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Zonkey. Zebra and Donkey Crossbred

Ever wondered if a donkey and a Zebra can mate, below you can see a rare donkey, zebra hybrid living in an animal shelter in Florence, Italy. Ippo the Zonkey is a cross between male zebra and female donkey and another video of a Zonkey that was born in Mexico called Kumba. Zonkey`s are incredibly rare as donkey and zebra chromosomes are mostly incompatible.
Zonkey Zebra and Donkey Crossbred

Super Cute Rare Zebra FoalsSuper Cute Rare Zebra Foals
Zonkey - Crossbreed Equestrian
Laura KrautLaura Kraut

Zonkey. Zebra and Donkey Crossbred

Kazuo Maezawa

Kazuo Maezawa - Japan

Ramu Singh Lainu Singh

Ramu Singh Lainu Singh - Qatar - Endurance Rider

Aisling Quinn

Aisling Quinn - Ireland - Dressage Rider

Cathrine Knudsen

Cathrine Knudsen - Norway - Showjumping Rider

Anna Baxter

Anna Baxter - UK - Eventing

Audrey Roques

Audrey Roques - France - Showjumping Rider Audrey

Nicole Doignon

Nicole Doignon - France - Endurance Rider Nicole Doignon

Audrey Montagner

Audrey Montagner - France - Showjumping Rider Audrey