Will Young

Will Young is a keen horse lover, and featured himself riding a dressage test in his music video for Grace. The horse featured in the video is no stranger to fame and was ridden by Mel Gibson in the mega hit film Braveheart. Below you can watch Will Young in action, make sure you turn your sound on to enjoy his music as well as his riding


Belmont Stakes

On June 9th 1973 in the Belmont Secretariat set a 1 1/2 Mile record that still stands today. | Watch one of Secretariat best race victories the 1973 Belmont Stakes | Secretariat and his astounding 1973 Belmont Stakes victory…
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  • Horse Showing

    Horse Showing

    View stunning examples from show horse of all different horse breeds from around the world. Interested is show horses, stableexpress has everything that is needed for lovers of horse showing
  • Sam Hutton

    Sam Hutton

    Video of Sam Hutton and Top Limit competing in his first Hickstead speed derby. British showjumping rider Sam Hutton, see news and results.
  • Cheggers Goes Showjumping

    Cheggers Goes Showjumping

    Watch some classic footage of Keith Chegwin meeting some very young Zara Phillips, Louise Whitaker, Matthew Broome and Ryan Hadley in the Shetland Pony grand national