Fieldgate Stables - Halton Hills, Ontario

Isabella Grohmann

Isabella Grohmann is an Austrian rider, we haven`t got much information on Isabella Grohmann if you could help us expand our profile or send us pictures or videos please email us at

Isabella Grohmann

Natalie Varcoe-Cocks

Natalie Varcoe-Cocks is a UK equestrian from the sport of eventing working as a groom and is recognised as one of the leading grooms on the international circuit, working at many major eventing championships.

Rosie Chinery

Rosie Chinery - UK | Rosie Chinery - GEC Delight - HOYS Foxhunter

Rosie Chinery
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Coreen Barker

Coreen Barker - South Africa

Alessia Monda

Alessia Monda - Italy

Allen Kruger

Allen Kruger - Canada

Veronique Real

Veronique Real - France - Eventing

Iznan Adli Abu Bakar

Iznan Adli Abu Bakar - Malaysia

Rebecca Fidge

Rebecca Fidge Riding ARCHETYPE EVA 105 - Lockington Horse Trials | Rebecca Fidge - Australia

Rebecca Fidge

Hannah Bate

Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials - Hannah Bate and Riverside Vision

Hannah Bate


Judy Pring

Judy Pring -

Leanna Marchant

Leanna Marchant - Canada

Masanori Honda

Masanori Honda - Japan

Michele Moglia

Michele Moglia - Italy
Michele Moglia
Michele Moglia

Mohammed Ali Khairi

Mohammed Ali Khairi - Saudi Arabia

Anand Singh Amar Singh Bhati

Anand Singh Amar Singh Bhati - UAE

We attended a weekend of Foal Shows at Werribee with our two babies Marconi Aphrodite and Brampton Magnum Gold. We would like to say a huge thank you to Jayne Bellchambers of Westacres Arabians who prepared and showed both of the babies to perfection giving us fabulous results in top class quality fields of ponies. Also competing at the show with their owners were welsh B colt Marconi Ashdene, Welsh B gelding Marconi Kryptonite and WP Mercury daughter Kaltara Fairylights congratulations to all owners on their success.


Marconi Aphrodite - Champion Riding Pony Foal, Reserve Champion Arabian Riding Pony Foal

Brampton Magnum Gold - Champion Arabian Pony Foal, Champion Colored Foal

Marconi Ashdene - Champion Welsh Foal

Marconi Kryptonite - Champion Welsh Yearling and together with Kaltara Fairylights won the BEST Youngstock Progeny Pair (Weston Park Mercury)

Kaltara Fairylights - Champion Welsh 2&3 yr old, Champion Colored 2&3yr old, Reserve Champion Arabian Pony 2&3yr old


Marconi Aphrodite - Reserve Champion Arabian Riding Pony Filly, Reserve Champion Dual Registered Riding Pony

Brampton Magnum Gold - Champion Arabian Pony Colt, Reserve Champion Dual Registered Colored Foal

Our gorgeous filly Aphrodite also competed at the RIDING PONY GALA EVENT whilst we were at Werribee to be the winner of the Riding Pony

Show Hunter Filly foal and then go on to Reserve Champion Riding Pony Showhunter foal. Thank you to the sponsors of this show for the amazing prizes and money that we won.

Rui Meireles Ferreira

Rui Meireles Ferreira - Portugal

Stanislas Lafond

Stanislas Lafond - France
Horse Themed Earings

Victor Wolf

Victor Wolf - Costa Rica - Showjumping

Guerrino Manfrin

Guerrino Manfrin - Italy

When my 14.3hh Dales Pony x Welsh horse is out in the field, she eats thin twigs and bark off trees! Could this cause her any problems and if so, what would they be?

Generally the only harm done when horses eat is to the structures they are eating! If you think about it, wild horses out all the time, have to bite off everything that eat.

Domesticated horses, especially in the winter, have some or even all of their food in a form that does not need biting off.

Hay, haylage, manger feeds, all need no biting. Chewing, yes, but not actually biting off as the grazing does.

It is as if they have to make up for this lack by tucking into any timber they can get hold of.

Horses cannot digest wood, but they get some nutrients from the soft structures in twigs and bark. They especially like willow and fruit trees.

Never let your horse eat wood or twigs from poisonous trees such as laburnum, rhododendron, and especially not yew, all parts of which including the actual wood, are poisonous. Too much Leylandii is not good for them either.

Mickey Seaquist

Mickey Seaquist - Spain

High Offley Stud is a small yard specialising in breeding, buying, selling and producing all kinds of horses and ponies. Based in Staffordshire.

We look to sell good, straight and sensibly priced horses and ponies, most of them come from private homes in Ireland.

We run this business very much off my good reputation and it`s very important to me to match good horses with suitable homes, I will always be completely honest about all the animals here and am happy to discuss the suitability of any of my horses to your needs.

As well as my many happy customers across the country, I have also supplied horses to my local hunt, pony club, riding club and riding school, The Police Force and all are doing very well and are very well loved, which shows me I must be doing my job well :)

Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of your requirements;

Valerie Vanden Berge

Valerie Vanden Berge - Belgium - Showjumping

Karensa Douglas

Karensa Douglas - USA - Horse Vaulting

Hammam Al Natsheh

Hammam Al Natsheh - Jordan - Endurance RiderHammam Al Natsheh