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If you are interested in getting a quote for a custom build horsebox please enter your details below. Having a bespoke horsebox has many benefits allowing you to get a horsebox to your exact specificication and requirements.

Looking for a new or used horsebox, Stableexpress has listed horseboxes large and small, from 3.5 tonne horseboxes for the hobby rider through to large HGV horseboxes to travel shows all over Europe.

Custom Built Horseboxes, get a horsebox built to meet your specific needs, our partners build the highest quality horseboxes at affordable price`s without compromising quality. Custom layouts, storage and finish developed in consultation with yourself, get the horsebox of your dreams, today :- Call Freephone 0800 0029120 .

You will have the expertise and knowledge of our specialists to guide you through the process of getting your horsebox built, expert builder will answer any question you may have to ensure you have a horsebox meeting your requirements.

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See below some example new build horseboxes as well as used horseboxes for sale from all over the UK.

Horseboxes For Sale

Buy and sell horseboxes with the stableexpress horsebox classifieds, 3.5 tonne through to HGV horseboxes from all around the world

Horseboxes For Sale
  • Galloper Horseboxes

    Galloper Horseboxes

    Reputable builder with many year experience offering a professional service
  • Custom Horseboxes

    Custom Horseboxes

    3.5 Tonne Custom Built Horseboxes, West Midlands, To Carry Two Horses
  • Build Horseboxes

    Build Horseboxes

    New build horseboxes for sale, made to your specific requirements, Call: 07806 361011. Two Horse 3.5 Tonne Custom Built Horseboxes, West Midlands,
  • Horsebox Conversions Midlands

    Horsebox Conversions Midlands

    3.5 tonne van horsebox conversions to carry two horses, custom made horseboxes, West Midlands,
  • Coachbuilt Horseboxes

    3.5 tonne coach built two horses, custom made horseboxes, West Midlands, -
  • Equicruiser Horseboxes

    Equicruiser can offer tailored funding packages should you wish to spread the cost of your horsebox investment in association with the following finance consultants: -

Equestrian Classifieds - Horseboxes For Sale

Stableexpress has partnered with a leading builder and provider of horseboxes, new, used, large and small whatever your requirements, we are able to help you in your search for a new horsebox.

If you are looking to advertise your horsebox, then email us at and we will happily add your horsebox on to the stableexpress horsebox classifieds section

Custom Horseboxes For Sale

Buy your dream horsebox and have one built to meet your exact specification, choose your chassis; Volvo, Scania, Leyland Daf, Mercedes, Iveco or any of lorry chassis you may prefer, then choose hoy many horses you want to carry, then what you want in the living area: shower, toilet, TV, DVD, Sky, number of beds. Small 3.5 tonne horseboxes, medium sized 7.5 tonne horseboxes to large HGV horseboxes.

We will work with you to build a horsebox that matches what you have envisioned in your mind, built to a fantastic quality finish, you will be surprised at how little it cost. For a free quote and discuss what you need in your horsebox please call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

New Build 7.5 tonne Horsebox

A middle sized horse lorry, 7.5 ton horseboxes are ideal for those riders who take between 2-4 horses to a show, with optional living area from a day living to a living area suitable for away shows, we can help you find a horsebox that matches your exact requirements.

7.5 Ton Work Horsebox - A minimal living area, but excellent tack storage ensuring you can take the maximum payload in horses ideal for professional yards as a second horsebox, helping you take extra horses in addition to your larger horse truck, or used as a replacement to save fuel over your continental cruiser. Built using light weight but strong material can tack a beating from those bad travellers and young horses.

7.5 tonne Stay Away Horse Box - Built with comfort in mind, with excellent living space for those stay away shows, or even those cold winter days when you are at a show and there are hundreds in the class. The seven and a half tonne horse box combines luxury with practicality, built from strong materials while keeping the weight to a minimum to ensure you are still able to carry a good payload of horses

For more information or a free quote please call

NRM Horseboxes - Horsebox Manufacturers

Based in Midlands NRM Horseboxes is a leading horsebox builder, who have built horseboxes for some of the worlds equestrian elite including British showjumper Robert Whitaker, NRM Horseboxes construct horseboxes to the highest quality finish but still at affordable prices. Building horseboxes large and small, from small 3.5 ton horseboxes up to and including large luxury HGV horseboxes used to transport you and your horses around the European circuit. NRM Horseboxes was created to give you the horseboxes comparable to all the other horsebox manufacturers on the market, but to get that quality finish at a fraction of the price.

Whatever your needs and requirements call NRM Horseboxes today, we will be happy to talk through the many different options and give you a highly competitive quote for the construction of a new horse lorry.

As well as new build horseboxes we also often have a selection of second hand horseboxes available, as we are always open to part exchange when people are buying their new horse box.

If you have a horsebox that requires a bit of TLC but you are no ready to swap it in just yet, we can also offer a selection of maintenance and upgrade services, whether you are looking at new upholstery on the seats, your ramp repairing, a living area installing , replacement horsebox window or anything else we can help, again offering competitive prices.

Horsebox Finance

Stableexpress have partnered with a leading seller and builder of horseboxes who offer a selection of finance options for your horse box, from high purchase to low interest loans. Alternatively you may consider find an independent lender for your loan. The cost of a horsebox ranges from £10,000 up to £250,000+ if your were to take out a £30,000 loan you would be able to buy an excellent lorry that would be suitable for most casual riders.

3.5 tonne horsebox

Most of us don`t need a 18 tonne horsebox with luxury living to transport 7 horses around the world, most of us own one or two horses and are looking for a small horsebox that will enable us to transport our horses to local shows, fun rides or just a nice hack some where different.

3.5 ton horseboxes are extremely practicable, small in size they are easy to drive as well as being economic of fuel, small 3 tonne horseboxes are made from light weight durable materials to ensure that they remain under weight even when the horses are loaded giving you the weight carrying capacity and features comparable to all other small horseboxes on the market, but can take the everyday hammer that your horse will subject your box to.

Buy super lightweight highest quality 3.5 tonne horsebox designed and built to the highest standards. Small two horse box are also ideal as you are able to drive them on a normal car licence with no tachograph, no drivers hours recording or speed limiters apply.

With a selection of new and used 3.5 tonne horseboxes for sale, you can find the perfect vehicle for you to make the most of your horse at an affordable price. Our horse boxes are stylish, fuel efficient, loaded with excellent feature, built to last, we are confident to out perform other horseboxes on price, performance and luxury

Ideal Ladies Horseboxes

Please call for a free quote on Horsebox Conversions

Horsebox dealers and private horsebox sellers, advertise on the stable express equestrian classifieds section FREE, with over 60,000 potential buyers each month, you will not find a better place to sell your horse box.

Oakley Horseboxes

Oakley coachbuilders are one of the most prestigious brands in the equestrian world, with leading riders from around the world arriving at horse shows in Oakley horseboxes, Stableexpress is a free horsebox classifieds, with a number of second hand Oakley horseboxes listed please use the search tool to find your ideal horse truck.

Whittaker horseboxes

Another leading builder of horseboxes Whittaker horseboxes are made to last, built to an exacting standard, Whittaker lories hold their value search stableexpress and find used horseboxes at excellent prices, if you have a Whittaker horse box you are wanting to sell, advertising on Stable Express is free, simply complete the simple form and your horsebox will be listed for thousands of potential buyers.