Will Young

Will Young is a keen horse lover, and featured himself riding a dressage test in his music video for Grace. The horse featured in the video is no stranger to fame and was ridden by Mel Gibson in the mega hit film Braveheart. Below you can watch Will Young in action, make sure you turn your sound on to enjoy his music as well as his riding


Cornwall Swimming Horses

Horse riding holidays in Cornwall, riding on the beach in Cornwall / Cornwall Swimming Horses / Cornwall Swimming Horses, At The Peep Out, Long Rock, Penzance, Cornwall, TR20 8YJ / Telephone - 07460865167…
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  • Carine Chancel

    Carine Chancel

    Carine Chancel - France - Endurance Rider | Endurance Horses For Sale | StableExpress.com Equestrian Classifieds | Carine Chancel French endurance riding
  • Calidoscopio


    Watch the impressive racing victory of Calidoscopio in the Brooklyn Handicap. This is the most incredible horse racing comeback you are ever likely to see!!...
  • Pony Survives Wildfires

    Pony Survives Wildfires

    For the Carrol family, a pony named Heaven meant everything, because it was their daughter`s best friend. The 4-year old Izzy Carrol suffers from nonverbal autism, but she had a special bond with Heaven. That`s why that pony was very special for the family.