Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin is one of the worlds leading dressage riders, born the 13th July 1985, Charlotte Dujardin came to prominence riding the talented Valegro, together the pair became one of the most successful dressage partnerships of all time, winning nearly every major championship available, while in the process breaking numerous records. At the 2012 London Olympics Charlotte was a member of the British team who won gold as well as winning the individual gold as well, four years later Charlotte and Valegro would win another individual gold medal at the Rio olympics.

Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin started riding early at the age of two, leaving school at sixteen, she decided to pursue a career in dressage and purchased a horse to produce. In 2007 Charlotte would find a job working for leading British dressage rider Carl Hester, who spotted her natural talent and gave her training and help make the most of her ability. It was in 2011 that Carl Hester along with one of his owner`s Roly Luard would ask Charlotte to ride a novice gelding named Valegro, the intention was for Carl to later ride the talented gelding but Charlotte and Valegro developed a magnificent partnerships and together would compete in their first grand prix dressage competition in 2011. That year would see the pair be part of the British gold medal winning team in Rotterdam at the European dressage championships, as well as winning the grand prix at the famous Olympia horse show breaking the world record for the highest score in a freestyle grand prix with an impressive 88.022%.

Charlotte and Valegro would go from strength to strength, winning many grand prix`s, individual gold at the world equestrian games, another two European individual championships and two world cup finals.

After the success in Rio Valegro was retired, but did numerous events such as New York and finally olympia allowing the millions of dressage fans to say goodbye to this legendary dressage horse.

In 2013 Charlotte Dujardin was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and in 2017 Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) she was also voted Sportswoman of the Year after winning the FEI championship.

Valegro and Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin

Charlotte Dujardin has trained and worked for Carl Hester since February 2007. Click to read more and see image. She left school at the age of 16 and after achieving much success pony showing – including winning the Horse of the Year Show four times and Hickstead three times – she went to work for Judy Harvey for four years. At the beginning of 2007 she came to Carl for some lessons and he asked her to help out for 10 days and she never left after that.

This year Charlotte has been selected to join the World Class Performance Squad with Valegro with whom she has enjoyed successes at International Level in Zwolle, Vidauban, Saumur and Hagen so far.

Charlotte has also achieved a great deal with her own horse Fernandez, competing him Internationally for the first time at Grand Prix with scores in excess of 70%.

On her rare days off Charlotte admits to enjoying a lot of sleeping plus socializing when she gets a .

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Charlotte Dujardin Horses

Florestan I x - ()
Negro x Gershwin (2002 )
Fernandez is a succefull dressage horse who was purchased from the Brightwell dressage auction as a 3 year old. Fernandez a Westfalian bred son of Florestan out of a Weinberg mare. Through his career he took many Championship titles including the 6
Ridden by Charlotte Dujardin, Valegro made dressage history in 2012 as he claimed Olympic gold in front of his home crowed in London with the record score of 83.784%. Together the pair picked up both the individual gold medal as well as the gold in t

Charlotte Dujardin Competition Results

2 - Fritzens, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 26/06/2011 - Valegro
1 - Fritzens, GP - Grand Prix - 24/06/2011 - Valegro
7 - Hagen, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 08/05/2011 - Fernandez
7 - Hagen, GP - Grand Prix - 06/05/2011 - Fernandez
1 - Saumur, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 30/04/2011 - Valegro
2 - Saumur, GP - Grand Prix - 28/04/2011 - Valegro
2 - Addington, GP FS - Grand Prix F... - 23/04/2011 - Fernandez
2 - Addington, GP - Grand Prix - 22/04/2011 - Fernandez
1 - Vidauban, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 27/03/2011 - Valegro
1 - Vidauban, GP - Grand Prix - 25/03/2011 - Valegro
1 - Vidauban, GPS - Grand Prix Spe... - 20/03/2011 - Valegro
1 - Vidauban, GP - Grand Prix - 19/03/2011 - Valegro
Charlotte DujardinCharlotte Dujardin and ValegroCharlotte Dujardin with WalegroFernandez and Charlotte Dujardin
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Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro To Perform In The Big Apple

Later this month at the Rolex Central Park Horse Show, spectators will be treated to a demonstration from the two time olympic gold medalists Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro (Blueberry to his friends). An update on Charlotte Dujardin`s facebook said "Yes that`s right, Blueberry and I will have some fun dancing under the New York skyline later this month," said Charlotte on her Facebook page on Sunday (11 September). "Really hope to meet some of you there!".

Also at the famous New York horse show the American dressage team will also be honored after picking up team bronze in Rio.

Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro Take Gold In Rio

Charlotte Dujardin takes gold in Rio with an excellent performance in the freestyle, beating german riders Isabell Werth in silver and Kristina Broring-Sprehe in bronze

Rank AthleteTotal
1Charlotte Dujardin - Valegro93.85%
2Isabell Werth - Weihegold Old89.07%
3Kristina Broring-Sprehe - Desperados Frh87.14%
4Laura Graves - Verdades85.19%
5Severo Jesus Jurado Lopez - Lorenzo83.62%
6Dorothee Schneider - Showtime Frh82.94%
7Carl Hester - Nip Tuck82.55%
8Tinne Wilhelmsson Silfven - Don Auriello81.55%
9Hans Peter Minderhoud - Johnson80.57%
10Beatriz Ferrer-Salat - Delgado80.16%
11Diederik van Silfhout - Arlando79.53%
12Steffen Peters - Legolas 9279.39%
13Cathrine Dufour - Cassidy78.14%
14Anna Kasprzak - Donnperignon76.98%
15Allison M. Brock - Rosevelt76.16%
16Patrik Kittel - Deja76.01%
17Fiona Bigwood - Orthilia76.01%
18Judy Reynolds - Vancouver K75.69

Valegro To Be Retired At Olympia

Charlotte Dujardin`s horse of a life time Valegro is to be given a fitting send off at Olympia horse show this December, a quote from Charlotte said "I want everyone to remember him as the horse he is - a hero. What he has done for the sport is truly inspirational."

With Charlotte, Valegro who is known as Blueberry to his friends on the yard has won 3 Olympic gold medals 2 at the London Olympics in the individual and team competition and then he retained his Olympic title in Rio.

We will defiantly be seeing more of Charlotte in the future with new mounts but no horse could possibly replace Valegro and will leave a big gap for her. If you want to say farewell to Valegro, would get your Olympia tickets sorted early, the show will take place the 13th to 19th of December.
Valegro Dressage Horse


Charlotte Dujardin & Uthopia Saumur Freestyle


Charlotte Dujardin & Fernandez,Aachen CDIO5- 2011

Charlotte Ash

Charlotte Ash and Dooneen Abby Winning 128 winter second rnd Rowallan | Charlotte Ash - UK

Charlotte Ash

Posted by Stable Express

Charlotte Ash
Showjumping Horses For Sale


Charlotte Gambin Houri

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Charlotte Gambin Houri

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Charlotte Mandler

French event rider Charlotte Mandler, we have limited information on her and her horses. If you can help us expand our horse rider database please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Charlotte Mandler

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Charlotte Henkey

Charlotte Henkey is a successful British event rider, horses competed by Charlotte Henkey includes Kintara Charlie`s Angel. We have limited information on Charlotte Henkey if you can help us expand us please email us at info@stableexpress.com

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Charlotte Catry

Charlotte Catry - France

Anne Charlotte Legras

Anne Charlotte Legras - France

Anne Charlotte Rousseau

Anne Charlotte Rousseau - France

Charlotte Heering

Watch Danish rider Charlotte Heering with Bufranco

Watch Danish rider Charlotte Heering with Bufranco

Charlotte Heering

Charlotte Uden

Charlotte Uden - UK

Charlotte Uden - Surrey County Area International Trial

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Elisabeth Charlotte Halbesma

Elisabeth Charlotte Halbesma - Norway

Charlotte Henderson

Charlotte Henderson - USA

Charlotte Verdier

Charlotte Verdier - France

Charlotte Braeuner

Charlotte Braeuner is a dressage rider from Germany, help us expand our rider database, please email us at riders@stableexpress.com. if you have additional information, pics, videos or news regarding Charlotte Braeuner and the horses that she competes.

Lena Charlotte Walterscheidt

Lena Charlotte Walterscheidt - Germany

Luisa Charlotte Braun

Luisa Charlotte Braun - Germany

Charlotte Bresson

Charlotte Bresson - France

Sarah Charlotte Butler

Sarah Charlotte Butler - South Africa

Tine Charlotte Sundt

Tine Charlotte Sundt - Norway

Charlotte Edmonds Dressage

Charlottesville xx

Thoroughbred racing stallion born in 1963, Charlottesville xx made an important impact in the breeding of warmblood sport horses and can be found in the pedigree of many successful showjumping and dressage horses. If you have any additional information on Charlottesville xx then please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Charlotte Adderley

Charlotte Adderley - Uk

Charlotte Mlyncekova

Charlotte Mlyncekova - Slovakia - Endurance Rider

Springfield, Oregon 100 x 200 Indoor arena, 78 box stalls stalls 78 Horses 1860 sq ft Golden West Double Wide $495,000 Ad Placed Sept 19,2002

Charlotte Bettendorf

Charlotte Bettendorf is a showjumping rider from Luxembourg, horses competed by Charlotte Bettendorf includes Gaesbekers Glamour Girl, Chicca and Creole Des Baleines. Charlotte is well known for producing horses from young ages and has competed a number of them at the world breeding championships at Lanakin. Below you can watch a video about Charlotte Bettendorf at home.

Charlotte Bettendorf - Showjumping

Commission Horse Painting
Charlotte Bettendorf

Anne-Charlotte Busac

Anne-Charlotte Busac is a rider who competes under the flag of France, we have limited information on Anne-Charlotte Busac, if you would like to help us grow our database please email us at info@stableexpress.com

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Charlotte Foreman

Charlotte Foreman is a British showjumper from Kent, with experience jumping 1.40m+ classes.

Whitaker Family History - Read how a farming family from Yorkshire dominate the world of showjumping, with our Whitaker family profile.

Charlotte Whittle

Charlotte Whittle is a British event rider, horses competed by Charlotte includes Lowmoor Superstar, Who`s Class and Miss Mills

Charlotte Von Buttlar

Charlotte Von Buttlar is an event rider from Germany, horses competed by Charlotte Von Buttlar includes Fashion King 4 (1998, Frederiko x Dawn (Dramaturg), Westfalian). Below you can watch Charlotte in action riding Fashion King 4.

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Charlotte Edmonds

Charlotte Edmonds is a dressage rider and trainer based in the Surry / Berkshire, UK. As a rider Charlotte has competed internationally winning national championships as well as international championships at under 21 level. AS well as being a successful rider Charlotte also is a well respected dressage trainer.

International Dressage Rider
Freelance trainer
6 x National Championship Titles incl. Inter II
3 x European Championship Bronze Medals U21

Charlotte Edmonds

Christine Charlotte Kaupa

Christine Charlotte Kaupa is a German eventing rider, born 24th January 1990. Horses competed by Christine Charlotte Kaupa includes Santanga 8 and Windkonig 2. We have limited information on Christine Charlotte Kaupa, if you can help please email us at info@stableexpress.com

Charlotte Paindaveine

Charlotte Paindaveine is a showjumping rider from Belgium, help us expand our profile on Charlotte Paindaveine and her horses please email us at info@stableexpress.com.

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