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Miniature Donkey

Mini Donkeys - The Cutest Thing You`ll See Today

Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys - Or mini donkeys as they are commonly known are a breed in their own right originally from the Italian Islands of Sardinia and Sicily.
Fluffy Mini Donkey
In order to be classified a mini Donkey the animal must be no more than 91 cm at the withers (The tallest point of the body)
Mini Donkey
They come with a wide range of colours and markings including chestnut, grey, brown, black, spotted and skewbald.
Miniature Donkey
Miniature Donkeys were originally used for grinding grain inside people`s houses by turning grinding stones.
Mini Donkey
Judging by images from those times the mini donkey`s existence was not a pleasant one due to the fact that while working they blindfolded and walked in endless circles. ContentAdvert
Mini Donkey
They were also used to carry water and supplies to shepherds in the fields or on mountains.
Mini Donkey
In general mini donkeys live a happier life in modern times as their cuteness means they are kept as pets widely in North America and round the World.
Mini Donkey
Males are called Jacks and females are called Jennets.
Mini Donkey

The world`s smallest donkey is 25.29 inches tall, and is called KneeHi.
Check out this video of cute mini donkey Tiny Tim - Look hi up on social media guys!

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Miniature Donkey

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