Amy Inglis

Amy Inglis is an exciting British young rider, from a a top equestrian family her father Duncan Inglis won many championships and represented Great Britain in nation cup competitions. Amy Inglis herself won at all levels of junior showjumping championships and is now competing at the highest levels of senior international classes, below you can watch a video of Amy Inglis in action jumping in La Baule with her talented horse Wishes.


Amy Inglis and Wishes jumping at La Baule

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Amy Inglis
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Amy Inglis had much success with 128cm ponies. J`s Junior (JJ) was 2nd at Hickstead, 2nd at HOYS and won the Pony Club mini major at Olympia. Both Amy and JJ represented England 5 times, winning gold on three occasions and silver twice. At the beginning of 2009 Amy paired up with Get Ready Freddie. During that year they won a Grand Prix and also the Winter 128 2nd Round Qualifying competition at Stainsbury Grange. Amy also had a ride on Tamango a pony owned by Peter Charles. She won a silver medal for Amy and was consistently placed in all the major 128 classes. Amy`s string also included Headmore Little Lightning a seven year old pony whom Amy has produced from the beginning and is now starting to compete in the top level 128 classes.

Amy Inglis successfully transitioned on to 148 ponies and had success riding Gold Harvest, Nils d`Hurl Vent and Herbies Double Trouble. Riding 148`s Amy has won 2 John Whitaker JA Classics, the Addington Manor Pony Classic Grand Prix, the European Viewing Trials Grand Prix was also 3rd in the Pony of the Year Grandprix and 3rd at the final of the British Open. More recently Amy has also been selected for the Team GBR International Pony Squad and was a member of the team that won the Nations Cup in Moorsele, Belgium.
Amy Inglis

Amy Inglis Competition Results

05 - Scope, Tiny Tots Championship - 01/09/2006 - Hollyoaks
04 - Scope, Tiny Tots Championship - 01/09/2006 - J’s Junior
04 - Scope, Tiny Tots Preliminary Round 2 - 31/08/2006 - Hollyoaks
09 - Scope, Tiny Tots Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - Hollyoaks
08 - Scope, Tiny Tots Preliminary Round 1 - 30/08/2006 - J’s Junior

Amy Theodorou

Amy Theodorou - UK


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Amy Audinot

Amy Audinot - France
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Sorrel Filly
Leo and Doc Bar, with a bit of Peppy thrown in. With his bloodlines it is inevitable that this colt will cut cattle. All through his pedigree there are horses that were either big time cutting horses or which sired the same. Even if you dont cut you will want this colt. Take him out to the pasture and he will retain both his cow and common sense, because that is what cow horses do. Like both his parents, hell be full of feel and give - a real rider. Hes got a lot of snap and works off his hocks naturally. He could make a serious dent in the Fowles Incentive plan dollars.

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