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Horse Care Equipment - Outfitting Your Equine

Horse care equipment can range from the most basic horse pasture with a horse water tank housing a grass carp to an elaborate show horse barn with a reflecting pool full of koi. Most horses` needs will fall somewhere in between.

Whether you have one, or one hundred horses, there are several major items necessary to maintain good horse health.

Horse Care Equipment

Information on horse tack will be a very important beginning. A halter and lead rope is the most basic and necessary horse care item required for handling your horse in a safe manner. Of course, as training progresses there will be a myriad of horse tack items to choose from, depending on the horse breed and its particular career.

Living space will be the biggest choice you make for your equine. Do you want a horse pasture setting? If so, the horse fence materials are an important consideration. There are several options on the market. Safety and stability should be your highest priority. Proper installation of your livestock fence along with livestock gates is also a key factor.

Is there a horse shelter available in the horse pasture? This does not have to be fancy, just a sturdy and safe horse loafing shed will suffice.

The most vital piece of horse care equipment to provide is a reliable source of fresh water that is accessible at all times. The automatic horse waterer and horse water tank are the most often used.

A horse pasture is typically for grazing horses, but often times, winter especially, you will have to feed horse hay. Round hay bales or square hay bales, both will last longer and your horses will waste less if you use a horse hay feeder.

Horse feed buckets are needed if you will be providing horse grain.

Owning or having access to a horse trailer cannot be overlooked. Though a lesser used item of horse care equipment, there are many instances when you will be glad to have one, the most important being a medical emergency!

Check out horse barn information or information on horse stalls if you choose indoor accommodations for your equine. This will be more expensive as there is much more equipment involved in maintaining a horse barn.

Stalls will need horse bedding that is cleaned and replaced daily. This will require the use of a manure fork, muck bucket or wheel barrow, and horse manure spreader. Not to mention the person to operate these items. These stalls will be outfitted with a water source, some type of horse feed buckets and/or horse hay racks.

Quite often equine barns are equipped with an automatic system of fly repellent for horses and fire alarm system.

Many barn implements, horse grooming supplies, and farm vehicles fall into the very broad category of horse care fixtures. All are employed to achieve the same result---excellent daily horse care.

Horse Care Equipment - Outfitting Your Equine