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Equicruiser, one of the UK`s premier equine coachbuilders. Our website is packed with details of the finest horseboxes available and features virtual tours (IPIX), schematics plans of the vehicles and full details of new and used horseboxes for sale.

We have been building horseboxes since 1984, incorporating the most up-to-date concepts to lessen weight, increase durability and provide your horsebox with a low maintenance level.

All of our bodies have an aesthetically pleasing coach built appearance and are integral to the cab, but feature the unique Equicruiser tilting cab facility to enable maintenance to be carried out easily on the vehicle.

We consider that we have an insight into equine coach building as we have a former National and International show jumper on our staff, for those intricate design techniques which ensure safety and comfort for your equine friends.

We would be pleased to provide a quotation for any horse box from a 2 horse basic to 8 horse bespoke luxury living. We also carry out refurbishments, resprays, MOT`s and are authorised insurance repairers.

Equicruiser Ltd
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Equicruiser Horseboxes