Tina Fletcher

A leading lady showjumper who has been competing at the highest levels of the sport for over 30 year`s. Her jumping career started at just 4 years old jumping ponies,representing her pony club area. As a senior rider Tina Fletcher has represented the UK many times as a frequent member of nation cup teams, other victories include winning the Queen Elizabeth Cup on three occasions, as well as winning the Hickstead derby riding promised Land in 2011. Tina was also been picked as the reserve rider for the Barcelona Olympics as well as the London 2012 Olympics.

Tina Fletcher
Tina Fletcher Tina Fletcher & Yorkshire Business - Sired by the British KWPN stallion It`s The Business, Yorkshire Business won many classes with Tina Fletcher, below you can watch the pair in action
Tina Fletcher
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Tina Fletcher

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Promised Land

Promised Land is the horse with whom Tina Fletcher rode to victory in the Hickstead derby in 2011, born in 1995 this talented gelding was an important member of her string of horses. As well as the Hickstead Derby, Promised Land gained placings at the horse of the year show, Dublin International and Royal Windsor horse show to mention but a few events.

Promised Land
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Tina Cook

Tina was on the gold medal winning team at The Hague on General Jock in 1994, has completed and been placed numerous times amongst others, at Badminton and Burghley, as well as Gatcombe and Lexington. She won another team gold at the European Championships in Italy in 1995 and again at Luhmuhlen in 1999. She won at Burgie in 1999. In 2000 she was second at Boekelo. Third in Pau in 2003. In 2007 Tina and Miners Frolic won at Brightling Park and Gatcombe, second at Blenheim and third at Boekelo. Team bronze medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and in 2009 Individual European Champion.

London 2012 Olympics 3 Day Eventing Showjuming Phase-Tina Cook and Mary King

London 2012 Olympics 3 Day Eventing Showjuming Phase-Tina Cook and Mary King

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Tina Cook
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Tina Fry

Tina Fry is a western rider, below you can watch a video of her in action.


Andrew Welles & Boo Van Het Kastanjehof finished second in the 2013 Wells Fargo Grand Prix of Devon.

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Tina Fry
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Cettina Verlinden

Cettina Verlinden - Belgium
Cettina Verlinden
Cettina Verlinden

Chirstina Maria Jungmann

Chirstina Maria Jungmann - Germany
Chirstina Maria Jungmann
Chirstina Maria Jungmann

Clementina Grossi

Clementina Grossi - Italy
Horse Themed Earings

Ana Christina Paiva Teixeira

Ana Christina Paiva Teixeira - Brazil
Ana Christina Paiva Teixeira
Ana Christina Paiva Teixeira

Ana Christina Ordorica

Ana Christina Ordorica - USAAna Christina Ordorica

Hallo Sailor

Tina Fletcher - Hallo Sailor - Hickstead Nations Cup

Anna-Christina Roessler

Anna-Christina Roessler - GermanyAnna-Christina Roessler

Betina Jã†Ger

Betina Jã†Ger - Denmark
Betina Jã†Ger
Betina Jã†Ger

Betina Perez

Betina Perez - Puerto Rico

Betina Gaardsmand Nielsen

Betina Gaardsmand Nielsen - Denmark

Agustina Blanco

Agustina Blanco - Argentina

horse properties for sale

Hmmnever had experience with leasing before but some things I would be sure to put in the contract is that *you* can chose to end it at any time should you feel the lease is not working out with your horses best interests in mind, and if you do chose to end it if they will get a portion of their money refunded or not. You are not responsible to injury to the person leasing it. If your horse causes any property damage while the person leasing him is riding, then *they* are responsible for damages, if your horse is injured while they are riding, or due to some fault of their own, they are responsible for any and all vet bills. I would be there the first few times to mae sure all goes well, you an also have a few friends at the barn keep an eye out. Watch for rough hands, rough riding, working the horse too hardAlso in the contract state what tack (bit especially) is to be used on your horse and whether or not they are responsible to supply properly fitting tack for your horse. Hmm, thats all I can think of for now. Hope everything works out well!

Anna Christina Gansauer

Anna Christina Gansauer - Ecuador - Showjumping
Anna Christina Gansauer

Agustina Rodriguez Vidal

Agustina Rodriguez Vidal - Argentina

Richdale Alexandra
A pure Welsh filly that was imported in 2001 and is now at stud with Tammy Burgin at Farmore Farms a well known Welsh breeder in CA producing some very fancy show ponies.

Justina Cook

Justina Cook - UK

Justina Vaitiekunaite

Justina Vaitiekunaite - Lithuania

Katina Lea Stockdale

Katina Lea Stockdale - USA

Katina Maria Mayorga Giron

Katina Maria Mayorga Giron - GuamKatina Maria Mayorga Giron

Khristina Kuznetsova

Khristina Kuznetsova - Russia

Krisztina Samu

Krisztina Samu - Hungary

Krisztina Ruszkay

Krisztina Ruszkay - Hungary
Krisztina Ruszkay
Krisztina Ruszkay

Maria Agustina Ortelli

Maria Agustina Ortelli - Argentina

Maria Hendrina Christina Van Der Merwe

Maria Hendrina Christina Van Der Merwe - South Africa

Maria Christina Cardenas

Maria Christina Cardenas - USA

Santina Zoagli

Santina Zoagli - Italy

Stina Lilje

Stina Lilje - Sweden

Stina Lillje

Stina Lillje - Sweden

Stina Svensson

Stina Svensson - SwedenStina Svensson

Stina Lindvall

Stina Lindvall - SwedenStina Lindvall

Stina Ahsberg

Stina Ahsberg - Sweden
Stina Ahsberg
Stina Ahsberg

Tina Aavang

Tina Aavang - Denmark

Tina Ann Llewellyn

Tina Ann Llewellyn - Canada

Tina Atkins

Tina Atkins - UK

Tina Basson

Tina Basson - Namibia

Tina Bratajka

Tina Bratajka - DenmarkTina Bratajka

Tina Busse-Irwin

Tina Busse-Irwin -

Tina Cappellini

Tina Cappellini - France
Tina Cappellini
Tina Cappellini

Tina Cassan Fletcher

Tina Cassan Fletcher - UK
Online Dressage

Tina Cording

Tina Cording - Germany

Tina Deuerer

Tina Deuerer - Germany

Tina Donandt

Tina Donandt - GermanyTina Donandt

Tina Fink

Tina Fink - Slovenia

Tina Goosen

Tina Goosen - UK

Tina Jung

Tina Jung - GermanyTina Jung

Tina Kãœnstner-Mantl

Tina Kãœnstner-Mantl - AustriaTina Kãœnstner-Mantl

Tina Klakegg

Tina Klakegg - Norway
Euro Sport Horse

Tina Kreinsen

Tina Kreinsen - Germany

Tina Louise Vargas

Tina Louise Vargas - Brazil

Tina Lovazzano

Tina Lovazzano - USA

Tina Lund

Tina Lund - denmark

Tina Fagan

Tina Fagan - New Zealand

Tina Gerfer

Tina Gerfer - Germany

Tina Ivancic

Tina Ivancic - Italy

Tina Prinz

Tina Prinz - Germany

Tina Reim

Tina Reim - Germany

Christina Dersch

Christina Dersch - Germany

Tina Thompson

Tina Thompson - Canada

Tina Ware

Tina Ware - New Zealand
Tina Ware
Tina Ware

Tina Meier

Tina Meier - Switzerland

Tina O. Schleimann

Tina O. Schleimann - Denmark

Tina Pol

Tina Pol - Switzerland

Tina Redant

Tina Redant - BelgiumTina Redant

Tina Trundle

Tina Trundle - UK

Tina Waters

Tina Waters - USA

Tina Moore

Tina Moore - New Zealand

Tina Nielsen

Tina Nielsen - Denmark

Tina Pilih

Tina Pilih - Slovenia

Tina Plastow

Tina Plastow - New Zealand

Tina Rakvaag

Tina Rakvaag - Norway

Tina Richter - Vietor

Tina Richter - Vietor - GermanyTina Richter - Vietor

Tina Von Block

Tina Von Block - Germany

Tina Youngman

Tina Youngman - UK

Christina Maringer

Christina Maringer is an equestrian from Austria, we have limited information on Christina Maringer if you can help us expand our rider database please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Horse Business Directory
Christina Maringer

Yorkshire Business

Born in 2001 Yorkshire Business is sired by international jumping stallion It`s The Business and competed by Tina Fletcher Internationally

Agostina Davoli

Agostina Davoli - Argentina

This is truly one of the best horse facilities in the area. There are 3-state of the art barns with a total of 23 stalls. Barns have concrete walkways, hot & cold water in wash racks, full power & hay storage. One barn has three separate foaling stalls with viewing areas from office. Huge indoor arena with mirrors & hot walker. Indoor arena meets dressage specs. 4 bedroom home with 2 3/4 baths, kitchen with expansive view of property and a unique brick fireplace. Large downstairs Rec room, bedroom, bath, family room and is wired for additional kitchen. Central vac, AC with heat pump and hot tub Home is wired also for generator.

Astina Trouland

Astina Trouland - New Zealand

Do you share loads?

No, We operate a horse taxi service, unlike many of our competitors whom operate much more like a bus service with multiple pick ups and drop offs. Our horsebox carries only your horse/horses so costs will obviously be higher than they would be for shared horse transport. We aim to transport your horse with as little stress and delay as possible. We find this limits the risk of viral or fungal contamination between horses from different yards. However, if you want to do a shared load with someone you know and split costs we would be happy to do this.

Clementina Carmody

Clementina Carmody is a rider from Argentina :- Do you have images, videos, information or news on Clementina Carmody please email us at info@sstableexpress.com

Three Homes All Different Country living at it`s finest!

There are three houses on this property. The main house is a beautifully remodeled 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, all hardwood floor beauty with views that go on forever!

MAIN HOME Includes dual pane windows, large patio, oversized garage, and another huge 3 car garage in the back. This big garage would be perfect for equipment storage, man cave, or workshop space.

SECOND HOME Double fireplace, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, beautiful kitchen, mudroom entry, screened large porch, family and living room areas.

ORIGINAL ADOBE HOME 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, remodeled with vaulted ceilings, unique charm and back porch.

RV LIVING This property also comes with 2 RVs ready to go! They are already hooked up to water, plumbing and electric. Perfect for guests or family.

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