Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Queens love and interest in the Royal canadian mounted police goes back decades, she has received four horses as gifts from the RCMP the latest being Sir John. The famous Burmese was also a gifted from the mounties a favourite of the queens who she would offen ride at official occassions including trooping the colours. The RCMP have a long tradition of excellent horsemanship, in 1996 they performed their musical ride at Royal Windsor in front of her Majesty to celebrate her 90th Birthday. Below you can watch a video of one of the fantastic horse display carried out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at Queen Elizabeth`s 90 Birthday Celebration.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police more commonly refereed to as `The Mounties` are a world renowned mounted police unit who showcase their equestrian skills at numerous ceremonial events and horse displays all around the world.

The Mounties have a distinctive uniform with there bright red tunics recognized by anyone watching them in action.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have a long history of performing in front of the British Royal family, below you can watch footage from the 1960 with the mounties display at the Royal Windsor horse show

Mounties At Windsor Horse Show

The first woman joined the Royal mounted police in 1981, five years late one of these woman would become the first female musical ride instructor. Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Women Queen with Burmese The Queen was presented with her horse Burmese by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969, Burmese would take part in the musical rides for the RCMP as a five year old before being presented to Queen Elizabeth, Burmese would become the favoured ride for the Queen and take part in many trooping the colours and other royal ceremonies. gifted The Queen Burmese

Queen with Burmese
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police riding down The Mall

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Amjad Ali Kasam Khan

Amjad Ali Kasam Khan - UAE

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Elanie Meyer

Elanie Meyer - South Africa - Endurance Rider | Horses competed by Elanie Meyer include Omar (Saf First Aar x Whitehouse IBN Omar, Arab, 1999)

Michele Baldo

Michele Baldo - Italy - Showjumping Michele

Salvatore Rizzo

Salvatore Rizzo - ItalySalvatore Rizzo

Jae-Moon Lee

Jae-Moon Lee - South Korea

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Joyce Pyrame

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Thabit Alqurashy

Thabit Alqurashy - Saudi Arabia - Endurance RiderThabit Alqurashy

Janita Van Der Kamp - Knies

Janita Van Der Kamp - Knies - Germany - Eventing Janita Van Der Kamp - Knies

Thibault Vandenberghe

Thibault Vandenberghe - Belgium - Dressage RiderThibault Vandenberghe

Antonis Petris

Antonis Petris - Greece - Showjumping AntonisAntonis Petris Horses - Cover Page, Gredo la Davière (Qredo de Paulstra x St. Brendan xx, 1994), Non Plus Ultra (Nimmerdor, 1994)>BR?
Cover Page a leading show jumping horse, Cover Page was competed in the international arena with British rider Matt Sampson. Good results for Matt Sampson and Cover Page at Wieze, Montpellier, Strazeele amongst many others.

Non Plus Ultra III: 1994 (Nimmerdor x Corrado I ) Selle Français approved international jumping

Antonis Petris Competition Results

65 - World Equestrian Games, Round 2 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 31/08/2006 - Gredo la Davière
72 - World Equestrian Games, Round 1 - Team final and 2 indiv. Two rounds - 30/08/2006 - Gredo la Davière
51 - World Equestrian Games, Team and individual Speed and handiness - 29/08/2006 - Gredo la Davière
08 - , Preis der Oesterreichischen Lotterien - 6/7 Years Against the clock - 12/05/2006 - Cover Page
08 - , Preis der Oesterreichischen Lotterien - 6/7 Years Against the clock - 12/05/2006 - Cover Page
07 - Modena CSI, 1.45 Against the clock - 02/05/2006 - Non Plus Ultra
07 - Rotterdam, Rotterdam Grand Prix - 31/08/2004 - Non Plus Ultra
14 - Olympics, Team - 27/08/2004 - Gredo la Davière

Taryn Yates

Taryn Yates - USA - Dressage Rider Taryn Yates

Tine Dalen

Tine Dalen - Norway - Showjumping Rider Tine

Patrick Jonkmans

Patrick Jonkmans - Belgium - Showjumping Patrick Jonkmans

Heimie Nel

Heimie Nel - South Africa - Endurance RiderHeimie Nel

Willem-John Van De Mheen

Willem-John Van De Mheen - Holland - Showjumping RiderWillem-John Van De Mheen

Riccardo Bordignon

Riccardo Bordignon - Italy - ReiningRiccardo Bordignon