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Phillip Miller

Born 29th March 1977 in Luton, Phillip Miller is the stable jockey for Dianne Cornish. Phillip Miller is one of the leading UK show jumpers and is regularly featured in many major British show jumping championships, in 2013 Phillip Miller won the Hickstead derby with Caritiar Z jumping the only clear round. Below you can watch a video of Phillip Miller riding Sussex Caretino (2006 Mare, CARETINO GLORY x HAMILTON) jumping in the 1.40m speed horse of the year HOYS.

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Phillip Miller

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Phillip Miller Horses

Caritiar Z (sired by Chellano Z), Talan , Tilandros, Twister ll, UDO VD RINKERAKKER, Uniek II, Univeau (sired by Numero Uno), VERY VERSACE

Phillip Miller Competition Results

04 - Scope, 6 Year Old Championship - 03/09/2006 - Talan
01 - Scope, 6 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 01/09/2006 - Twister ll
01 - Scope, 6 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 01/09/2006 - Caritiar Z
01 - Scope, 6 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 01/09/2006 - Talan
02 - Scope, Newcomer Masters - 29/08/2006 - Caritiar Z
09 - Scope, Newcomer Masters - 29/08/2006 - Univeau
07 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grade C Championship - 16/10/2005 - VERY VERSACE
11 - Horse Of The Year Show, Foxhunter - 13/10/2005 - VERY VERSACE
08 - Horse Of The Year Show, 7 Year Old Championship - 12/10/2005 - VERY VERSACE
01 - Scope, 5 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 03/09/2005 - Twister ll
05 - Scope, 4 Year Old Preliminary Round 2 - 02/09/2005 - Uniek II
08 - Scope, Discovery Championship - 01/09/2005 - Tilandros
11 - Scope, Discovery Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2005 - Tilandros
20 - Horse Of The Year Show, Newcomers - 06/10/2004 - UDO VD RINKERAKKER
 Phillip Miller.jpg  Univeau Stallion 
Cartiar Z - By the Zangersheide breeding stallion Chellano Z out of a Concorde broodmare, Cartiar Z showed promise at a young age winning the 6 year championship at the Horse of the Year show, he went on to have a great success with rider Phillip Millar

Phillip Miller


Udo Van De Rinkerakker is a horse that jumped and produced as a young horse by Phillip Millar, jumping in the Newcomers final in the 2004 final at the horse of the year show (HOYS).


Numero Unno x Burggraff, Univeau is a stallion that is jumped by British rider Phillip Miller, produced as a young horse Univeau and Phillip Miller became successful in bigger show jumping competitions. Sire Numero Uno is a successful breeding stallion.


Competed by Phillip Miller

Twister ll

Owned by Diana Cornish Twister II was produced in the show jumping arena by Phillip Millar as a young horse Twister II jumped at the Scope Festival of show jumping as a 5 year old and 6 year old championships.


Competed by Phillip Miller in grand prix show jumping competitions, Very Versace was produced by Phillip Miller from a young age and jumped at the Horse of the year show (HOYS) in the Grade C championship, 7 year old final and the Foxhunter championships.

Uniek II

Brought out as a four year old by Phillip Miller Uniek II showed lots of promise as a youngster, qualifying the final at the 4 year old final at the British show jumping festival of show jumping.