Work Horses - What Is The Best Horse For Work

Work Horses - What Is The Best Horse For Work?

Horses have been key to the success of building human society over thousands of years work horses have been used for farming, building and transport, below we have some vintage pictures and videos of horses at work and information on the different work horse breeds. Horses were used in extensively in farming for various functions, below you can see a video from 1947 of some work horses pulling ploughs across fields in the English countryside.

Work HorsesA team of horses pull a sledge of logs in the American Midwest (circa 1954)
This team of work horses are hauling the `largest load of logs ever hauled on sleighs by horses,` according to the Library of Congress (circa 1909). Work Horses

Work Horses - What Is The Best Horse For Work

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Work Horses

Horses have been integral to human evolution being used in agriculture and transportation for centuries, although many of these functions have since been mechanised, we still have many of the different horse breeds used as work horses. Below you can watch a work horse in action ploughing a field.
Work Horses
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