Buchiko - The Spotted Race Horse

Buchiko - The Spotted Race Horse Japanese racehorse Buchiko has developed a global following, when you go to the race track you see many thoroughbred racehorses bays, greys, chestnuts but Buchiko colouring certainly makes her stand out from the crowed. As a spotted Appaloosa he turns heads at whatever race track that he visits.
Although his unusual colouring Buchiko is a true thoroughbred, sired by the stallion King Kamehameha a proven sire on the race track. Buchiko is herself more than just a pretty face and has herself won on the track with 11 starts she wone three times and came second twice. Her rare colour and success on the track has made her a fan favourite, he groom dresses to match her and there was a selection of merchandise released celebrating this unique horse including a comerative Bryere model. Below you can watch a show reel showcasing Buchiko on the track.

Buchiko - The Spotted Race Horse

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