Best In Snow

Snow is not the equestrians best friend but some horses can have a whale of time enjoying the snow, below you can see some fantastic horse memes and videos of horses and their owners making the most of the snow. Best In Snow With the horses stuck in the stable while the snow comes down, you may have a bit of time on your hands like these people who have created some fantastic snow horses.
Alternative Use For A Horse Walker In The Snow and Ice
Well the horses wont be using it in this weather, this little girl has found a great alternative use for the horse walker, looks great fun.
Meet Ranger From Canada @Mary Coyle Ranger In The Snow
My 28-year old girl loves snow 😍 @Eefy La Luna Eefy La Luna - Snow Horse
@Pamela Newcomb Santos Best In Snow
Draft Horse In Snow @dreamstime Draft Horse In Snow
@Alaina Ig Horse Snowman
Fudgey 💕 @Kerry Tarrant Horse Snow
Magnificent 💙🐴❄️🤍 #Horses Draft Horse In Snow

Snow Polo

Not all equine sports are stopped because of snow, some countries have much more snow so you need to make the most of it, below you can watch some impressive horses and riders enjoying a game of Polo in the snow.
Snow Angel

Chilean snowboarder rescues horse that got stuck in the snow

Snow can not always be fun, be can cause dangers for horses, below you can watch a video of a horse stuck in the snow rescued by some snow boarders.
Coloured Horses Snow

Equestrians During Winter

Whenever you look through the horse magazines you see stylish ladies and gentlemen dressed for the cold, snow and the rain, us horse owners know the truth! Equestrians During Winter

Horse Displays

Horses have been providing entertainment for centuries from the medievil jousting tournamentsto displays of horsemanship such as the Spanish riding school of vienna, today we have many excellent horse displays that can be seen at the many equestrian events all around the world. …
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