Nathalie Zu Sayn - Wittgenstein

Nathalie Zu Sayn - Wittgenstein is an international dressage rider who represents Denmark at many major championships, below you can watch Nathalie zu Sayn Wittgenstein & Digby at Aachen CDIO5, Freestyl (80.900%). Horses competed by Nathalie Zu Sayn - Wittgenstein includes M & M`s (milan), Dolany and Fabienne. Nathalie Zu Sayn - Wittgenstein has represented Denmark at the London 2012 Olympics and the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nathalie was also part of the 2014 world equestrian games.
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Kremlin Riding School

Watch the Rehearsal of the equestrian display team at the Kremlin Riding School, Moscow - One of the worlds most exciting horse display teams. …
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Myriam Anaelle Amosse

Myriam Anaelle Amosse is a showjumping rider from France
Myriam Anaelle Amosse
Myriam Anaelle Amosse

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