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James C. Byrne Artist

James C. Byrne Artist

James C. Byrne is a contemporary painter and artist born on May 10, 1974, in Cork, County Cork, Ireland. He is known for his expressionist paintings and has exhibited his works in various galleries worldwide.

James C. Byrne is a painter who discovered his love of art at a young age, being inspired by the love of art produced by artist greats such as Jackson Pollock, Van Gough and Monet. This love inspired James to paint anything or everything, landscapes, portraits, abstract and many other painting style, experimenting and embracing all aspects of the world of art. Ashe got older James gravitated towards the beauty of horses in his artwork, embracing there graceful movement, energy and emotion.

James Byrne often has one of pieces for sale and is available for commissions, you can contact James +353 866619512, Email contact@jamescbyrneartist.com or complete the simple enquiry form on this page.

James Byrne Acrylic Paintings

James C. Byrne is particularly renowned for his equine art, which is inspired by his upbringing in Fermoy, where he was surrounded by horses and beautiful landscapes