Zebroids and Zorses

A Zebroid or Zorse is a cross breed between a Zebra or another equestrian breed such as a horse or a donkey. Usually Zebroids are from a Zebra stallion and horse / donkey mother. It is often harder to breed a Zebroid from a Zebra mare, if a Zebra mare has a foal from a donkey stallion then these are called Donkra while a Zebra mother and horse stallion is called a Hebra.
Zebroids and Zorses
Zebroids and Zorses

A hybrid of a donkey and a zebra This Zebroid was born on a farm in Somerset. The hybrid, born from a donkey named Zip and a zebra mother, has a donkey-gray body and spotted limbs. It is said that there are two such zebras throughout the UK. A hybrid of a donkey and a zebra

Photos of a baby "zonkey" with a donkey`s body and cute zebra legs: Photos of a baby zonkey
equus zebra


Zebroids and Zorses
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