Pair Of Bonded Horses Go From Starving To Gorgeous

Watch the video of two horses with an incredible bond, together the pair went through rough times and neglect. Mason and Charlotte had been abandoned by their owners who had moved away and the pair had been passed from pillar to post not being cared for and suffering neglect. The pair were malnourished and in need of seeing a vet both horses were weak and starving with numerous injuries and no muscles. The pair would have a happy ending though as they would be rescued by the Blind spot animal sanctuary who would give them the love, care and attention that they disserve. The video showcases their improvement in health of the two horses as well as a look at the happy life that they now living.

Pair Of Bonded Horses Go From Starving To Gorgeous

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Pair Of Bonded Horses Go From Starving To Gorgeous

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