi McQuaker Competition Results

5 - Cosequin Wellington Open, CSI-W - Wellington, FL, 1.45 Against the clock - 23/02/2006 - Ella

Chris Badenhorst

Chris Badenhorst - South Africa - Endurance Rider Chris Badenhorst

Christian La Greca

Christian La Greca - Italy - Eventing Christian

Ana Christina Guerreiro

Ana Christina Guerreiro from Portugal competes in the equestrian sport of driving, below you can watch Ana Cristina Guerreiro in action competing at FEI WDFC Breda.



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Christian Cattelain

Christian Cattelain is an eventer who represents Belgium on the international circuit. Born 19th July 1963 he has a proven record with numerous horses over the years, these include Aura De La Tasseniere, Quinola Wisbecq and Same Connection. We would love to expand our profile on Christian Cattelain if you can send us additional information, photo`s or videos please email us at info@stableexpress.com
Christian Cattelain

Christene Baker

Christene Baker - UK - Showjumping Rider Christene

Christene Baker Horses

Laughtons James - Laughtons James is a show jumping horse who competed with a great deal success on the British show jumping circuit with rider Christene Baker, together the pair had a great many excellent results.

Christene Baker Competition Results

01 - Redpost, Totnes, The Easibed 1.30 Classic Final. - 29/04/2002 - Laughtons James
02 - Redpost, Totnes, The West Country Winter Grand Prix 1.40m Open - 28/04/2002 - Laughtons James
01 - Redpost, Totnes, Breeders Cup - 27/04/2002 - Laughtons James

Christiaan Paul Van Der Merwe

Christiaan Paul Van Der Merwe - Namibia - Endurance Rider Christiaan

Christian Bigeast

Christian Bigeast - France - Endurance Rider Christian

Christian Barcaccia

Christian Barcaccia - Italy - Showjumping Rider Christian

Christian Croquenois

Christian Croquenois - France - Showjumping Rider Christian

Christina Mãœller

Christina M£œller - Germany - Horse Driving

Christina Kuhrt

Christina Kuhrt - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Christian Chabot

Christian Chabot - Belgium - Eventing Christian Chabot

Christian Nitschke

Christian Nitschke - Germany - Eventing Christian

Christian Scheid

Christian Scheid - Germany - Horse Driving Christian

Christina Wiederkehr

Watch Swiss rider Christina Wiederkehr riding Carina Summerhouse

Christina Wiederkehr

Bill Chrisanis

Bill Chrisanis is an event rider from Australia below you can watch Bill Chrisanis in action riding JAYBEE CASTILLE 1at the Tonimbuk Horse Trials in the pre novice. Jaybee Castile competed internationally under FEI rules, Jaybee Castile is sired by Carbine out of the mare Jaybee Alicia who is a daughter of Aachimedes.

Chris Maude

Chris Maude -

C.Maude Horses

Suny Bay

C.Maude Competition Results

13 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/2000 - Suny Bay
Challenger du Luc, Young Hustler

Chris Maude Competition Results

7 - Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham Gold Cup - 18/03/1998 - Challenger du Luc
5 - Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham Gold Cup - 13/03/1997 - Challenger du Luc
5 - Aintree, Grand National - 09/04/1996 - Young Hustler
5 - Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham Gold Cup - 14/03/1996 - Young Hustler

Christiane Von Der Recke

Christiane Von Der Recke - Germany - Eventing
Christiane Von Der Recke

Christopher Bartle

Christopher Bartle (born 19 February 1952 in Harrogate, North Yorkshire) is a British equestrian who has enjoyed success in both Dressage and Eventing. He is currently the Managing Director of the Yorkshire Riding Centre and from 2001 together with Hans Melzer, he is the German 3 Day Eventing National Team Trainer. Chris is the brother of Jane Bartle-Wilson, who was also an Olympian in the 84` Los Angeles Olympics.

Chris was educated at Ampleforth College and the University of Bristol were he obtained a BSc(Econ) with honours in Economics. After his university years Chris was an amateur jockey, but being 5ft11 he struggled to keep his weight down in order to establish himself. This prompted his first spell in Three day eventing. He was initially trained by his mother, Mrs Nicole Bartle and then later by Hans von Blixen-Finecke, Jr., (A Double Gold Medalist @ the 1952 Helsinki Olympics for Three day Eventing).

Most notably while preparing for the 76` Burghley Horse Trials his horse picked up a tendon injury that forced the horse into retirement from eventing. But as one door closed another opened, and the same horse showed potential in Dressage. 1 year later he was competing at the World Championships as an individual. That horse was Wily Trout. The combination went on to become part of the British Dressage Team from 1981-1987. In this time he competed at the 84` Summer Olympics in Los Angeles for the British team. The team came 8th, but Chris Bartle tied for 6th in the individual event to make history by becoming the highest placed Brit. A record he still holds to this day (As of January 2011). Chris and Wily Trout`s last major contribution in dressage came when they won a Silver medal in the first Nashua Dressage World Cup in S`hertogenbosch, Holland 1986. This period was capped off when he was awarded the British Equestrian Federation`s Medal of Honour in 1986.

Bartle then took the opportunity to turn back to eventing and had a whole host of successes which included winning team Gold at the 1997 European Championships with the British Event Team, before winning the prestigious Badminton Horse Trials in 1998, on his horse Word Perfect II. He also travelled with Word Perfect to the Sydney Olympics in 2000, as reserve.

British National Team
After his successful Dressage period Chris was invited to train the British Eventing team, where he went to the 96` Atlanta and 00` Sydney Olympic games. In 1995 Christopher received the British Horse Society`s Trainers Award and in 2001 was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the British Horse Society

German National Team
Since 2001 Chris has been the National Coach to the German Olympic Three Day Event Team - Winners of Team and Individual Gold medals at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and Michael Jung, Individual World Champion Kentucky 2010. His wealth of experience lead to him writing Training the Sport Horse, which he co-authored with Gilliam Newsum. The book was published by J. A. Allen in 2004.

Training Individuals
Locally Christopher trains many British International level riders, notably for many years the British team rider Nicola Wilson from Northallerton, North Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Riding Centre
Chris has been the Managing Director and resident instructor at the Yorkshire Riding Centre for many years, developing a wealth of knowledge. He does not exclusively teach international or high level competition riders, and is known to teach developing riders on their own horses.


Christopher Bartle & Wily Trout--`s-Hertogenbosch World Cup Final 1986

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Christopher Bartle
Yearling Horses For Sale

Chris Moyce


Christian Jansen

Christian Jansen - denmark - Showjumping
Christian Jansen

Christian Jansen Horses


Christian Jansen Competition Results

7 - Göteborg, Gentlemen Warm-up competition - 1.30 Against the clock - 09/02/2006 - Chiara

Christina Jacoba Marias

Christina Jacoba Marias - South Africa - Endurance Rider

Christof Weihe

Christof Weihe - Germany - Horse Driving
Christof Weihe

Christina Stut

Christina Stut - Germany - Eventing

Christophe Deraedt

Christophe Deraedt - belgium - Showjumping Rider

Christophe Deraedt Horses

Quinton van het Lindenhof ( Nimmerdor), Rainbow (Brown Boy x Lugano van la Roche, 1994)

Christophe Deraedt Competition Results

9 - Fontaineblea, Prix Banque Société Générale - 1.40 Against the clock - 30/04/2006 - Rainbow
70 - Fontaineblea, Grand Prix - 30/04/2006 - Quinton van het Lindenhof
8 - Fontaineblea, Prix La Grange aux Trois V - 1.40 Two phases - 29/04/2006 - Rainbow

Chris Lane

Chris Lane - UK - EventingChris

Chrissy Boudreau

Chrissy Boudreau - Costa Rica - Showjumping Rider Chrissy Boudreau

Christel Ruspini

Christel Ruspini - France - Showjumping Rider Christel Ruspini

Christian Steiner

Christian Steiner - Austria - EventingChristian Steiner

Christine Moulis Lebecq

Christine Moulis Lebecq is a dressage rider from France with a track record competing internationally, horses competed by Christine Moulis Lebecq include Thriller, Orleanor Des Isles and Song Du Magay. Below you can watch Christine Moulis Lebecq in action riding the five year old Quadra LH.
Christine Moulis Lebecq

Chris Antley

Chris Antley - USA - Jockey Chris

Christal Perron Pette

Christal Perron Pette - France - Showjumping Rider

Christian Thiesen

Christian Thiesen - Germany - Eventing

Christina Grigor

Christina Grigor - UK - Eventing Christina Grigor

Chris Garrett

Chris Garrett Horses

Espirit De Noblesse

Chris Garrett Competition Results

08 - Scope, British Novice Consolation - 03/09/2005 - Espirit De Noblesse

Christina Johannpeter

Born: February 24, 1956 ; Died: November 22, 2006 in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christina Johannpeter Horses

Societé (Sacramento Song xx, 1976)

Christina Johannpeter Competition Results

72 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1988 - Societé

Chris Roseberry

Chris Roseberry - USA Chris Roseberry

Christa Kristofics-Binder

Christa Kristofics-Binder - Austria - Horse Vaulting Christa

Chris Horobin

Chris Horobin - UK - EventingChris Horobin

Chris Louisa Sandstede

Chris Louisa Sandstede - Germany - Eventing Chris Louisa Sandstede

Christansia Evelyn

Christansia Evelyn - Barbados - Showjumping Rider

Christel Loupias

Christel Loupias - France - Endurance Rider

Christel Shaw

Christel Shaw - UK - EventingChristel Shaw

Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti - Showjumping Rider

Christina Rossetti Horses

Centa II Z

Christina Rossetti Competition Results

11 - Scope, 1.25m Consolation - 31/08/2003 - Centa II Z

Christelle Bois

Christelle Bois - France - Showjumping Rider

Christelle Cuvillier

Christelle Cuvillier - France - Eventing

Christina Fritzen

Christina Fritzen - Norway - Showjumping Rider

Christina Boos

Christina Boos - Germany - Dressage Rider Christina

Christina Georgiou

Christina Georgiou Horses

Illusion (Cavalier x Nimmerdor , 1990)

Christina Georgiou Competition Results

03 - Athens, Nations Cup - 23/06/1998 - Illusion
3 - Athens, Nations Cup - 03/07/1997 - Illusion

Christina Isabel Castillo Tejada

Christina Isabel Castillo Tejada - Guam - Showjumping Rider Christina

Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson - USA - Dressage Rider Christina Robinson

Christine Fougere

Christine Fougere - France - Showjumping Rider

Christine Eglinski

Christine Eglinski - Germany - Dressage Rider Christine Eglinski

Christina Clemons

Christina Clemons - USA - Dressage Rider

Christianna Theofanopoulou

Christianna Theofanopoulou - Greece - Showjumping Rider

Christel D`Hoore

Christel D`Hoore - Belgium - Showjumping Rider Christel D`Hoore

Christel Navetat

Christel Navetat - France - Showjumping Rider Christel

Christina Boyd

Christina Boyd - USA - Dressage RiderChristina Boyd

Christiane Peters

Christiane Peters - Germany - Dressage Rider

Christina Miranda

Christina Miranda - Brazil - Showjumping Rider

Christina Peter

Christina Peter - Germany - Dressage RiderChristina Peter

Christian Pelut

Christian Pelut - France - Showjumping Rider Christian

Christian Santis

Christian Santis - Chile - Showjumping Rider Christian

Christina Gustafsson

Christina Gustafsson an international rider and horse trainer. Christina`s main occupation is to educate and compete horses. During the years she has educated horses in show jumping from light to difficult levels. Christina also hold`s private training sessions for other riders.

Before Christina moved to Germany and now Belgium she ran a riding place in Kungsängen near Stocholm. There were 31 boxes and an inside arena with a cafeteria and some rooms where people could stay over night. Christina had board and lodging accomodation for horses, she trained people with their horses and also arranged jumping courses with different coaches.

From 2005 Christina has spent a lot of time abroad in order to create the best conditions for her self and her company.

2009 in April she moved with the horses and her groom, Irina to Jörg Naeve in Holstein. In december 2009 she moved to De Warre in Belgium in order to be more in the center for showjumping and horse business. De Warre is close to the border of Holland. www.dewarre.be

Christina`s greatest success so far was on Julius. They have won and taken many prices in several Grand prix. They were in the winning team in two nation`s cup 2005, in Kechkemet and Athen. They were double clear in Zagreb but the team wasn`t placed. Sweden won Nations cup that year and was qualified to Super League.

In 2009 she became "Landesmeisterin" in Schleswig Holstein with Lime and she was also high placed and all clear in "Bundeschampionat" with Dooley`s de Luxe.

Christina Gustafsson Horses

Cantus x - (01/01/1992)

Christina Gustafsson Competition Results

23 - The Royal Show, Falsterbo Grand Prix - 15/07/2006 - Julius
14 - Copenhagen, Nations Cup - 12/05/2006 - Julius
4 - Göteborg, Grand Prix - 12/02/2006 - Julius
5 - Göteborg, 1.45 Against the clock - 11/02/2006 - Julius
4 - Amsterdam, Accumulator - 28/01/2006 - Julius
12 - Göteborg, Grand Prix - 15/01/2006 - Julius
Caroline Gustafsson Showjumper

Chris McCarron

Christopher John "Chris" McCarron (b. March 27, 1955, Boston, Massachusetts) is an American thoroughbred horse racing Hall of Fame retired jockey. He is currently working as a racing analyst for TVG Network.

He was introduced to the sport of thoroughbred racing by his older brother, jockey Gregg McCarron. Chris McCarron began riding professionally in 1974 at East Coast racetracks where he won the 1974 Eclipse Award for Outstanding Apprentice Jockey in the United States.

Chris McCarron
He moved to race in California in 1977, a year he scored his first of three wins in the Kentucky Oaks. In 1980 won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Jockey as best overall jockey and that same year his peers voted him the prestigious George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award. In 1991, he was voted the Mike Venezia Memorial Award for "extraordinary sportsmanship and citizenship".

McCarron won nine Breeders` Cup races, including five Breeders` Cup Classics, and rode six winners in the U.S. Triple Crown Races.

In 1989 Chris McCarron was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. After twenty-eight years in racing he retired in June 2002. He finished as thoroughbred racing`s all-time leader in purse earnings with more than $264 million in winnings.

In 2003, McCarron served as a technical advisor, racing designer and actor in the 2003 film Seabiscuit . That same year he was hired by Magna Entertainment Corp. to serve as Vice President and General Manager of Santa Anita Park. After resigning his job at Santa Anita in January 2005, in July McCarron announced he would be opening the first riding academy in the United States: the North American Racing Academy which is part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

Chris McCarron Horses

Chris McCarron Competition Results

Chris McCarron Chris McCarron - USA

Chris Palmer

Chris Palmer - New Zealand - Eventing

Chrisstel Strauss

Chrisstel Strauss - Namibia Chrisstel Strauss

Christina Johansen

Christina Johansen - DenmarkChristina Johansen

Christina Lekatsas

Christina Lekatsas is a showjumping rider from Switzerland, below you can watch Christina Lekatsas in action riding Pronto II.

Chris Smith

Chris Smith Horses


Chris Smith Competition Results

10 - Scope, Pairs - 01/09/2006 - Power
10 - Scope, Under 18 Championship - 31/08/2006 - Power
03 - Scope, Under 18/21 Preliminary Round 1 - 29/08/2006 - Power
09 - ROYAL WINDSOR HORSE SHOW, Accenture Young Rider Speed Stakes - 11/05/2006 - Power
15 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, World Class Start & Potential Under 23 Championship - 08/04/2006 - Power
14 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, World Class Start & Potential Under 23 Classic - 07/04/2006 - Power
09 - Scope, Grade B Championship - 03/09/2005 - Power
05 - Scope, Under 18 Championship - 01/09/2005 - Power
15 - Scope, Young Riders B & C Preliminary Round 1 - 31/08/2005 - Bellimissio
11 - Scope, Under 18/21 Preliminary Round 2 - 31/08/2005 - Power

Chris Boniface

Chris Boniface - New Zealand Chris Boniface

Camille Christensen

Camille Christensen - Denmark - Horse VaultingCamille Christensen

Christa Hellfritsch

Christa Hellfritsch - Italy - Endurance Rider Christa Hellfritsch