World Class Dressage Stick Horse Quadrille

Looking for a laugh, watch below as four professional dressage rider have a bit of fun performing an intensive dressage test riding the demanding stick horses. Here at Stable Express we love a bit of silliness :)

World Class Dressage Stick Horse Quadrille

Dressage Stick Horses
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Lipizzaner Horses

The story of the American army operation to save the Lipizzaner horses from the Nazi`s at the end of world war 2. …
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    Guy Williams

    Guy Williams was born on the July 11th 1971 and started riding from an early age with his first pony a shetland pony called Peter.
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    Mohd Aref Ali Rashed Al Abbar

    Mohd Aref Ali Rashed Al Abbar - UAE
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    Steven Whitaker

    Watch Steven Whitaker & Thalita at Hickstead :- Steven Whitaker father of Joe, Tom, Donald and Ellen Whitaker