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James Doran-Webb - Driftwood Sculptor

James Doran-Webb - Driftwood Sculptor

An artist specialising in creating animal themed sculptors from driftwood, James Doran-Webb originally came from Devon, but spent his early teenage years traveling with his parents being exposed to the varies beauties of art and antiques.

In the early 1990`s James began working with driftwood creating stunning, unique furniture from driftwood, he would develop his artistic style creating various animal sculptors from driftwood, including horse themed sculptors.

Email : jamesdw01@gmail.com, Tel: +63 32 420 6529

James Doran-Webb - Horse Sculptor

James Doran-Webb`s unique talent lies in his ability to make monumental sculptures of long-dead wood that will stand the test of time and the elements. His public work can be seen throughout the world, both outdoors in highly exposed areas and indoors in the world`s best-known botanical gardens