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Considering going on an equestrian vacation, here at stableexpress we help you research the different holiday locations available, from ranch holidays in Texas to watching the beautiful riding on display at the Spanish riding school in Vienna, stableexpress has everything that you need for a horse loving holiday.

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Horse Riding Holidays
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City Slicker Style Ranch Holiday

Who has seen city slickers, any one been on a trail type holiday, would love to hear from you/

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Horse Riding Holiday Spain Andalusia

Horse Riding Holiday Spain Andalusia

Beautiful sights from an Andalusia riding holiday in Spain

The Best Locations for a Riding Vacation

The Ultimate 5 Star Equestrian Holidays Around The World

When you`re a horse lover, it`s special to be able to spend your vacations around the creatures you love, as well as with your loved ones. Luckily for you, there are plenty of amazing 5 star equestrian holidays all around the world so you don`t need to sacrifice your luxury and amazing holiday for roughing it with the horses. You can, in fact, have the best of both worlds.

The Pantanal, Brazil

Although you aren`t staying in a 5 star hotel on this holiday, it is definitely a 5 star experience. You`ll ride around the remote savannah, forests and lakes and then sleep in a bush camp under the stars. It`s romantic, it`s beautiful and it`s relaxing and time spent with horses, what could be better?

brazil riding holiday

Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania

There is nothing like this holiday, and that`s why it costs upwards of 8,000 per person. You ride across the 350,000-acre Grumeti Reserves, where the migration of the wildebeest happens and then stay in an extremely fancy and deluxe lodge called the SingitaSaskawa Lodge, which feels much like Edwardian England manor. The ride is incredible and the hotel is to die for, now that`s an ultimate 5 star holiday.

horse riding holidays trails

The Loire, France

Ever wonder what it would be like to ride your horse around beautiful scenery all day long and then collapse into a stunning chateaux feeling like Marie Antoinette herself? Well here`s your chance. On this holiday you go on an incredible journey along the great river valley in France. What makes this especially fun is not just the ride itself, but you also get to learn about French architecture, visit places and castles in the region sleep in a stunning, ancient, elaborate chateaux at night. That`s luxury if there ever was anything.

france riding holiday

Algarve Coast of Portugal

This amazing holiday will have you sleeping a week in a beautiful oasis with a pool and during the day you will ride in beautiful scenery around lakes, forests, absolutely stunning and pristine beaches and even more. Who doesn`t want to ride along a white sandy beach along aqua blue water and then fall into a luxurious bed?

These amazing luxury 5 star holidays where you get to enjoy riding as well are perfect for the horse lovers who don`t like to spend too much time away from the animals that mean so much to them. Many of these holidays are suitable for families as well, which is always a benefit.

7 Best Horse Riding Holiday Destinations

Have you ever been on a horse riding holiday? A horseback touring holiday can be the stuff of dreams for any equestrian lover and there are some stunning venues to choose from. There are tours, holidays and excursions to suit riders of every level, so no matter whether you are an occasional rider or and experienced professional the perfect holiday for you is waiting to be discovered, maybe it is on our list.

It helps to be physical fit because most trips require physical endurance, especially for those which ride through the tough terrains. There are various destinations that you can take your horse riding holidays, and you just have to choose depending on what kind of adventure you want.

7 of the best horse riding destinations that you can go for holidays include:

  1. Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile
    It is in the jagged peaks of the Andes Mountains, which contrast with the soft grass of the plains. On this equestrian vacation you get to ride through the ancient forest while on an Eco tour and pass through emerald rivers and glacial carved valleys. Riders cover a vast distance of about 20-40 kilometers on different adventures so a lot of riding experience and being in shape is required.

    Torres del Paine National Park - Equestrian Holidays

  2. Cappadocia-
    The exotoc landscapes found in Turkey are ideal to explore while on horse back you ride along the native villages, weird rock formations, century-old monasteries, Byzantine churches and underground cities. While on this horse riding holidays, you are likely to meet Turks still living their traditional lifestyle in their homes which have been carved out of soft rock.

    Cappadocia - Equestrian Holidays

  3. Okavango delta
    This is the largest delta in the world, and you get to get an adventure as you ride through the canals as you track elephants, hippos, leopards, zebra and giraffe through the lagoons. You get an excellent opportunity to see the wildlife over the vast terrain. You can spend the night at the Macatoo Camp at the private game reserve.

    Okavango delta - Equestrian Holidays

  4. Mozambique Beach Safari
    During this horse riding holiday you ride along the Vilancious coast and Benguerra Island. The beach has a long stretch of untouched white sand which you can ride on as you enjoy the magnificent views overlooking the Bazaruto Archipelago Islands. You also get to enjoy their unique coastal culture and experience the Mozambican way of life.

    Mozambique Beach Safari - Equestrian Holidays

  5. Verified Horse Dressage Tour

    Verified Horses - Equestrian Holidays

    A chance to tour europe`s elite equestrian facilities, toured by Dr. Christian Schacht a big name in the world of dressage, on this elite equine tour you will include Holstein Verband, Gestut Lewitz Stud, Graditz Principal Stud, The Spanish Riding School In Vienna and many other locations.

    Visit Verified Horses

    This unique tour will help educate and help you enhance your professional development.

  6. Golden Circle- you get to glide through Icelands lava field while riding small horses which have a unique way of moving called `the tolt.` You can ride to the mighty Gullfoss waterfalls and hot springs. Don`t call the small horses, ponies as they are strong, tough Viking horses.

    Golden Circle

  7. Central Pacific Coast- enjoy galloping on the beach of Costa Rica and also take an adventure in the rainforest as you see the wildlife. The people there hold a huge block party on horseback called `cabalgata` and they traverse local plantations.

    Costa Rica

  8. Haleakala National Park, Maui, United States- ride through the crater that is meant for riders only and get to descend more than 600metres down to the crater floor and experience the changing conditions and colors. You can also ride to the Rainforest and get to the tallest waterfall in Maui, the Waimoku Fall. Enjoy your horse riding holidays in the best way possible.

    Haleakala National Park, Maui, United States