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As I began writing in my previous post, you as a small business owner need to know a few stuff about web site hosting before you approve your SEO developer`s plan for creating and optimizing your business site. Web site hosting is not the only thing you should read about, but it is highly important in case your business will flourish and you will need to expand it. Besides free hosting there are options you might be interested in: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, managed hosting service, collocation hosting, cloud hosting, internal hosting and home servers.

Shared hosting
Shared hosting means you can get the same virtual IP as any another site that is hosted by the same company. As I said in the other post, if some of the other sites hosted by your company get to be ranked as spam, your site might be disregarded and pay for someone else`s fault. But if the hosting company also offers dedicated IPs, it`s better to go with this package and save some trouble in the future.

What are the benefits of shared hosting? It`s cheap and it`s a good start for a new business. While you might be reluctant to give your money easily for something that isn`t already working, you can give it a try with a small budget.

Dedicated server hosting
This type of hosting has several advantages over shared hosting: it includes multiple features that the other hosting lacks, including several IPs to host other domains if you wish. This way you can host your wife business or any other business that is not related to yours and each one receives its own IP address.

Managed hosting
In this case, the client does not own the server and has limited access to it to avoid creating malfunctions, but has the other advantages I mentioned earlier.

Collocation hosting
This type of hosting is the most expensive and the only difference between managed hosting and collocation hosting is that the latter owns the server. It is suitable for larger firms because it needs to have qualified employees to manage problems when they appear. On managed hosting, the host company offers its support when something is not going as it should be. It`s best to use the nearest provider if you decided to use this type of hosting.

Cloud Hosting
It`s a new method that allows clients a more reliable hosting that uses several servers to provide backup in case one of them is in trouble. Clients also pay only for what they are using.

Internal Hosting and Home Servers
The hosting server is placed inside the company or on private residences. Internal hosting is used by large companies that can afford paying a staff to deal with it, while home servers are used to host small projects. Home servers are usually used by professionals that work in IT.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting