Flagmount Diamond

Hopes are High

Often competed with the Virtual Village prefix as Virtual Village Hopes are High, this talented Irish sport horse was noted as one of the worlds top horses for many years, with legendary British rider Nick Skelton. Together Nick and Hopes are High won one the worlds most prestigious grand prix`s at Spruce Meadows, the Du Maurier grand prix, the also won the King George V gold cup and won a team bronze at the world equestrian games.

Below you can watch Nick Skelton and Hopes are High in action at Hickstead.

Hopes are High

An Irish bred show jumping horse Hopes are high was successful in the show jumping ring with three British riders Andrew Davies, Nick Skelton and Matthew Broome. Hopes are high was born in 1989 and is by Irish stallion Flagmount Diamond who bloodlines include some of the best Irish sport horse pedigrees

Hopes are High

Sarka Kolackova De Mendez

Sarka Kolackova De Mendez - Guam - Eventing / Horses competed by Sarka Kolackova De Mendez include Carneval 32, Galia & Don DIego

Cecile Lopez

Cecile Lopez - France

Durg Singh Bhanwar Singh

Durg Singh Bhanwar Singh - Bahrain


Orientale is a mare sired by VAS-Y-DONC out of the mare Indispensable. We have limited information on Orientale please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Megan Joyce

Megan Joyce - Australia - Eventing

Omar El Hadari

Omar El Hadari - Egypt

Omar El Hadari Horses


Omar El Hadari Competition Results

46 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1956 - Auer

Rebecca Huy

Rebecca Huy - USA - Eventing

Heiko Runge

Heiko Runge - Germany - Showjumping Rider

Heiko Runge Horses

Gospodar 6 (sired by Gelria, 1987)

Heiko Runge Competition Results

03 - Berlin, Puissance - 23/11/2001 - Gospodar 6

Nelly Drieux

Nelly Drieux - France

Pierre Cassagne

Pierre Cassagne - FrancePierre Cassagne

Reimar Bach

Reimar Bach - Austria

Sammi Mcleod

Sammi Mcleod - AustraliaSammi Mcleod

Bryony Ward

Bryony Ward is a showjumper from the United Kingdom, below you can watch Bryony in action riding Cacharel Z in the 1.40m class at Bicton Arena.

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Bryony Ward

Bryony Ward Horses

Jewel`s Pleanast

Bryony Ward Competition Results

16 - Oslo, World Cup Qualifier - 09/10/1999 - Jewel`s Pleanast

Bryony Ward

Jose Valenzuela G

Jose Valenzuela G - Mexico - Showjumping Rider

Stephanie Kotze

Stephanie Kotze - South Africa

Franck Grimonprez

Franck Grimonprez is a French dressage driving rider, with an impressive competition record. In 2017 Franck Grimonprez represented France in the world championships with his horses Lago and Lauda 12.

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Franck Grimonprez

Chelsea Jones

Chelsea Jones - Canada

She is a very successful equitation rider, winning the CET Northwest Regional Finals in 2004, and has gone on to compete in equitation finals in Toronto and New York. In 2006 Chelsea will make her debut as the new riding professional at True North and assistant coach to Debbie.

Nice Attolico Guglielmi

Nice Attolico Guglielmi is an eventer from Italy horses competed by Nice Attolico Guglielmi include Ancella De Vallitara and L`oro Del Reno.

Niklas Aromaa

Niklas Aromaa - Finland - Showjumping Rider Niklas Aromaa

Rachel High

Rachel High - USA - Dressage Rider

Sarah Dãœrr

Sarah D£œrr - Germany - Eventing

Peter Bulthuis

Peter Bulthuis was born on 25-04-`67 and is married to Danielle (12-05-`72). They have two beautifull sons named Niels (08-04-`01) and Jasper (07-06-`03). Peter started to ride ponies when he was 5 and made the switch to the horses when he was 12 years old. When he was 15 he got selected for the Dutch Junior Team and had his first training- and work experience with the International showjumper Gerd Meier.

In this period time Peter has been a competitor in the European Championships in Geres and the Young Rider competition in Reims! When he was 17 years old Peter decided to go and work for Stal Maathuis in Geesteren.Here he met the American Bernie Traurig and he went to the USA for a year ( 18 yrs old). Bernie introduced Peter to Donald Cheska where he stayed with for 3 months.

In 1988 Peter came back to Holland and started to train with Henk Nooren. He worked and trained with Henk till 1992. After this period he travelled to San Michele in Parma (Italy) and worked for Mister Rolli. His last working experience was with the Family Goossens in Erp from 1998-2000. In 2000 he decided to start his own stable as a dealer and rider!

Results: Through the years Peter gained many succesfull results at all kind of levels. From National Championships till the " big prices" like KNF Champion in Groningen, NKB Champion in Brabant and Limburg, NK Champion in Wanroy. World Cups o.a: Filot (B), Lille (Fe), Miljarinko (It), Hengelo (NL), Oberranven (Lux), Minneapolis (USA), St louis (USA).

Peter Bulthuis Horses

Cadanza , Lismacbryan Junior (Narcos II), Medrano (Gentleman , 1994), Orlando , Ponetto (Andiamo), Quiletto , Rinaldo (Atlantic), Zenzi

Competed by Peter Bulthuis in the show jumping arena Cadanza was a succesfull competition horse, sired by Zangersheide stallion Carthago Z (Capitol)who under Jos Lansink, the Olympic gray stallion had numerous victories and has also become one of Eur
SIRE Narcos II was chosen to compete in the Seoul Olympics and has been a regular competitor in International competitions from Calgary to Hickstead. In 1991 he won the European Young Riders Championship. Has won numerous puissance classes which incl

Peter Bulthuis Competition Results

42 - Gelderland, Grand Prix - 11/06/2006 - Quiletto
06 - Lisbon, Nations Cup - 04/06/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
06 - Lisbon, Premio Turismo de Lisboa - 1.40 Two ph. - tab. A/C - 04/06/2006 - Zenzi
08 - Lisbon, Premio Wesley - 1.45 Two phases - 03/06/2006 - Zenzi
43 - Lisbon, Grand Prix - 02/06/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
06 - Lisbon, Premio El Corte Ingles - 1.50 Against the clock - 01/06/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
9 - Modena, 1.35 Against the clock - 30/04/2006 - Cadanza
39 - Lummen, International Competition 1.50m Final - 23/04/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
29 - Lummen, International Competition 1.30m Final - 23/04/2006 - Rinaldo
26 - Lummen, International Competition 1.40m Final - 23/04/2006 - Medrano
45 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.40m - 22/04/2006 - Ponetto
10 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.35m - 22/04/2006 - Cadanza
17 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.45m - 22/04/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
9 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.40m - 22/04/2006 - Rinaldo
8 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.40m - 21/04/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
6 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.40m - 21/04/2006 - Medrano
47 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.30m - 21/04/2006 - Cadanza
51 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.35m - 21/04/2006 - Ponetto
66 - Lummen, International Competition - 1.35m - 21/04/2006 - Rinaldo
23 - Aachen, Grand Prix - 01/04/2006 - Lismacbryan Junior
06 - Massazza, Grand Prix - 05/10/2003 - Orlando

Noora Mohd Bin Mubarak Al Marri

Noora Mohd Bin Mubarak Al Marri - UAE - Endurance Rider


Stanhopes Diddicoy x -, BRITISH SPORT HORSE -

Audei Ciavaldin

Audei Ciavaldin is a rider from France, we have limited information on Audei Ciavaldin and the horses competed if you can help us grow the database please email us info@stableexpress.com

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Janis Smith

Janis Smith - USA - Eventing

Nathalie Bruyere

Nathalie Bruyere - France

Benjamin Grandvalet

Benjamin Grandvalet -is a French showjumper, below you can watch Benjamin Grandvalet in action riding Devil Star Du Pin France. Horses competed by Benjamin Grandvalet includes Cipango Berence, Citadelle De Mars and Priscka.

Benjamin Grandvalet

Michel Thers

Michel Thers - France - Showjumping Rider Michel

Sandra Bjurstrã–M

Sandra Bjurstr£–M - Sweden - Eventing

Cathy Lesperance

Cathy Lesperance - Canada - Eventing Cathy Lesperance

Cecile Merglen

Cecile Merglen - France - Dressage RiderCecile Merglen

Dagmar Fortmuller

Dagmar Fortmuller - Canada - Eventing / Dagmar Fortmuller riding Igor F in the Open Training division at the Spokane Sport Horse Farm Annual Fall Horse Trials; Spokane, WA;