Born 2002, Persiflage is an Anglo Arab stallion by Primative Rising, competed at advanced level in the sport of eventing he has both a proven competition record as well as a record of breeding excellent progeny, as well as being a popular breeding stallion for event horses Persiflage is also a sire of endurance horses. Below you can watch a video of Persiflage completing a dressage test showing off his excellent movement.

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Sire Primitive RisingPrimitive Rising



Carthago Z

Carthago Z competed by Jos Lansink at two olympic games. Watch video of Carthago Z | Horse profile, view information on Carthago Z & his progeny | Carthago Z - Showjumping Stallion, sired by Capitol I…
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    Beau Vandousselaere

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Vittorio Pagano

Vittorio Pagano - Italy

Exquis Clearwater

Exquis Clearwater is a dressage rider competed by Anne van Olst, below you can watch the pair of them in action competing at the 5* show at Aachen.

Anne van Olst & Exquis Clearwater,Aachen CDIO5

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Exquis Clearwater

Ulla Weigerstorfer

Ulla Weigerstorfer - Austria - Dressage Rider

Wencke Hansen

Wencke Hansen - South Africa - Endurance Rider Wencke Hansen

Tanja Hanisch

Tanja Hanisch - Horse Showing Tanja Hanisch

Sophie Gallo

Sophie Gallo - France - Showjumping Rider
Sophie Gallo
Sophie Gallo

Joseph Hughes Jones

Joseph Hughes Jones - ShowjumpingJoseph Hughes Jones
Joseph Hughes Jones Competition Results08 - Scope, Junior British Novice Consolation - 03/09/2006 - Plasdaverene Leonn

Tadeas Plachy

Tadeas Plachy - Czech - Showjumping Rider

Oleg Burmistrov

Oleg Burmistrov - Russia - Para Equestrian Dressage | Horses competed by Oleg Burmistrov include Sylvia Van Reestzicht, Tamerlan, Pavela, Cascadeur and Agis.

Meagan Davis

Meagan Davis - USA - Showjumping RiderMeagan Davis

Lasse Garlichs

Lasse Garlichs - Germany - Eventing | Horses competed by Lasse Garlichs include Finn 42, Harry Bo 2 and Hill Dream.

Oday Abu Shehab

Oday Abu Shehab - Jordan - ShowjumpingOday Abu Shehab

Saed Ali Alkhwaiter

Saed Ali Alkhwaiter - Saudi Arabia - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Saed Ali Alkhwaiter include Saleel Al Balqa`, Baz Al Aroonah and Don MIchell.

Rien De Rijcke

Rien De Rijcke - Belgium - Showjumping Rider | Horses competed by Rien De Rijcke include CAPOLINO

Olivia Tappin

Olivia Tappin - UK - Eventing | Horses competed by Olivia Tappin include Jeepers Creepers and King of the Hill II