Horse Shows

Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) is one of the UK`s largest horse shows and the pinicle of the national showjumping and horse showing season holding young horse championships and show horse championships. HOYS also showcasing a selection of horse displays for horse lovers to enjoy. Below you can watch the show reel of HOYS to see some of the highlights of the event.

Horse Shows
Stableexpress has information, news and results from horse shows from all around the world, equestrian events from all the different equine sports from showjumping through to dressage.

Horse Shows From Around The World


Campbell Draper

Campbell Draper - New Zealand - Eventing | Equestrian Classifieds | Eventing Horses For Sale Texas | Campbell Draper Event Rider…
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  • Paolo Pomponi

    Paolo Pomponi

    Paolo Pomponi - Italy - Show Jumping Rider | Horse Videos - Stable Express | Showjumpers For Sale UK | Watch Video of Italian rider Paolo Pomponi
  • David Broome

    David Broome

    Watch David Broome riding Countryman | British showjumper David Broome, rider profile, results, horses and news
  • The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

    The KFPS Royal Friesian Horse

    The Friesian horse. There she is: fiery, strong, intelligent, and looking just a bit superior. As if she knows of her centuries-old heritage. As if she knows of the place she has in so many hearts.