Clara Pelissero

Flaminia Mantici

Flaminia Mantici - Italy

The Prophet IMP UK

Gypsy Rose Leigh IMP UK

Both The Prophet and Gypsy Rose Leigh are homozygous for Tobiano - meaning they will only produce coloured foals no matter the colour of the other parent.

Misty Blue AKA Terry Woods good Mare

Misty is a 7 year old mare and will fly out late 2011 with foal at foot, to join our ever growing herd, . Coventry Park Gypsy Cobs is extremely excited to welcome this lovely lady into our family.

Misty Is a full breed Connors Cob from Ireland, This is a quality mare and is most definetley one of the heaviest mares for producing quality and flare.

Misty is a real mother hen, looking after the herd when foaling time is here a true jewel in the crown.

Here at Coventry Park we pride ourselves on only breeding the very best.

Located in Cranbourne Melbourne

Visitors always welcome

Flaminia Mantici