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Buying A Foal

Advice on buying a foal and what to look for? Browse our horse classifieds, buy foals from breeders, foals for sale suitable for showjumping, dressage, eventing, horse racing and other equestrian sports.…
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  • African safari on horse back

    African safari on horse back

    Watch an amazing video of an African safari on horse back... Many of us dream of an equestrian riding vacation, riding through the African plains seeing the wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Olympia Horse Show

    Olympia Horse Show

    SHARE YOUR MEMORIES FROM THIS FANTASTIC SHOW! Click here to see the best moments from Olympia, as Olympia 2020 cancelled, Keep up to date with the latest happenings at Olympia international horse show, Olympia
  • Romeo


    Romeo 88 and Harry Charles jump clear, incredibly ridden clear. What a talent at Harry is at 22! Romeo de Roza 1997 Approved Friesian Stallion, Aswyn van de Pluum X Rozalinda

Sophie Brown

Team Animalife rider Sophie Brown went to the British Skewbald and Piebald World Championships of Colour and had a super time!

Sam The Man was 6th Graded Stallion of the Year, 4th RIHS qualifier, 2nd In Hand Coldblood Pony of the Year, 2nd Ridden Coldblood Pony of the Year, 1st Large Native In Hand of the Year and then Reserve Champion! Sir Killian fox was 3rd in the Novice Horse of the Year, 2nd Middleweight/Heavyweight of the Year, 1st RIHS qualifier and 1st in the 4/5 year old Ridden Horse! Sophie Brown