Horses Rescued From Frozen Lake

Eleven horses fell through the ice over a frozen lake in Russia, a group of local farmers came to the rescue to try and pull these horses out the frozen waters back to safety. One by one each horse were lifted from the water, the rescue was tough and a fight against time as the horses struggle to stay afloat before hyperthermia sets in. Below you can see these hero`s at work, some viewers may find the video difficult to watch but thankfully it has a happy ending as all horses are rescued and warmed up.
Trapped Foal Rescued From BridgeTrapped Foal Rescued From Bridge5 Year Old Jumping - Kinsley And Ruby5 Year Old Jumping - Kinsley And Ruby

Fabe 348

Friesian stallion Fabe 348, watch video of Fabe 348 at the Friesian stallion show, Fabe 348 sired by Melle 311, Fabe 348 sire of Frederik The Greak…
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