Swiss Showjumping Rider

Romain Duguet

Born October 7th 1980 Romain Duguet is an international showjumping who represented Switzerland at the Rio Olympics in 2016, he finished 32nd in the individual competition while the Swiss national team finished in 6th spot. In 2015 Romain Duquet was a member of the Swiss team at the European championships, the team won a bronze medal while Romain finished 11th as a individual. Romain has had many good placings in the worlds grand prix`s in 2016 he qualified for the world cup final and finished 16th.

GP 5* CSIO St. Gallen 2015 - Romain Duguet & Quorida de Treho

Romain Duguet

Romain Duguet

Roman Maillard

Roman Maillard - Switzerland - Showjumping Rider Roman

Petru Bacita

Petru Bacita - Romania - Eventing Petru

Alexandru Cezar Vranceanu

Alexandru Cezar Vranceanu - Romania - Showjumping RiderAlexandru Cezar Vranceanu

Izabela Selistean

Izabela Selistean - Romania

Maylan Studart

Rider - NYRA Jockey - Maylan Studart

Marius Pintille

Marius Pintille - RomaniaMarius Pintille

Monica Holdis

Monica Holdis - RomaniaMonica Holdis

Ionel Bucur

Ionel Bucur - Romania - Showjumping Rider Ionel Bucur

Constantin Pasarin

Constantin Pasarin - Romania - Showjumping RiderConstantin Pasarin

Roman Vedmid

Roman Vedmid - UkraineRoman Vedmid

Roman Vyskocil

Roman Vyskocil - Czech - Horse DrivingRoman Vyskocil

Sergio Romano

Sergio Romano - Italy

Pietro Roman

Pietro Roman - Italy - Eventing Pietro

Roman Mlady

Roman Mlady - Slovakia - Showjumping Rider Roman Mlady


1974 mare Ladykind, a daughter of Athen (Lohfeuer) sired by Sacramento Song xx. Ladykind has produced two international showjumpers Romantika (Rasputin) and Vera II (Capitol I)

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Nora Biermann

Nora Biermann - Romania - Endurance RiderNora Biermann

Roman Corrigan

Roman Corrigan - Ireland - Showjumping

Adel Mohammed Al Buhaysh

Adel Mohammed Al Buhaysh - Saudi Arabia - Showjumping Rider | Horses competed by Adel Mohammed Al Buhaysh includes Coco Rocha, Geisha Des Sequoias and Corinne.

Stacie Ryan

Stacie Ryan - USA - Showjumping RiderStacie Ryan

Alice Menegardi

Alice Menegardi - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Maria-Anna Basdra

Maria-Anna Basdra is a dressage rider from Greece, horses competed by Maria-Anna Basdra includes For Ever 7 and Gelo Notturno

Nina Winqvist

Nina Winqvist - Finland - Dressage Rider

Shailendra Shailendra Singh

Shailendra Shailendra Singh - India - Dressage Rider

Emanuelle Morere

Emanuelle Morere - France - Showjumping

Claudiu Selistean

Claudiu Selistean - Romania - Eventing

Vasile Teanc

Vasile Teanc - Romania - Eventing Vasile Teanc

Romana Hintner

Romana Hintner - Austria - Horse Vaulting Romana Hintner