Hilarious Wheelbarrow Fails

Around the yard we see many accidents, falls and fails while using wheelbarrows, below we show some of the funniest wheelbarrow whoopsies from around the world.

Hilarious Wheelbarrow Fails

Below you can see a fab idea for the busy horse mum, combining your wheel barrow with that of a push chair. Wheelbarrow - kid carry
Wheelbarrow - Chair

  • Paolo Pomponi

    Paolo Pomponi

    Paolo Pomponi - Italy - Show Jumping Rider | Horse Videos - Stable Express | Showjumpers For Sale UK | Watch Video of Italian rider Paolo Pomponi
  • Jappeloup


    Jappeloup is one of histories best jumping horse representing France at many major championships, watch Jappeloup with Nick Skelton and Pierre Durand at many many more jumping rounds with Jappeloup
  • Zara Moon

    Zara Moon

    Zara Moon - UK - Endurance Rider | Zara Moon represented the UK at the world championships in 2005 at Bahrain | Endurance Riders Online