5 Year Old Jumping - Kinsley and Ruby

Below you can watch a video of a showjumping star of the future, Kinsley a tiny 5 year old takes to a jumping course riding the lovely 7 year old draft cross Ruby. Kinsley`s legs only just reach the end of the saddle but her safe seat and the kind temperament and heart of Ruby really does shine through.

5 Year Old Jumping - Kinsley and Ruby
Kinsley and Ruby come from Gable stables, located in Ontario, Oregon Horse Jumping Videos Two Year Old Colt For Sale - With an excellent showjumping pedigree, names that include Carthago Z, Ashdale Legend, Sultan, Luidam and many others / Call - 07811 329229.

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Charles Luyckx

Charles Luyckx was born in Johannesburg on 30 January 1969. He is a qualified chartered accountant and married with two children. He is currently based just outside London, England and competes a number of horses internationally. Belo you can watch Charles Luyckx in action Lightning 67 (Limbus x Nimmerdor) jumping 1.49m Super cup Knokke Hippique Summer Circuit.

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Charles Luyckx

Equestrianism (from Latin equester, equestr-, horseman, horse) more often known as riding, horseback riding (American English) or horse riding (British English) refers to the skill of riding, driving, or vaulting with horses. This broad description includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural exercises, and competitive sport.

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Ladooga (Lauthan x Akzent I, 1999), Presco , Udwin (sired by Godwin V Ten Bosch, 1995)

Charles Luyckx Competition Results

10 - Lisbon, Nations Cup - 04/06/2006 - Udwin
05 - Lisbon, Premio Wesley - 1.45 Two phases - 03/06/2006 - Udwin
42 - Lisbon, Grand Prix - 02/06/2006 - Presco
7 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, The British Speed Stakes - 09/04/2006 - Presco
27 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, The British Open Championship - 3rd Competition - 09/04/2006 - Udwin
26 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, The British Open Championship - 2nd Competition - 07/04/2006 - Presco
11 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, The Grandstand Classic - 07/04/2006 - Ladooga
21 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, Accumulator - 07/04/2006 - Udwin
26 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, Steel City Shield - 06/04/2006 - Udwin
15 - British Open Show Jumping Championship, The British Open Championship - 1st Competition - 06/04/2006 - Presco

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Patricia Seidel

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Angela Thompson is a British showjumping rider with an impressive competition history and a proven track record of producing sport horses from novice through to grand prix sport horses.

Angela Thompson

Angela Thompson

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