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David Broome

David Broome, one of Britain`s most esteemed showjumpers, has left an indelible mark on the equestrian world. With a successful career spanning several decades, David Broome`s accomplishments have earned him a place among the greats.

Born on June 1, 1940, in Wales, David Broome`s love for horses developed at an early age. He showed great promise in various equestrian disciplines, but it was in showjumping that he truly excelled. His natural talent, combined with sheer determination and a deep connection with horses, propelled him to the top of his game.

David Broome (GBR) & Countryman (ISH) - 1988 Olympics 4th place

David Broome Philco

David Broome`s breakthrough came in the 1960s when he represented Great Britain at the 1960`s Olympic Games in Rome. David Broome participated in five consecutive Olympics from 1960 to 1976, winning two individual silver medals. Additionally, he earned numerous medals in World and European Championships, cementing his status as a world-class showjumper.

One of the most remarkable aspects of David Broome`s career was his partnership with his beloved horse, Mr. Softee. Together, they conquered some of the most challenging courses and left audiences in awe with their seamless synchronicity. Their incredible bond symbolized the harmony between horse and rider, showcasing the true essence of showjumping.

David Broome on Mr Softee, he is the winner of the King George V Cup

David Broome

Beyond his competitive achievements, David Broome also made significant contributions to the sport off the field. He was instrumental in fostering the development of British showjumping, both as a rider and as a mentor. David Broome`s tireless efforts to promote the sport led to the establishment of world-class equestrian events, providing a platform for athletes to showcase their skills.

As a testament to his impact, David Broome was awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for his services to equestrianism. This recognition further solidified his status as one of the most influential figures in British showjumping.

David Broome - Philco - John Player Trophy London 1980

David Broome

Today, David Broome continues to inspire the next generation of riders. His dedication, talent, and love for horses serve as a timeless reminder that success in any field is built on passion, hard work, and a deep connection with one`s craft.

In conclusion, David Broome`s name is synonymous with excellence in showjumping. His extraordinary career, marked by numerous accolades and a deep love for horses, has left an indelible legacy. As we celebrate the achievements of this legendary British showjumper, his story shines as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring equestrians worldwide.

David Broome - Mr Ross - 2.26 m Puissance at Olympia London 1980

David Broome

Born 1st March 1940 David Broome is a Welsh showjumper who was one of the leading riders in the world. David Broome represented Great Britain on 5 occasions at the Olympics, winning two individual bronze medals in 1960 and 1968.

David Broome won many many championships including world championships, European championships as well as numerous grand prix wins.

A young David Broome riding Sunsalve.... David Broome

David Broome on Sunsalve at the Olympics in Rome 1960 David Broome

David Broome on Beethoven in the Hickstead Derby 1970 David Broome

Queensway Big QQueensway Big Q & David Broome David Broome
David Broome

David Broome & Mr Ross (ISH) - Hickstead Irish Sport Horse by Carnival Night (a Thoroughbred stallion) out of an Irish Draught ..

David Broome

David Broome CBE is a legend in show jumping born Cardiff, South Wales March 1st, 1940 David Broome attended Monmouth School and still maintains his stables at Mount Ballan Manor, Crick, near Chepstow in Monmouthshire. David Broome`s successes include gold medals in European championships in 1961, 1967, and 1969, 2 individual Olympic bronze medals in 1960 and 1968 as well as winning the World individual championship in 1970. In 1978 he was part of the world championship winning British team. He turned professional in 1973. David Broome has won the King George V Gold Cup a record six times on six different horses between 1960 - 1991, a record yet to be equalled. He has enjoyed most of his success on Irish Sport Horses and he has said his favourite horse of all was Sportsman.

David Broome has a son Mathew Broome who has followed in his farther`s footsteps as a professional showjumper, David Broome`s is also brother to one of the most successful lady show jumping riders Liz Edgar.

Now retired from the competition ring David Broome is still extremely active in the world of show jumping he is a member of the BSJA committee as well as running one of the UK`s largest show center Wales & West.

David Broome Horses

Beethoven, Brando, Countryman (sired by Hardstudy) , Jacapo, Lannegan, Hail Titan , Last Resort, Manhattan (Showjumper), Nordlys, Mr. Ross, Mr. Softee, Philco, Phoenix Park (ex Last Resort), Queensway Big Q (sired by Gotthard), Royale II, Showman, Sodexco, Sportsman, Sunsalve, Top of the Morning

A grey gelding, owned by Lord and Lady Harris, was originally bought from Florida where he had been ridden by Rodney Jenkins. The price was not disclosed, but this American thoroughbred was then rumored to be the most expensive young show jumper

David Broome Competition Results

05 - Millstreet, Against the clock - 01/01/1994 - Showman
1 - Millstreet, World Cup Qualifier - 27/10/1993 - Lannegan
1 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Nations Cup - 30/07/1993 - Lannegan
3 - Aachen, Nations Cup - 16/06/1993 - Lannegan
3 - San Gallo, Nations Cup - 11/06/1993 - Lannegan
03 - San Gallo, Nations Cup - 01/01/1993 - Lannegan
03 - Aachen, Nations Cup - 01/01/1993 - Lannegan
01 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Nations Cup - 01/01/1993 - Lannegan
01 - Millstreet, G.P.W - 01/01/1993 - Lannegan
03 - Aachen, Grand Prix - 21/07/1992 - Lannegan
03 - Aachen, Grand Prix - 01/01/1992 - Lannegan
02 - Aachen, Nations Cup - 01/01/1992 - Countryman
03 - Londra - Wembley CSI, Speed and handiness - 01/01/1992 - Countryman
02 - Modena CSI, Nations Cup - 01/01/1992 - Countryman
1 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, King George V Gold Cup - 30/07/1991 - Lannegan
02 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Nations Cup - 01/01/1991 - Countryman
04 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, Grand Prix - 01/01/1991 - Countryman
01 - Oberanven, Nations Cup - 01/01/1991 - Lannegan
01 - Dublin, Nations Cup - 01/01/1991 - Lannegan
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Leading Show Jumper of the Year - 08/10/1990 - Lannegan
01 - , Nations Cup - 01/01/1990 - Countryman
04 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1988 - Countryman
01 - , Nations Cup - 01/01/1988 - Countryman
10 - Helsinki, World Cup Qualifier - 14/10/1986 - Royale II
1 - The Royal Show, Nations Cup - 12/07/1986 - Royale II
01 - Hamburg, Hamburg Derby - 03/06/1986 - Royale II
01 - Hamburg, Derby Against the clock - 01/01/1986 - Royale II
03 - Falsterbo, Derby Mixed comp. - 01/01/1986 - Royale II
01 - Falsterbo, Nations Cup - 01/01/1986 - Royale II
04 - Hickstead - Derby Meeting, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Royale II
05 - Londra - Wembley CSI, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Phoenix Park (ex Last Resort)
10 - Helsinki, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Royale II
04 - Berlin, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1986 - Phoenix Park (ex Last Resort)
03 - Mechelen, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1985 - Mr. Ross
02 - Falsterbo, Nations Cup - 01/01/1985 - Royale II
02 - Falsterbo, Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1985 - Royale II
06 - Amsterdam, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1985 - Royale II
05 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1985 - Mr. Ross
06 - Amsterdam, World Cup Qualifier - 24/04/1984 - Brando
09 - Olympia International Horse Show, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1984 - Brando
06 - Amsterdam, G.P.W Two rounds - jo - 01/01/1984 - Brando
01 - Berlin, Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1984 - Mr. Ross
02 - Norrköping CSI, Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1984 - Brando
1 - Amsterdam, World Cup Qualifier - 16/12/1983 - Last Resort
1 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix - 15/12/1981 - Philco
1 - Olympia International Horse Show, World Cup Qualifier - 15/12/1981 - Philco
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Grand Prix - 11/10/1981 - Mr. Ross
01 - Horse Of The Year Show, Leading Show Jumper of the Year - 08/10/1981 - Mr. Ross
1 - Dublin, World Cup Qualifier - 02/08/1981 - Mr. Ross
1 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, King George V Gold Cup - 30/07/1981 - Mr. Ross
01 - Calgary **** CSI, Grand Prix - 01/01/1981 - Philco
1 - Birmingham, World Cup Qualifier - 08/05/1980 - Sportsman
1 - Bordeaux, World Cup Qualifier - 12/02/1980 - Queensway Big Q
1 - Amsterdam, World Cup Qualifier - 16/12/1979 - Sportsman
1 - Wien-Stadthalle, World Cup Qualifier - 09/11/1979 - Sodexco
1 - `S-Hertogenbosch, World Cup Qualifier - 18/03/1979 - Philco
1 - World Equestrian Games, Team - 01/06/1978 - Philco
1 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix - 15/12/1977 - Philco
1 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, King George V Gold Cup - 30/07/1977 - Philco
1 - Olympia International Horse Show, Grand Prix - 15/12/1975 - Philco
01 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, King George V Gold Cup - 30/07/1972 - Sportsman
14 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1972 - Manhattan (Showjumper)
1 - World Equestrian Games, Individual - 01/06/1970 - Beethoven
01 - , Nations Cup - 01/01/1970 - Top of the Morning
2 - Rome, Nations Cup - 16/05/1969 - Top of the Morning
02 - , Nations Cup Team comp. - 01/01/1969 - Top of the Morning
02 - , Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1969 - Top of the Morning
02 - Rome, Nations Cup - 23/07/1968 - Top of the Morning
03 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1968 - Mr. Softee
2 - Rome, Nations Cup - 16/05/1968 - Top of the Morning
02 - London CSIO, Nations Cup - 01/01/1968 - Mr. Softee
02 - , Nations Cup - 01/01/1968 - Top of the Morning
01 - Dublin, Grand Prix Mixed comp. - 01/01/1968 - Mr. Softee
1 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, King George V Gold Cup - 30/07/1966 - Mr. Softee
21 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1964 - Jacapo
1 - Royal International Horse Show - Hickstead, King George V Gold Cup - 30/07/1960 - Sunsalve
03 - Olympics, Individual - 22/05/1960 - Sunsalve
David Broome††David Broome CBE††David Broome on Chocolate††David Broome on Mister Softee††David Broome Beethoven Hickstead Derby†††David-Broome Sunsalve EM Aachen 1961-4††David Broome on Manhattan††David Broome David Broome - Showjumper

David Broome


Along with the British show jumping legend David Broome, Manhattan represented the United Kingdom at the 1972 olympic games amongst other showjumping classes and championships


Countryman was another important horse in David Broome`s long showjumping career, an Irish sport horse sired by the stallion Hardstudy xx, Countryman represented the United Kingdom in many major championships, including the 1988 olympics were the pair just missed out on a medal coming in 4th position.
Countryman - David Broome


Jacapo represented Great Britain at the 1964 olympics with welsh rider David Broome, together the pair finished 21st as individuals, while the team finished just out the medals in 4th place.

Royale II

Royale II international showjumper who represented team GB in nation cup competitions at the Royal show and Falsterbo with David Broome. Other successes include placing`s in a number of derby competitions as well as a win in the 1988 Hamburg Derby.


Brando is another horse who had lots of success with British rider David Broome. Together with David Broome, Brando competed in many grand prix`s winning classes internationally. Brando was owner by David Broome`s long time owner`s Lord and Lady Harris

David Fernandez Chedraui

David Fernandez Chedraui is a rider from Mexico, if you have landed on this page we are sorry but we have limited info on David Fernandez Chedraui, if you can help us expand our database please email us at

Melanie Davidson

Melanie Davidson - Ireland - Showjumping
Melanie Davidson

David Tatlow

Heavyweight Hunter of the Year Final HOYS 2007, Winner: Book of Kells ridden by David Tatlow, the sixth horse to enter the ring (chestnut with white blaze)

David Caunter

David Caunter - New Zealand

David Austin

David Austin - UK

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David Dunsdon
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David Kolman - Leland

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David Mommolin
David Mommolin

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Online Dressage

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David Sterckx
David Sterckx

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David O`Brien

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David Oliynyk

David Oliynyk - USA
David Oliynyk
David Oliynyk

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Amy Davidson

We have limited information on Amy Davidson, if you can help us grow our database of riders please email us at - Competition news, information & results of Amy Davidson and her horses.

Anne Laure David

Anne Laure David - France

David Will

David Will - Germany - Showjumping / Triumph at Home 🇩🇪 David Will and C-Vier | Winning Round | FEI European Championships Riesenbeck David Will

Bruce Buck Davidson

Bruce Buck Davidson - usa

Bruce Davidson Sr.

Bruce Davidson Sr. - USA

Bruce O. Davidson Jr.

Bruce O. Davidson Jr. - USA
Bruce O. Davidson Jr.
Bruce O. Davidson Jr.

David Bourgeot

David Bourgeot - France - Showjumping Rider David Bourgeot

Eric David

Eric David - FranceEric David

Fiona Davidson

Fiona Davidson - UK
Fiona Davidson
Fiona Davidson

Francois David Berthault

Francois David Berthault - France

David Casey

David Casey -

David Simpson

Watch David Simpson riding Keoki (Catoki x Cassini I)

Keoki is an international jumping stallion bred by Klaus Kudlinski, sired by Catoki out of the mare Tilba-Tilba who is a daughter of Cassini I. Winner of over $75,000


Normandy Equestrian Property For Sale

A beautiful equestrian property/smallholding with 10 hectares in the heart of the Normandy Bocage.

Situated amidst the lush, rolling pastures of southern Calvados, five minutes from the bustling market town of Vire. Surrounded by charming chemins (laneways) that wend through pretty bocage scenery of cider orchards, streams, beech woods, Lake Dathee and it`s golf course, hidden chateaux and traditional longeres. An hour`s drive south from the port of Ouistreham, Caen , the landing beaches from WWII and an hour inland from the breathtaking bay of the Mont st. Michel to the west.

Offers in the region of Ä170,000 + notaires fees

A traditional Norman longere built from the local granite around 200 years ago. It has many original features both in the house and outbuildings such as the fireplace, bread ovens, timber beams, window grille, that we`re told dates from the revolution, thatch ladder and fabulous little stone well typical of the very local area.

The property boasts stunning views from every angle.

Please take a look at the weekly blog on our website for the event horses to get a feel of life here;

The original LIVING AREA of the longere has been restored in traditional style. There are endless possibilities to extend into the barn/stable area of the building or into a first floor.

The LAND extends to just over 10 hectares encompassing varied and picturesque terrain. It boasts superb and well draining soil, renowned Normandy grazing all hedged by stunning mature trees (bocage).The bulk of the land lies in flatter paddocks and hay meadows beside and near the house. The scenic winter grazing fields are steeper but fed by natural springs and streams.

The BUILDINGS comprise an old bakehouse, another stone building with fireplace that has possessed a CU (outline planning permission) and a timber field shelter.

The house has been our much loved home these past five years.

Please contact us for more information on the house, land or area or to arrange a viewing.

Please call;
0033 (0) 673099644 or send us an email;

The area enjoys a wealth of fantastic things to see and do aswell as splendid venues to take your horse whether that be for a hacking adventure, jumping fun or serious competition.

Jennifer Davidson

Jennifer Davidson - USA

Jerome David

Jerome David - FranceJerome David

John Davidson

John Davidson - Australia
Horse Rings

Jose David Pe√£‚ÄėAfiel Minton

Jose David Pe√£‚ÄėAfiel Minton - Ecuador

Juan David Agudelo

Juan David Agudelo - Columbia

Julio David Vainer

Julio David Vainer - Mexico
Horse Themed Earings

Marite Davidsone

Marite Davidsone - Latvia

Mark David Stopford

Mark David Stopford - South AfricaMark David Stopford

Mattea Davidson

Mattea Davidson - Australia

Maxime David

Maxime David - France

Mr Tom David

Mr Tom David -


Lannegan is an internation showjumper, born in 1981, Lannegan is by thoroughbred Hail Titan, together with David Broome Lannegan won many classes and represented the UK at many major jumping championships.

"> Lannegan   - David BroomeWorld famous showjumper Lannegan was ridden by David Broome with many great results at many of top showjumping events. Lannegan is sired by thoroughbred stallion Hail Titan with many excellent results.

Pierre David Peters

Pierre David Peters - France

Sarah Davidson

Sarah Davidson - UK

David Uson Olaso

David Uson Olaso - Spain - Showjumping Rider / David Uson Olaso & MISTER GREY DE LA GUBIA David

Shane Davidson

Shane Davidson - Australia

Shelagh Davidson

Shelagh Davidson - USA

Sylvie David

Sylvie David - France

David Meyrick

David Meyrick - UK David Meyrick

David Brown

David Brown - France

Queensway Big Q

Another talented horse competed by leading British rider David Broome, Queensway Big Q won classes at the highest level, wins include the world cup qualifier in Bordeaux in 1980 among many others. Queensway Big Q was foaled in 1970, by the stallion Gotthard who is the father of many exceptional competition horses, besides Queensway Big Q, progeny of Gotthard also includes Goya, Graf Sieno, Goldpilz and Goldika
Queensway Big Q

David Sheerin

David Sheerin - UK

In November of 1995 Kriss with Vern and Kristin came to England to participate in the filming for the BBC`s `Countryfile` series. The segment involved the exporting of Shire horses and the particular episode was televised just prior to the World Shire Congress in March of 1996. It was during the 1995 trip that the Stark`s purchased Metheringham William who incidentally featured in the Countryfile filming.

David Carracedo Fernandez

David Carracedo Fernandez - Spain

Anita David Becker

Anita David Becker - France

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David Pipe

David Pipe is a race horse trainer located in Somerset, David comes from a strong racing background, his father Martin Pipe was also a champion national hunt trainer. David Pipe has had lots of success in numerous big races.

David Barraclough

David Barraclough - UK

David Bryant

David Bryant - Australia

Patricia Davids

Patricia Davids - South Africa

For Sale - Gaited Morgan Horses If you have Gaited Morgan horses for sale, list with Gaited Morgans Association an AMHA National Service Organization serving as a Gaited Morgan horse organization, GMHO, promoting the Gaited Morgan.

B Bar D Wendys Maia & Jellico Callie - 2001 14.3h Chestnut Mare - Please inquire for price (Mary Mels Fudger x Omars Wendy)

Maia is a Mary Mel bred mare. The 2011 filly shown in these pictures was by a non gaited stallion and is displaying gait in the open field. Plus her colour is a unique chestnut. This is an in your pocket broodmare who is free to the right home. Seldom do you get the opportunity to buy Gaited Morgan horses for sale of this caliber.

Contact: Jellico Farms Gaited Morgans
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Yael David Perez

Yael David Perez international show jumping rider from Argentina, we are looking for pics please email us at to grow our equestrian website. Yael David Perez :- Results

David Fajka

David Fajka - Hungary

David Giuli

David Giuli - Argentina

We was welcomed by Sarah, her daughter and there beautiful dogs at there home and stud farm in Haslemere (amazing part of England) I had sold Sarah, a mare the year before and really wanted to see how she was getting on, in fact she was thriving I had never seen her so well. We was escorted around the medium sized stud. Each field there was quality in abundance. not only were the mares stocky and true to type but you could see that they were producing progeny that could go on to any sphere. Sarah like my self has a liking for "Cippyn Red Flyer" she proudly showed me an older home bred mare "Floreat Fire Bird" she looks very much like her father and the dam of some quality foals.

we very much liked their Liverchestnut Section A`s out of a cremello mare Forlan Welsh Cream.

I was very tempted to ask if one was for sale!

There studs achievement a breath taking I would really recommend visiting this stud if you are ever in that area of England

David Yeoman

David Yeoman - UK - Endurance Rider David Yeoman - Endurance Rider

David Doel

David Doel - UK - Event Rider | Video : David Doel and Koyuna Sun Magic


David Doel and Koyuna Sun Magic

Posted by Stable Express

David Doel
Showjumping Horses For Sale

David Marcus

David Marcus is one of the leading dressage riders in North America and has represented the USA at many major dressage championships, including the Olympics. Below you can watch a video of David Marcus in action riding at the world dressage masters.


David Marcus

Posted by Stable Express

Draft Horses For Sale
David Marcus

David Marcus - USA - Video - David Marcus Kur - World Dressage Masters

David Abellaneda

David Abellaneda - France

David Malfait

David Malfait - Belgium - Showjumping
David Malfait

David Boyer

David Boyer - France

Ian Davidson

Ian Davidson - Australia


Beethoven was a talented jumping horse who was competed by Welsh showjumper David Broome, together the pair clocked up many wins together, most notably being crowned world champion`s in 1970 when the pair claimed the title in La Baule. Beethoven was a favourite of showjumping fans, with a distinctive white blaze and a flamboyant jump, flicking his tail high in the air.

 Beethoven  - David Broome
Beethoven was crowned World Champion, when David Broome rode him to victory at La Baule in 1970. ‚ÄúBootsie‚ÄĚ, as he was known in the stable, was famous for his big white blaze, and for flicking his tail high in the air when he jumped.

David O`Meara

David O`Meara - Ireland - Showjumping Rider David O`Meara

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Annie Davidson - USA - Showjumping

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David Harland - Showjumper, David Harland & JJS Sure To Fly - Arena UK - Foxhunter 2nd Round David Harland Horses ; BORN TO FLY, CHINCOREVE, EARNEST0, FARAO M, HES OUR HARLEY, IGNIGENA EICKENRODE, JJ`S HERE TO IMPRESS, JJS SURE TO FLY, JOSINE, BRUNO VI


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