World Cup I


Warkant is an international show jumping horse competed by Franke Sloothaak, sired by World Cup I out of a Grandel mare. Below you can watch Warkant jumping in the 1985 Berlin world cup qualifier with Franke Sloothaak.


Lorenzo Marconi

Lorenzo Marconi - Italy - Endurance Rider

World Magic

Warkant x -, -

Chonnikarn Siyano

Chonnikarn Siyano - ThailandChonnikarn Siyano

Sina Dammer

Sina Dammer - Germany

Tiffene Tareau

Tiffene Tareau - France

Samantha Browning

Samantha Browning - USA - Dressage Rider

Peter Bobke

Peter Bobke - Germany - Eventing

Sh. Muneera Bint Salman Al Khalifa

Sh. Muneera Bint Salman Al Khalifa - Bahrain - Endurance Rider

Shelbi Siclari

Shelbi Siclari - USA - Showjumping Rider

Pavel Holesovsky

Pavel Holesovsky - Czech - Showjumping Rider Pavel

Fernanda Villar

Fernanda Villar is an enduance rider from Uruguay, horses competed by Fernanda Villar includes Ashva Feivida, Ashva Fire Fly and Asuddengift Mhf.

Bull Mountain, Turner Creek, and Jake Mountain - Horse Trails
(Dahlonega, GA): This trail system includes 45 miles of multi-use trails. Loops of varying length are from 4.5 to 20 miles, offering a wide variety of scenery. Shoes on horses are recommended due to the rocks and terrain. There are several creek crossings offering horses a place to drink. They are mostly shady trails with several steep climbs. Trails are shared with bikes and hikers. There are primitive campsites at the Jake Mountain trail head only. These campsites are on a first come basis. There are no facilities or water at these campsites. There is room at Bull Mountain for about 15 trailers to day park only. There is room at Jake Mountain for about 15 trailers to park or camp. There is a $3 or $5 day ride fee at each parking site. Campsites at Jake Mtn. are $15 per night, per trailer. NOTE: Be sure to bring water for drinking and for horses. There is no water or facilities in the camping area. (Total of 15 sites) Directions: From Dahlonega take Hwy 52 W and go approximately 9.1 miles to Nimblewill Rd on the right, right past the #5 mile marker. To go to Jake Mtn parking and camping area, take Nimblewill Rd and go 1.7 miles to Jake Mtn campground, located on the right between Hwy. 52W and FS Rd. 28-1. To go to Bull Mtn parking area, continue on to the Niimblewill Church (2.2 miles). Just before reaching the church, turn right on FSR 28-1 towards Jones Creek and Camp Wahsega. After .3 miles, turn left onto FSR 83, indicated by parking signs. Parking lot is 1.5 miles on right on a winding gravel road.

Zuzana Hacaperkova

Zuzana Hacaperkova - Czech

Hans-Heinrich Held

Hans-Heinrich Held - Germany - Eventing Hans-Heinrich Held

Julie Lahaye

Julie Lahaye - France - Showjumping Rider Julie