Carano is a holstein stallion with an excellent pedigree sired by Capitol I out of a Cor de la Bryere mare, as a 3 year old Carano was licensed in Denmark and attracted many broodmares, over his breeding career in Denmark Carano had 860 foals many of which went on to be successful in the showjumping and dressage arena. in 2004 Caramo was awarded the Danish Warmblood stallion of the year. Carano passed away at the age of 18 after an unsuccessful colic operation

Below you can watch Clarence C who is approved with the holstein studbook, Clarence C is sired by Carano (Capitol x Cor de la Bryere)

  • Maximus


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  • Saasha Turrell

    Saasha Turrell

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    Guglielmo Muratori

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Ake Hultberg

Åke Hultberg is a Swedish rider with a proven track record jumping at international level, below is a video of Åke Hultberg in action riding Heatwave in the World Cup Göteborg 1989.

Åke Hultberg

Osvaldo Scaramuzzino

Osvaldo Scaramuzzino is a race horse trainer from Argentina, we have limited information on Osvaldo Scaramuzzino, if you can help expand our database please email us at info@stableexpress.com
Osvaldo Scaramuzzino

A Pony in a Million

14.1hh Grey 14 year old Gelding. Absolute School Master.

Cracker has been owned by us for nearly 5 years and brought my daughter on from jumping small cross poles to 1.2m tracks. During all these years, he has NEVER stopped and is always willing to please.

My daughter has been hacking him in heavy traffic from being 11 years old, either in company or alone.

His flat work is very good and he enjoys whatever work you ask of him. May that be showing, jumping, dressage.

Leena Kalalahti

Leena Kalalahti - Finland

Marcia Carabell

Marcia Carabell - USA

Maud Seus Caradec

Maud Seus Caradec - France

Eryka Skore

Eryka Skore - USA

Montanaüs Cadeau

Danish Warmblood Montanas Cadeau, born 2000 by Carano out of Aci Hardsyssel (Alibi), showjumping Horse

Evy Morssinkhof

Evy Morssinkhof is a showjumping rider from Lommel, Belgium a talented young rider Evy Morssinkhof has had good results with a number of different horses including Diamond, Bubsylon, Cara Victoria and Langobardo Bf. Below you can watch Evy Morssinkhof in action riding Cara Victoria in a 1.40m class at CSI 2* Sentower Park.
Evy Morssinkhof

Fly Repellent For Horses
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Valerie Vleugels

Valerie Vleugels - Belgium - Showjumping Riders Valerie Vleugels

Sandra Tollaksen

Sandra Tollaksen - Norway - Dressage Rider

Oliver Oelrich

Oliver Oelrich - Germany - Dressage Rider

Massimiliano Scarano

Massimiliano Scarano - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Stefano Caranzetti

Stefano Caranzetti - Italy - Showjumping Rider

Dagmar Caramello

Dagmar Caramello - USA - Eventing Dagmar Caramello

Kulendran Sinniah

Kulendran Sinniah - UAE - Endurance Rider / Horses competed by Kulendran Sinniah include Safir Hb, Ferdiland and Shadir

Clarence C

Clarence C proved himself as a promising stallion from the start when in 2005 he was the star of his stallion grading, with excelent movement and a big bold jump he received high marks from the judges. His sire Carano was one of the leading stallions from Denmark and was crowned leading Danish warmblood stallion. Carano is a stallion with an excellent pedigree sired by the great Capitol I who produced so many outstanding jumping horses.

The mother of Clarence C is Kira XVII who is a brood mare with a proven record of producing outstanding progeny, being the mother of Casall La Silla who is performing so brilliantly with Rolf Goran Bengtsson.

Clarence C

Veronica Koncke

Veronica Koncke - Uruguay - Endurance Rider Veronica Koncke

Stephanie Leccia

Stephanie Leccia - France - Showjumping RiderStephanie Leccia


Caramo - Stallion



Antoinette Agterberg

Antoinette Agterberg - Nicaragua - Dressage Rider Antoinette Agterberg

Alessandra Caratozzolo

Alessandra Caratozzolo - Italy - Showjumping Rider / Horses competed by Alessandra Caratozzolo include Baloubetta Du Soleil, Rahmannshof`s Seraphina and Jastino.

Caragh Kennedy

Caragh Kennedy - Ireland - Eventing / Horses competed by Caragh Kennedy includes Cavalier John