Watch this magnificent show of Lorenzo and his incredibly well trained display horse, see what he does with these horses while respecting the horses ❤❤❤😍😍😍. Lorenzo has been performing for over 30 years and showcased his skills at major equestrian shows all around the world. Below you can watch videos of Lorenzo in action.

Lorenzo - The Flying Frenchman
Below is another fantastic showcase of Lorenzo at Hop Top Show

ContentAdvert Linda K. Hanssen riding Lorenzo (Sired by Goodtimes)


  • The most adorable lion - Meet Luma the pony lion

    The most adorable lion - Meet Luma the pony lion

    Watch video of Luma the Lion pony, trained by Melie Philippot / Luma has been the star attraction at equestrian events all around the world
  • Shamrock


    Meet Shamrock the runaway horse, Shamrock bolts and Nick is forced to cling on for dear life.
  • Renato Junqueira Arantes

    Renato Junqueira Arantes

    Renato Junqueira Arantes - Brazil - Showjumping Rider / RENATO JUNQUEIRA E VETNIL CASCHY B JMEN TOP HORSE 1,20M

Lorenzo Acerbi

Lorenzo Acerbi - ItalyLorenzo Acerbi

Lorenzo Leonardi

Lorenzo Leonardi - Italy

Lorenzo Minoli

Lorenzo Minoli - USA

Lorenzo Redaelli

Lorenzo Redaelli - Italy

Mateo Lorenzo

Mateo Lorenzo - Philippines

Lorenzo de Luca

Lorenzo de Luca is an Italian showjumper, he has had a passion for horses since a young age, in 2015 he moved to Wolvertem, Belgium were he began riding for Stephex Stables. Although he wear`s the Italian military uniform, he is not in the armed forces but is instead sponsored by them.

Below you can watch Lorenzo de Luca riding the fantastic stallion Armitages Boy

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Lorenzo de Luca

Lorenzo Semeria

Lorenzo Semeria - Italy - Showjumping Rider Lorenzo Semeria

Lorenzo Argentano

Lorenzo Argentano - Italy - Showjumping Rider / TEAM BLUE Horse with Dakota BLUE Girl ~ Westfalenwoche competed by Lorenzo Argentano Lorenzo Argentano