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The Trotting Trestle | Equine Art By Clea Witte

The Trotting Trestle | Equine Art By Clea Witte
Art by Clea Witte
áá Art whatever form it may take is for the world to view, Clea Witte is an equestrian artist who creates beautiful artwork in both oil and pencil, the artwork created by Clea Witte will leave an impression in the eye, mind and heart of the viewer.

Clea Witte creates custom original artwork for sale as well as offering herself for commission creating amazing pictures of your own horse capturing there likeness and there soul forever.

For more information on Clea Witte`s work or to discuss a commission please complete the simple enquiry form.

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Clea Witte, Equine artist

Clea Witte Equine artist

Original Photograph Jammie Mammano

Equestrian Art - Clea Witte

Horse Painting In Progress

Horse stunning painting

love for horses

Oil Painting

Unicorn Horse Painting

Horse Painting Commission

Pencil Drawings Clea

Clea Equine Art

Wow Horses

equine art clea Witte

Email clea@telkomsa.net to discuss commissions.