Appaloosa Horses

Appaloosa horses and their distinguished spotted coats have catured the love of many horse lovers from all around the world, browse through Appaloosa horses from around the web. Appaloosa Dressage Horses
TOPSAIL SPECKLES - Appaloosa Reining Stallion Appaloosa Reining Horses
Palomino Appaloosa Horses Palomino Appaloosa Horses
Double Registered Leopard Appaloosa Miniature StallionMiniature Appaloosa Horses
Appaloosa Foals Appaloosa Foals
Buchiko - The Spotted Race Horse Buchiko - The Spotted Race Horse
Appaloosa Horses
Arabian Appaloosa Horses Arabian Appaloosa Horses
Arabian Appaloosa Horses Arabian Appaloosa Horses
Appaloosa Show Horses - Kinsch Show Horses Appaloosa Show Horses
Friesian Appaloosa Friesian Appaloosa
Black/Bay Leopard Appaloosa/Half Arabian horse Black Appaloosa Horses
Appaloosa Horses
Appaloosa Horse -The Appaloosa`s unique feature is its dotted coat in various patterns. The most common patterns are a dark colored body with light spots and a white body having the dark spots. The height varies from about 14.3 hands to 16 hands. They are popular for their cool temperament.

Meet 83 year old Judith Hubbard and her Appaloosa Horse Leonard, Judith says of Lonard that he acts as both her therapist and her friend who has always been there when he is needed.

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Appaloosa Horses
Saddlebrook Appaloosa Horses
Zip Me Impressive - Appaloosa - Stallion Whether you`re looking for World Champion appaloosas, or a true-blue companion horse, Saddlebrook Appaloosas has something for you.

Located in the heart of America`s Midwest, Saddlebrook Appaloosas is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Appaloosa. The Appaloosa`s heritage lives on in the performance of our horses.

Discover the Appaloosa...if you already understand the powerful draw, we invite you to visit with us and share the excitement.

Saddlebrook is proud to offer the services of Zip Me Impressive. A flashy dark bay with a spotted blanket, "Zippy" has plenty of pizzazz. With a level head and responsive personality you don`t often find in a young stallion. This product of the very best performance bloodlines in the world will enhance quality and put sizzle in your breeding program.
Zip Me Impressive - Appaloosa Stallion
Zippo Pine Bar, Impressive, Two Eyed Jack and Sundowner...the legacy of these high-performing horses is evident today in Zip Me Impressive.

Saddlebrook Appaloosas offers both shipped semen and traditional mare care. Zip Me Impressive has excellent motility and a 90% conception rate on the first insemination!

Zippo Pine Bar - Appaloosa Stallion
Elegance and strength personified. Has been shown and won it all. Poise, personality and LOTS of flash!. Get the sizzle AND the steak. His picture is worth a million words. TAKE A LOOK at this dynamic performer!

"Zippy" boasts Zippo Jack Bar (Open ROM, Amateur ROM Earner, AQHA Champion Sire, ROM Sire, World Champion Sire, Superior Performance Sire); Zippo Pine Bar (AQHA Champion, ROM, High Point Western Riding Horse); Impressive (World Champion Aged Stallion); Mr. Impressive (World Champion Stallion, AQHA Stallion, Superior Halter Horse) and Sundown bloodlines. HYPP-/-. Zippy`s third foal crop is arriving now. To date, Zippy has thrown 70% color and 66% fillies!

Appaloosa Horses

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