Clydesdale Horses

The Clydesdale is a bread of heavy horse loved by many, here at stableexpress we celebrate the Clydesdale horse sharing information, pics and videos of the breed. We encourage our visitors to help make Stableexpress great and contribute sending in pics or news on your Clydesdale horse. Baby Clydesdale Clydesdale Horses

Kuldene Walter Pure Clydesdale Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Stallion-"Arclid Landmark". Clydesdale Horses

1930 Grand Champion Clydesdales Stallion… Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horse - the pride of Scotland - The Clydesdale takes its name from Clydesdale, the old name for Lanarkshire, noted for the River Clyde. In the mid-18th century, Flemish stallions were imported to Scotland and bred to local mares, resulting in foals that were larger than the existing local stock. Clydesdale Horses

#Clydesdales are a native breed of heavy horse originating in #Lanarkshire. In the days before mechanization they were literally the workhorse of #Scottish agriculture, but during the period between the wars, as the tractor became more common, their numbers declined. After reaching a low in the 1970`s, when there seemed to be a real risk of the breed dying out, lovers of the breed have been able to raise their numbers. As of 2010, there were less than 5000 Clydesdales worldwide, and it is still considered a vulnerable breed. Clydesdale Horses
`Royal` Augustus of Warwick Clydesdale Horses

Winston Bridget and Tim Stockdale, Winston Bridget was 1/2 Clydesdale and was a leading international showjumping horse with British rider Tim Stockdale Clydesdale Horses

Cal-Eden Warwick Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses at Otley Show Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses Competing In Dressage Clydesdale Horses

Exeter Racecourse hosted the Clydesdale racing Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses

Below is a video of the famous Budweiser Clydesdale`s.

Clydesdale Horses
Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses

Irish Thunder`s Celtic Finnegan @Michelle Martin Randolph Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses

Clydesdale Horses


Paul Estermann

Swiss showjumper Paul Estermann, watch him jumping the Aachen grand prix with Castlefield Exlipse | Paul Estermann Showjumping Rider | Stableexpress.com…
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    Wilfried White

    Wilfried White - UK
  • Robert Bevis

    Robert Bevis

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    Saasha Turrell

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The World Clydesdale Horse Show

The World Clydesdale Horse Show and Trade is a world class event being held every two years at the Carp Fairgrounds, Carp (just west of Ottawa), Ontario, Canada. There are competitors, breeders and spectators from Canada, The United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and all over the world. This is the largest event of it`s kind, not only in Canada, but in the world.

We will present the majesty of the Clydesdale breed for one glorious week of shows and trade, highlighting an international appreciation of these noble draft horses. Paints, Quarterhorse and the 400 year old Norwegian Fjord breed will be displayed.

This five day event was first held in August 1999 and attracted over 80,000 spectators, 365 breeders and exhibitors to this picturesque small town just 10 minutes west from the Ottawa- Carleton region, Canada`s capital city. About an hour from the Canada/U.S. border.

Clydesdale Stallions

Torbruad Clydesdale Stud, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Our resident Clydesdale stallion is available at stud to approved mares.Prince is our resident stallion click picture for his details

Our Clydesdale Brood mares have been selected from the best blood lines available to compliment our resident Clydesdale stallion.

Young Clydesdale stock and Clydesdale Cross Breeds available for sale.

We believe that the Clydesdale horse with its long history, is a breed that has proved its worth by its use in agriculture, forestry, dray and driving , our Clydesdale horses are bred to carry on this great tradition and worked on the farm whenever possible.

The Torbruad Clydesdales horses, all have that wonderful Clydesdale horse temperament, for which the Clydesdale horse is renown the world over "The Gentle Giant of the horse world" but with the power to get the job done.

The Torbruad Clydesdales can be seen on the farm, where Cheryl Lee (3) Chantelle (5) , Jordan (7), Amanda(8), Stacey (9) and Michael (10) the fourth generation of the family to work with Clydesdale horses, can be seen working and riding with them.

Clydesdale Horse For Sale

Clydesdale Horse For Sale

Clydesdale For Sale

Breyer Clydesdale Stallion

Breyer Clydesdale Stallion
Breyer traditional scale Clydesdale Stallion, in very good condition with older style white picture box. There are some minor rubs to the paint, please refer to photos for details. This guy would make a nice addition to a collection as a shelf model, or for a younger collector.

I Love Clydesdales Womens T-Shirt

I Love Clydesdales Womens T-Shirt
I Love Clydesdales Gildan Ladies T-Shirt:
100% Preshrunk Cotton Jersey
Near Capped Sleeves
Mid-Scoop Neck
1/2 Rib Double Needle Collar
Missy Contoured Silhouette with Side Seam

Clydesdales Horses Metal Belt Buckle

Clydesdales Horses Metal Belt Buckle
This awesome King of Beers vintage Budweiser belt buckle says "Budweiser King of Beers" under banner with wheat and hops decoration. Below is a raised image of Clydesdales horse and carriage. Back reads "Markatron."

3" wide and 2" long
B Very good condition.

Clydesdale Horses For Sale

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