Friesian Horses

Below you will find a listing of the Friesian Horses For sale and Friesian Stallions at stud. Further details and photographs can be found for each horse. We always have a variety of Friesian horses available and we would be delighted to help you find the right horse to match your needs and experience. Friesian horses originally came from Holland, a middle weight horse Friesan`s are pretty nimble for there size. In the middle ages it was Friesen type horse`s that were used for warfare. Friesen horses are most often black in colour but you do on occasion see chestnut Friesian horses. Friesian Stallion - Jouwe 485 Friesian Horses

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Friesian Horses - Such a beautiful and perfect horse.. Friesian Horses

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Poety in motion. So majestic Friesian Horses

Driving horse from Dream Gait Friesians photo by Mystical Photography. Friesian Horses
It just shows exactly what Friesians are like. They`re such wonderful horses Friesian Horses

Friesian Mare & Foals Friesian Horses

Friesian Horses Friesian Horses

Friesian Horses Friesian Horses

Friesian Mare and Foal Friesian Horses

@Decadent Colored Friesian Sport Horses Friesian Horses

Friesian stallion, Batman! Friesian Horses

Friesian/Gypsy Vanner Crossbreed Friesian Horses

Milton HorseMilton Horse

Einstein - The Tiny HorseEinstein

Watch the video below a video of Jerry Diaz and El Zorro `` ``Friesian STALLION`` Rosario 2010 Mario A. Contreras

Friesian Horses

Friesian Horses

Team Edison Friesians

Team Edison Friesians comprises of Jackie Crockett and are based in the South West of England near Bath/Bristol. Jackie had purchased her first friesian in May 2002 after attending a Parelli Natural Horsemanship demo in 2001. She thought they were absolutely beautiful, & unlike anything she had seen before with their charisma and undeniable presence.

Because the search to find a friesian in the UK proved to be so difficult, Jackie decided to start Team Edison Friesians.

I only buy horses through one source, from my partner based in Friesland in Holland. He has bred Friesian horses for over 40 years to an incredible standard. He has bred two approve studbook stallions including the approved FPS Studbook Stallion Tsjerk 328. He has also bred, 36 Ster mares & seven model mares one of which Wijkje, is the mother of Tsjerk 328. Wijkje is not only a model mare, but also preferent and prestatiemerrie, the highest qualification a mare can obtain (see `the horses` page for explanation) all from the same breed line! This is quite an achievement bearing in mind the FPS only normally chose 5 Stallions a year for the breeding programme & also only 8 mares a year make model. We know he will only find us the best quality horses & the majority of our horses have at least a 3rd premie with most of them having a 2nd. For more information about the gradings see the information under `The Horses` page on our website.

TEF endorses the natural horsemanship approach and apply this technique to all our horses. We also embrace the philosophy of Equine Touch & Jackie is currently studying this modality & is a Level 2 student.

Most people have not considered the possibilities of the Friesian as a riding horse, and think of them as a carriage horse. However once riding one they completely change their mind & usually fall completely in love with the breed & the potential within them in the Dressage world.

We are members of The FPS & FHAGBI.

The History Of The Friesian Horse Breed

The friesian horse originated in Friesland, one of 12 provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Holland), situated in the northwest of Europe. Friesland is an old country dating to 500 B.C, when the Friesians settled along the coast of the North Sea. They were tradesmen, seafarers, farmers (the friesian cow also originates here) and horse breeders.

The Friesian horse descends from the Equus robustus. During the 16th & 17th centuries, but probably also earlier, Arabian blood was introduced, especially through Andalusian horses from Spain. This has given them the high knee-action, the small head and the craning neck. The Friesian horse has been kept free from the influence of the English Thoroughbred & is noted for its kind temperament and is considered a warm blood. During the last 2 centuries it has been bred pure.

Through the centuries the Friesian government has made many regulations in order to safeguard good breeding. Now all recognized friesians have to be registered with The Friesch Paarden Stamboek (the friesian studbook). Since 1986 it became compulsory for FPS registered horses to have a number tattooed on their tongues as foals. Foals registered since 1997 have been given a unique microchip instead of a tongue tattoo. The tongue tattoo or microchip should always match the data recorded on the FPS registration papers.

Friesian horses are always black. White markings are not allowed.

They have a long, thick, flowing mane & tail and pronounced fetlock hair. Under no circumstances is it permissible to dock the tail of a Friesian and, in fact, trimming of any hair from mane, tail or legs is frowned upon.

The Friesian Horse holds its head high & proud with an arching neck, the body strong & deep with a sloping shoulder. The rear quarters are sloping with a somewhat low set tail. Registered Friesian stallions must be 160cm by age 4 & mares 150cm, although anywhere between 158cm & 165cm is considered ideal. Currently there are less than 300 known registered Friesians in the UK.

Friesian Horses
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    Jessica Crannell-Menard and Towerview Theo at the World Clydesdale Show, 2022

    Jessica Crannell-Menard and her Clydesdale stallion Towerview Theo, travel 6000 miles from the USA to Scotland to compete at The World Clydesdale Show, in Scotland What a magnificent horse and absolute pleasure to watch in the dressage.
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    Three time consecutive world cup winners Rodrigo Pessoa and Baloubet du Rouet. Rodrigo Pessoa comes from an elite showjumping family, his farther Nelson Pessoa is recognised as one of the all time greats in the show jumping ring.

Bikkel 470 - Friesian Stallion

Bikkel 470 (Beart x Tsjerk) - Friesian Stallion,, 509-838-9922Bikkel 470 - Friesian Stallion.jpg

JH Friesian Horses

The goal of our breeding is to breed a beautiful Friesian Sport Horse with a good character and work ethic, a nice front leg, smooth movement.

Ylona JH passes these goals on to her offspring, sport horses with noble heads, good movement - with a super canter and a lot of work ethic and good exterior. So far all offspring have become stars and all her stallions were allowed to appear at the stallion selection in Leeuwarden.

Elvyra JH (Dries x Rypke) her first colt Ulrick JH, sire Norbert became best foal of the day on the preference day, and Reserve Champion of the stallion foals on the breeding day, her 2nd foal Celyna JH also earned a 1st on the breeding day in 2016 premium.

Elvyra b. April 2009, earned the sports predicate in March 2015 and was declared crown in 2017.

JH Friesian Horses Ylona JH born March 21, 1999, Ster 1st premium, sport, preference 7*, in foal by Onne (May 2016).

Elvyra JH ( v, Dries) 2009 Ster / Sport and Crown. 2 foals with 1st premium.

Maykel JH (v Dries) stallion 3 years old, just like his full brother Haiko and Elvyra turns out to be a sports talent, November 2015 started saddle mak and after the 5th time completely loose in all gaits through the equestrian center as if he has done it for years, owns 3 nice gaits with a nice foreleg.

Saryna JH ( v Dries ) mare Ster 2017.

Tymon JH (ylona x bartele)

Wilco JH (ylona x onne) in rearing (May 13, 2015).

Elvyra her breeding products

Ulrick JH (elvyrya x norbert) best foal in the preference selection and reserve champion foal on the Ster breeding day during the 1st viewing stallion selection 2016.

Celyna JH (elvyra x norbert) as foal 1st premium 2016.

Jannie Holwerda Bartenswei 3 9137 CD Oosternijkerk

Tel: 0519-241748 - mobile 06-46556185


Wish Upon A Ster Friesians

Our philosophy for breeding and importing wonderful Friesians revolves around pure quality ~ not quantity. We believe that Friesians are a dynamic breed and loving creatures, but not all Friesians are created equal. We hand-select only the very best Friesians to invite to our farm, and the selection process is based on health, conformation, movement and temperament. We offer only the very best quality, which is important when investing in a beautiful creature like a Friesian horse. We personally evaluate and learn with each and every Friesian, and can help you to determine if we currently have on our farm a horse to meet your requirements or if we need to search to find another special Friesian for you.

From our home to yours........we make Friesian dreams come true.......

We would love to hear from you and to help you find your special Friesian!!! Wish Upon A Ster Friesians We have ELEVEN FULL-PAPERED STER MARES FROM TREMENDOUS STAM LINES and 9 babies due in 2005!!! If you are looking for a TOP-QUALITY Friesian or 2005 full-papered Friesian foal ~ we may have the right Friesian for you. Please take a look at our Nursuery page. Coming soon ~ FRIESIAN FOAL CAMS!

***CONTACT US ABOUT TRAINING*** Persistence Farm is pleased to offer training for your Friesian (or other breed). We offer weekly programs for ground-work, riding and driving ~ as well as keur training, preparation and showing for your Friesian. We have a program especially geared toward the first-time-Friesian-owner. Our head trainer`s hard work and dedication allowed for two of our mares to earn their STER at the highly competitive 2004 FHANA Inspections. Thank you Kimberley Beldam!!!During this same time, Kimberley also successfully competed two of our other Friesians in the dressage arena. In spite of the fact that she only competed for half of the competition season, Kimberley was able to achieve an 8th place over all ranking in each of the divisions. With the entire 2005 season in her plans, we know where she will rank at the end of the year!

Our beautiful Friesians can be seen by appointment at our farm in Maryland ~ just outside of Washington, D.C. and convenient to Routes 70, 95, 81, and all three Washington, D.C. airports! We welcome visitors....Please check back for the date of our Spring OPEN HOUSE and for foaling, breeding, training and keuring clinics scheduled for 2005.

Contact Wish Upon A Ster Friesians at: or 301-349-4582

Friesians For Sale (Colts)

Pike de Feys (Beart 411 X Folkert 353 X Hearke 254 P) Mare Reg#200148130

2005 Colt
Stam 99
Inbreeding coefficient: 4.88%
Should mature to 16+ Hands
Trained: Halter Trained / Handled Daily
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster+Pref/Model+Pref/ster+Pref

Pike is a lovely colt - born April 1st 2005 from a prolific stamline - producer of the famous model mare Maaike-Neinke. This line is known for it`s driving ability. Pike is inquisitive and people oriented.

Sonnema de Feys (Jorrit 363 X Brandus 345 X Jochem 259) Reg#200503607

SOLD!!! A great horse to a great home! Congrats Chris and Cindy!
2005 Colt
Stam 2
Inbreeding coefficient: 1.56%
Should mature to 16+ Hands
Trained: Halter Trained / Handled Daily
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster+Pref/Model+Pref/Model+Pref

Sonnema should mature to be a taller Friesian with excellent athletic ability. He is a quick and inquisitive foal with an extreme eye for adventure. Sonnema is named after a fantastic whiskey native to Frysland (The province in Holland where Friesians come from). Sonnema`s sire is showing upper level dressage here in America.

Snoepje de Feys (Lolke 371 X Jochem 259 X Teake 273) Reg#200505224
SOLD! Congrats to Maggie M. of WV!
2005 Colt
Stam 49
Inbreeding coefficient: 3.90%
Should mature to 16+ Hands
Trained: Halter Trained / Handled Daily
Motherline: Ster/ster/Model+Pref/ster+Pref/Model

Snoepje (Aka Snoopy) whose name means "candy" in Dutch is a firecracker! The last of our foal crop this year, Snoopy seems to think he was destined to be a race horse!! He spends most of his day racing in large circles around Mom "Tineke". Snoepje is from lovely older lines and should mature to be an elegant dressage or driving horse (like Mom!)

Muus 2004 Gelding (Jorrit 363 x Brandus 345) #pending

2004 Gelding
Stam 217
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.92
Should mature to 16 Hands
Motherline: ster, ster, ster,

Due to owner illness, Muus hasn`t been handled much - he is priced accordingly. He is very willing and trusting and has already shown great improvement in a very short period of time. Out of Winnegance (See Sold Friesians) a lovely Ster mare.

Friesian Horses For Sale

Beautiful Friesian Horses For Sale - horses sale classifieds, #1 horse for sale & most trusted equine classifieds website online!

Friesian Dream Horses - Export Worldwide

We can arrange the export to various countries for you. Every country enforces its own regulations for the import of horses. We have gained extensive experience with exporting horses to countries all over the world. For example to America, Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia etc.

Our veterinarian is also a trusted partner when it comes to the export of horses. It is necessary to do (blood) tests, the results of these tests must be known within a certain period of time. It is also possible that horses must be put in quarantine, in the Netherlands or in the country of arrival.

Some of the tests that are much requested in the case of export are:
- Coggings test;
- CEM test;
- EVA test;
- Piroplamosis.

Please contact us by e-mail in case you have any further questions. Friesian Dream Horses Friesian DreamHorses, De Mersken 6, 9248 WR Siegerswoude, The Netherlands. Telephone : +31 (0)6-13416082 / Email -

Friesian Horses - Frysk-Andaluz

Selling high quality KFPS Friesian horses and PRE horses (Andalusian Horses) worldwide. +31 6 20429346,, Friesian Horse Stables, Provincialeweg 7d, 3271 LW Mijnsheerenland Friesian Horses - Frysk-Andaluz

Wish Upon A Ster Friesian Horses

Wish Upon A Ster Friesians is a Friesian horse breeding operation dedicated to maintaining the integrity of Dutch-registered Friesians and improving the breed. We carefully select our Friesians and welcome only those who exemplify the breed in conformation, temperament, and health and who possess a strong pedigree. All of our horses go to their new homes vet-checked and health-certified, and are typically trained to ride and drive. Our Friesians will have the potential for dressage, saddleseat, driving, and/or will be a great friend who is suitable for pleasure riding.
Wish Upon A Ster Friesian Horses.jpg
Our love for horses began in childhood, but our introduction to Friesians in 1990 started our quest to own nothing but the best. Our dedication continues with "Friesch Paarden-Stamboek" (FPS)-registered Friesians only.

The goal for our breeding program is to match a mare with the stallion who will best compliment her conformation and movement, and who will also offer the best inbreeding coefficient possible. This helps to produce an ideal Friesian foal who should mature into a spectacular adult.

We welcome visitors to Persistence Farm by appointment to meet our beautiful horses. We ask that you either call or email to schedule a date and time, or check back to this website for listings of our Open House events.

We are pleased to also offer riding lessons on our Friesians, as well as training for Friesian horses.

If you do not see the Friesian of your dreams on our website, please contact us with your preference and requirements and we will do all that we can to help you to locate your special Friesian.

Mission Statement
Please visit our Training Section to read about Wish Upon A Ster Friesians` new Training & Riding Instruction (on Friesians!) Program, and our marvellous new trainer, Kimberley Beldam!

Friesians For Sale (Fillies)

Nienke Dama (Jorrit 363 x Jildert 229) #200406746

2004 Filly
Stam 115
Inbreeding coefficient: 3.32
Should mature to 16+ Hands
Motherline: ster, ster, ster/preferent, ster

This lovely moving filly should mature to be quite tall - her dam Dama is the largest horse on our farm and a Ster mare to boot! Nienke is smart, sweet and a quick learner. A lovely moving filly with plenty of potential. Would make a lovely addition to a breeding program looking to increase the size of their offspring. We are selling this filly for a friend and she needs to move - A one year old filly at the price of a weanling!

Pietje de Feys (Beart 411 X Piter 312 X Feitse 293) Reg#200503605
SOLD!! Congrats on your first Friesian Lorie and Melvin!!

2005 Filly
Stam 2
Inbreeding coefficient: 4.68%
Should mature to 16.2+ Hands
Trained: Halter Trained / Handled Daily
Motherline: Ster/ster+Pref/Model+Pref/Model+Pref/Model+Pref

Pietje is elegant and lovely! An impressive stam line on this little filly - Her sire Beart 411 won many awards at the 2004 Hengstkeuring (stallion show) in Holland - we were there to witness him IMPRESSIVE movement. We expect big things from this beautful filly!

Maaike Dieuwke de Feys (Wibe 405 x Brandus 345) Reg #200402878


2004 filly
Stam 2
Should mature to 16 hands
Trained: ground manners

This precious filly has the personality Friesian enthusiasts crave -- she LOVES people, is very curious and intelligent, and extra-smart. She`s blessed with the smooth, lofty gaits of her dam, and the athleticism of her sire. We love this little girl! Handled since birth, this filly is well behaved and a dream to handle. Dam is a fabulous Ster mare with stunning movement and puppy dog personality. GROW YOUR OWN STER! Dam and half brother are on our farm as well.

Odilia P. (Wibe 402 x Tamme 276) Reg#200400858


2004 Filly
Stam 115
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.54%
Should mature to 16-16.1 Hands
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster/ster+preferent/ster

Terrific moving, full-papered filly from stam lines which produced stallions Tetman, Herman, Monte and Ait. Odilia`s dam Sarah (Tamme x Tsjalling) is the 1/2 sister to the FPZ stallion Tinus from Proud Meadows (out of the same dam) who was the USDF horse of the year for three years running. This filly is the type of Friesian many people dream about. Odilia has a solid star-mare pedigree with 10 model and/or preferent`s. There are no holes anywhere in her full pedigree. She truly has special movement. Full brother and dam are on our farm!

Jessica FT Friesian Connection (Winand 405 x Folkert 353) Reg #200306660


2003 Filly
Inbreeding coefficient: .36%
Should mature to 16 Hands
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster/preferent/ster

Beautiful first premie filly with spectacular movement, full-papered from Yvonne Emma P. (#199940740) who is a first premie ster mare. This filly will be an asset to anyone`s breeding program. Wonderful personality, easy to work with. This filly is sure to please, her movement has to be seen to be believed!

Jacqueline de Feys (Laes 278 x Wicher 334) Reg #200308014

2003 Filly
Stam 117
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.34%
Should mature to 16 Hands
Motherline: Ster/ster/model/ster/ster

This full-papered filly is an elegant dancer and as sweet as butter! This will be one of the last Laes 278 offspring ever and we are very excited to have her with us. Truly an amazing little filly who will add great quality to our breeding program. This filly should also prove to be an outstanding dressage prospect - Her mother Vanity D. is already stunning judges at Training Level - after being under saddle less than a year! Her full brother Ivan, is proving to be an promising competitor as well.

Liberty de Feys (Wicher 334 x Barteld 292) Reg #200303981

2003 Filly
Stam TBA
Inbreeding coefficient: .54%
Should mature to 16 Hands
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster/model/ster+preferent

This FULL PAPERED filly is what the Dutch call a "good one." As big and strong as she is beautiful and sweet. Again, one of the last Wicher 334 offspring ever! With a 0.54% inbreeding coefficent this mare would be a great addition to any breeding program. Dam, Cassandra (Ster) is on our farm. Liberty has been handled daily since birth and is an easy going, fun filly!

If you don`t see your dream horse today, please be sure to let us know what it is that you are looking for specifically and we will take the time to help you learn about Friesians and to help you to make a decision which is right for you.

Should you have questions about our sales horses, foals we are expecting this year, breeding, the Friesian breed itself or new Friesian imports we are currently importing, please contact us at any time ~ 301-349-4582 or At Wish Upon A Ster Friesians we love the Friesian breed and we truly enjoy helping individuals find their next special friend.

Friesians For Sale (Geldings)

All of our horses are FPS/FHANA-registered.

(Anne 340 x Wicher 334) #200114611
2001 Gelding
Stam 50
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.92%
Hands : 15.3hh
Trained: Rides

Lovely full-papered gelding with lots of knee action - green broke under saddle, would also make a nice carriage horse. Very forward moving gelding would do best with an intermediate or experienced rider. Falko is a very people oriented gelding with a healthy mane and tail.

Hessel L.
(Tsjerk 328 x Oege P.) #200200471
SOLD! Love at first sight for Liz!! No one deserves one more! CONGRATS!!!

2002 Gelding
Stam 115
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.92%
Hands : 15.3hh
Trained: Rides

Hessel was awarded a 1st Premie Ster at the 2005 inspections as well as CHAMPION Gelding! Way to go Hess!!

This lovely boy is on our farm in Maryland. He is a playful and fun Friesian with a great work ethic. VERY people oriented and willing. Lovely long mane and tail and substantial build. YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER MOVING GELDING!! A fabulous Friesian Find! Started under saddle, very calm and willing - superior dressage or driving gelding in the making!

Tjisse J. (Lute X Lammert) #199820271

1998 Gelding
Stam 99
Inbreeding coefficient: 4.29
Hands : 16.1hh
Trained: Rides

An absolutely amazing gelding. Lovely and supple, lovely leg-yields, shoulder-in, travers, walk pirouettes - schooling half pass. Could be winning at 1st level with lots of potential to go further - VERY uncomplicated. Quiet and honest with a great work ethic. Would suit a beginner or someone looking to bring along a horse with a solid foundation. Tjisse has been ridden by a 10 year old!

Geert fan`e Skans (Teunis 332 x Meier 307) #200215361
SOLD! He`s the one for Traci M. of MD!
2002 Gelding
Stam 43
Inbreeding coefficient: 4.68%
Hands : 15.3hh
Trained: Started under saddle
Motherline: Ster, ster/preferent, model/preferent, model/preferent.

Geert is here! He is an impressive moving gelding - has the very lovely Teunis look and movement. Well suited to either dressage or driving. Geert is very sweet and will make a fabulous friend for someone. Geert has been started under saddle - he is very calm! Ready to go on to a career in dressage or as a pleasure horse. DON`T MISS THIS GREAT GELDING!!

Majestic Friesian Horses

Friesian Equine is fully dedicated to the selection, breeding, training and sale of pure bred Friesian horses. We have established contacts within the Netherlands (the origin of the Friesian horse) and once per month we travel there to personally select new Friesian horses for our stables.

All the horses at Friesian Equine are owned by us and we select each horse as though we were buying it for ourselves.

Friesians for general riding, hack and dressage. With their elegant appearance, outstanding muscular physique and brilliant action, Friesians have become highly prized in dressage and carriage driving arenas. A great all rounder, the Friesian is also a popular choice for showing and general leisure riding.

Please take time to browse our current lists of beautiful Friesian horses. For further information, please do not hesitate to Contact us Specialist Friesian Horse Trainer & Breeder. Horse Sales, Horse & Rider Training, Holidays

The Ster Stallion Hermes Hilbrand

The Ster Friesian Stallion Hermes Hilbrand, +31 6 22373286,, Ster Stallion Hermes Hilbrand.jpg

Tiede 501

(Alwin 469 x Loadewyk 431) Breeder: Joh.Onderdijk / Owner: W.E. Lokhorst. ,, 509-838-9922Tiede 501.jpg

Ulbran 502 (Reinder 452 x Jakob 302)

Friesian Stallion Ulbran 502 - Okkema, De Mersken 6, 9248 WR Siegerswoude, +31650247820, info@staldemersken.nlUlbran 502 (Reinder 452 x Jakob 302).jpg

Friesian Dream Horses

Are you looking for that very special Friesian horse? The star, crown or model mare with an excellent bloodline? A (future) top-class inspection horse or an absolute top-class sports horse? Star stallions with a possible covering certificate for foreign countries or stallions with that gorgeous fairy tale look? Then Friesian Dream Horses is the place to be!

Thanks to our many years of experience, expertise and extensive clientele, we can offer you a variety of Friesian Dream Horses. We are breeding Friesian horses ourselves, prepare them for the inspection and launch them into the sport.

We wish you a good time browsing our website! Should you have any questions or didn`t you find your Friesian Dream Horse, please contact us for further assistance. Friesian Dream Horses Friesian DreamHorses, De Mersken 6, 9248 WR Siegerswoude, The Netherlands. Telephone : +31 (0)6-13416082 / Email -

Bonterra Farms

Bonterra Farms is a horse facility located on the Cochecho River in New Hampshire and specializes in the training and breeding of Friesian performance horses. NH-4, Dover, New Hampshire 03820, United States Bonterra Farms

Friesians For Sale (Mares)

Gretaa II FT Friesian Connection (Ouke 313 x Daen 286) #200234280

2002 Studbook Mare
Stam 50
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.34%
Should mature to 16.2+ Hands
Trained: Started to saddle
In Foal : Open for 2006
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster/model+preferent.

This girl has it all -- fairy-tale looks, breathtaking movement, and that `textbook Friesian` sweet temperament. She is an awesome addition to ANY breeding program. Her mare line is one of the most prolific in the breed, producing an incredible number of approved breeding stallions and exceptional performance horses. This girl loves attention - Want to add some height to your breeding program?? Gretaa is already 16.1hh at 3 (and she`s still bum high!).

Will be broke to ride starting in October - Price to increase with training! Make her yours before then!! This big mare would make a fantastic dressage show horse, very easy going and calm. Talk about PRESENCE!

Gretaa is green broke to saddle, very calm and quiet - would make an EXCELLENT dressage horse for someone looking to improve their confidence!

Need to reduce our herd! NOW BEING OFFERED AT $16,000

Annabelle P. (Goffert 369 X Jochem 259) #200018340 friesian horse cost
2000 3rd Premie Studbook Mare
Stam 8
Inbreeding coefficient: 3.32%
Hands: 15.3hh
In Foal : Wibe 402 (For 2006)
Motherline: Ster, ster/preferent, model/preferent, ster/preferent.

Lovely personality - you will not find a sweeter mare! Would make a lovely broodmare or sport prospect for someone. Her sire Goffert, is showing Grand Prix here in America, this mare would make a great dressage mount. You can`t beat her super sweet personality - come meet her and fall in love! Annabelle will be started under saddle in October - price to increase as training does! This mare would excelle as a dressage or driving horse - very lovely, easy going temperment makes her suitable for ANY discipline.

Annabelle is green broke and VERY nice under saddle - lovely self collecting floating movement - Would make an EXCELLENT dressage prospect for someone looking for something moldable with talent. (Sire is a Grand Prix dressage horse!)

Need to reduce our herd - Now being offered for $20,000 (IN FOAL!)

Grietje van`t Sonnis STER (Piter 312 x Feitse 293 P) #199418770

friesian horse height

1994 Ster mare
Stam 2
15.3 Hands
Trained: Ride, drive
In Foal: Rintse 386 (for 2006)
Motherline: Ster+preferent/model+preferent/model+preferent/model+preferent

Grietje exemplifies the Friesian looks and movement but she also produces incredibly well. Her mother recently went preferent producing 3 ster offspring and the FPS stallion Nanning 374 (Teunis x Feitse P). Stam 2 has produced more than 10 approved stallions. This mare loves to trail ride! Would make a lovely broodmare and pleasure horse. You won`t find an easier breeder than this one!

Cora van de Zuiderwaard STER (Feitse 293 P x Oege 267 P) #200040610

2000 Ster Mare
Stam 2
Inbreeding coefficient: 3.125%
16 Hands
Trained: Rides
In Foal: In foal to Rintse 386 (for 2006)
Motherline: Ster/ster+preferent/model+preferent/model+preferent

Spectacular full-papered ster mare out of the nearly preferent ster mare Femke-Tina (Oege P x Herke P), with one of the best stam lines in the history of Friesians. Cora has a solid star-mare pedigree with 7 model+preferents. 14 out of 15 mares are ster/model/preferent in her papers. Stam 2 has produced some of the finest Friesian horses in Holland. Cora has recently been started to saddle and she is FABULOUS! Showing extreme talent and self-collection, this mare would make a fantastic dressage prospect. Very light and elegant! Cora was a perfect angel at her first show - impressing everyone with her floating movement and gentle temperment.

Frederieke van Moerkerkenland STER (Folkert 353 x Hearke 254 P) #200149130

2001 Ster Mare
Stam 99
16 Hands
Trained: Ride, started to drive
In Foal: Open
Motherline: Ster+preferent/ster+preferent/model+preferent/ster+preferent

Frederieke is a beautiful ster mare with classic looks and movement. Her mother Hinke van het Monnikehuis, recently made preferent at age ten which is very young for earning preferent status! Stam 99 is a small stam but it has produced FPS stallions Bendert and Rik (one of the highest scoring young stallions ever). The famous model mare Maaike-Nienke is also from stam 99. Freddy has recently been started under saddle, and is very willing. Very pretty and eager to please this mare would make a great dressage or sport prospect. VERY people oriented, the ultimate pocket pet!

Tineke B. fan Scheltinga Zathe FIRST PREMIE STER (Jochem 259 x Teake 273) #199004360
SOLD! Congrats to Maggie M. from WV!
1990 Mare
Stam 49
Inbreeding coefficient: 3.12%
15.3 Hands
Trained: Ride & Drive
In Foal: In foal to Wander 352 (for 2006)
Motherline: Ster/Model+preferent/ster+preferent/Model

Tineke is half sister to the approved stallion Jurjen 303. Stam 49 is a mid sized stam and has produced approved stallions Jurjen 303, Ildert 355, Karst 362 and Tije 401. Tineke`s pedigree is supported by 7 model & model+preferent mares which is likely why Tineke earned a first premie as a ster mare and produces wonderful offspring like the first premie colt from 2004. Tineke is a lovely, well trained riding mare.
Currently working around a level 2 dressage, she has started shortened steps and passage/piaffe work. Calm and eager to please under saddle. Excellent shoulder-in, traver, renvers and leg yields.

Tineke gave birth to a beautiful Lolke 371 colt on June 4th!! Welcome to the world Snoepje de Feys!!

Maaike Dieuwke STER (Brandus 345 x Jochem 259) #199633760

friesian horse history

Full Papered
1996 Ster Mare
Stam 2
Inbreeding coefficient: 3.9%
15.2 Hands
Trained: Ride
In foal: In foal to Feike 395 (for 2006)
Motherline: Ster(almost pref)/ster+preferent/model+preferent/model+preferent

This mare can move! Maaike has the Brandus 345 look and awe-inspiring movement that people look for in tremendous Friesians. Maaike is sweet and willing, well-trained, and gentle. She is light in the bridle, with a soft mouth, and has nice gaits with lofty movement. She is doing solid walk pirouettes, shoulder-in, and leg yields at walk and trot. Maaike made ster in 2004 at the age of 8 during a very tough judging circuit. Used in beginner lesson - a real babysitter horse!

Sarah STER (Tamme 276 x Tsjalling 235) #198913080

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1989 Ster Mare
Stam 115
Inbreeding coefficient: 5.66%
16 Hands
Trained: Brood mare
In Foal: In foal to Wander 352 for 2006
Motherline: Ster/ster/ster+preferent/ster

Dutchess de Ballard STER (Melle 311 x Oege 267 Preferent) #200122770
friesian horses for sale near meLook for our Assistant Trainer Sofia in the ring with Dutchess this Spring!
2001 Ster Mare
Stam 8
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.34%
Should mature to 16 Hands
Trained: Ride, ground driving
In Foal: In foal to Feike 395 (for 2006)
Motherline: Ster+Model/ster+preferent/ster+preferent/ster+preferent.

This mare is a gem! She has amazing full papers with 21 generations of model/model preferent, ster/ster preferent lines -- there are NO holes. This mares dam Minke S. went MODEL this year!! She is one of the last few in the Oege 267 Preferent line as he has now passed on. She is a beautiful mover and as sweet as sugar. She has that amazing black coat that every one wants. Her temperament compliments her looks as she is as smart and as quick a learner as they come. She is green-broke and going, and is responsive, eager, light in the mouth, and has three nice, smooth gaits; she has a great work ethic and is super-smart. She loves trails! Dutchess will begin her dressage career in 2005 showing Intro with Assistant trainer Sofia Rudefalk. This filly is going to be a great addition to our breeding program. She became ster in 2004 during a very tough judging circuit. This quick to learn mare has already begun some trick training - Knows Spanish Walk, Dance and Bow!

Vanity D. STER (Wicher 334 x Tjimme 275) #199825930
friesian horse price range Already showing extreme talent in the dressage ring with our Head Trainer!
1998 Ster Mare
Stam 117
Inbreeding coefficient: 5.66%
16.0 Hands
Trained: Ride
In foal: In foal to Feike 395 ~ Will be presented for MODEL at the 2006 inspections
Motherline: Ster/model/ster/ster/ster

Vanity was upgraded to 1st Premie Ster at the 2005 inspections - As well as taking Champion Mare honours.

Stunning, full-papered ster mare. Vanity is a proven broodmare and has delivered two of the last Laes 278 foals ever, 2003 first premie filly ~ Jacqueline de Feys, 2002 second premie colt ~ Ivan. Vanity has an impressive, solid star-mare pedigree and is from two stallions who passed away in 2003, thus making her lines even more rare than before.

Vanity has begun her show career with our trainer. Vanity is currently showing Intro level and Training Level - see news page for show results.

Kuzma - Zalewski Sport Horses

For sale: 10-year-old beautiful hassle-free mare of the Frisian breed ideal for dressage., Kuzma - Zalewski Sport Horses.jpg

Maurus 441

Maurus 441 (Tsjalke 397 Stb x Krist 358 Stb) - KFPS Friesian Stallions -, PHONE: 509-838-9922Maurus 441.jpg Maurus 441.jpg

Friesian Stallion - Abacus Uno

Friesian Stallion - Abacus Uno Holly Zech 7101 Pleasant Grove Rd, Pleasant Grove CA 95668, (916) 655-1456,

Friesians For Sale (Stallions)

Tsjerk 328 X Wessel 237 P. #199804251

1998 Ster Stallion
Stam 50
Inbreeding coefficient: 1.37%
Trained: Rides
Motherline: Model+Pref/Ster+Pref/ster/ster

Tsjalling is a large stallion with lots of presence. His dam Mefrou is one of the most famous Friesian mares in Holland, she is the dam of both Otte 375 and Warn 335 (both approved stallions). Tsjalling is lovely under saddle, self-collecting with three solid gaits. Would make an excellent dressage stallion.

Laes 278 X Wicher 334 #200245181

2002 Stallion
Stam 117
Inbreeding coefficient: 2.34%
Should mature to 16+ Hands, 15.3 Hands at 3
Trained: Rides
Motherline: Ster/ster/model/ster/ster

Ivan has full papers and is out of our full-papered 1st premie ster mare Vanity D - who has been doing very well in the dressage ring. We are now very gently starting this colt under saddle. He is proving to be a quick and keen student!