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What To Look For When Choosing a Jumping Stallion For Your Broodmare

Like any decision with horses, choosing a jumping stallion for your broodmare is one of those decisions that can be a bit stressful and overwhelming. You want to make sure you find a stallion that ensures the best possible foal because genes makeup a lot of what makes a successful horse. If you`re specifically choosing a stallion for jumping purposes, there are other things you`ll want to take into consideration to make sure the foal has all the necessary qualities of a born jumper. These few things will help you make the choice a little bit easier.

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Complementing Weak Points
Your broodmare may be amazing, but like any horse she`ll have her faults. When choosing a stallion for her, make sure that the stallion possesses some of the things the mare lacks. This way you increase the chance of the foal being born with all, or most, the qualities you want.

Additionally, make sure the stallion complements the mare in other ways, not just her weak points.

Being a good jumper has a lot to do with temperament and mentality. A hothead horse is far more likely to succeed on the racetrack than they are in the ring, so finding a stallion with a level head and eagerness to succeed will help create a foal with a similar winning mentality.

This makes a huge, huge difference to the way a horse can jump so it`s imperative that both the mare and the stallion have excellent conformation. If one is slightly off, there`s a good chance the foal will be born with some imperfections that may make the foal not at successful as you might have hoped for.

Really the most important thing with conformation and jumping is to avoid any faults that may compromise the foals` ability to stay sound long lasting.

View Medical Records
Usually this is allowed and for good reason. The stallion may have a great track record and look wonderful, but you never know about medical problems they may have had in the past. It`s always a good idea to try and get your hands on this to make sure you`re not opening yourself up to the possibility of a foal being born with certain conditions or poor immune systems.

Finding a jumping stallion for your broodmare may seem like an impossible task because there`s simply so much to think about, but if you follow these certain things to look for you`ll be on your way to finding an excellent choice who will breed you a beautiful and successful jumper in the future.

What To Look For When Choosing a Jumping Stallion For Your Broodmare

What To Look For When Choosing a Jumping Stallion For Your Broodmare