No Scope, No Hope!

In the sport of show jumping and eventing it is important to have horses with scope and jump, with show jumping fences up to 1.60m these fences are certainly not for the faint of hart! Especially when you are not on a perfect stride and your horse needs to lend you a hand, below we look at some fantastic videos and pics of horses who certainly do not lack in scope. Arko Nick Skelton Picture : Arko III and Nick Skelton jumping at the Olympics

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No Scope, No Hope!

Showjumping Scope
The Puissance is a showjumping class that is a test of pure scope that has been a fan favourite at the worlds leading horse shows all around the world, below you can watch one of the worlds best riders Nelson Pessoa competing in the Puissance, click here to watch Puissance jumping Nelson Pessoa - High Jump Even the best of us see an `inspirational stride` from time to time, and then you really need that extra scope from your horse, below you can see an amazing jump with Beezie Madden.

No Scope, No Hope!

Opposition Buzzs prodigious effort over the Cottesmore Leap made the crowds gasp at Burghley. Opposition Buzz eventing
Colonel Takeichi Nishi jumping trough his car with his horse Uranus Colonel Takeichi Nishi jumping trough his car with his horse Uranus
Here is a horse jump you really want to be careful Jumping Man
Here is a horse with tremendous scope, this was the riding style in the early 1900`s No Scope No Hope



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Sylvie Constantin

Sylvie Constantin - Switzerland - ShowjumpingYoung Horse Riders

Stephanie Behor Pires

Stephanie Behor Pires is a show jumping rider from Brazil
Coloured Stallion - High Offley FernandoColoured Stallions

Omid Ghannadi Maragheh

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High Offley Fernando - Coloured Showjumping Stallion

Omid Ghannadi Maragheh

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