Caroline Towning, Multimedia Artist, London

A multi-media artist with an passion for horses, Caroline Towning, she graduated from Hertfordshire with a BA in digital animation. Caroline now runs her own studio in North London working as an artist and a photographer as well as 3d printed horse sculptures

Centurion Oil on Linen Original Painting

Caroline loves worrking on large scale oil paintings on canvas, she often carries out pencil and watercolour sketches before beginning her oil painting. Watercolour Dressage Rider and Horse on Paper Painting
Caroline creates her own original pieces of art but is also happy to work on commissions to create a piece of art specially for you.
Watercolour Horse & Woman on Paper Painting - Caroline Towning.jpg

Caroline Towning - Equestrian Artist

Caroline Towning - Sketching... designing... thinking..Caroline Towning - Sketching... designing... thinking..

Caroline Towning - Equine Artist

Caroline Towning - Horse Artist

Caroline Towning


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