Where Are Friesian Horses From

Where Are Friesian Horses From?

The Frisian horse breed is a breed that dates back thousands of years with historical mentions dating back to the 4th century, originating from Northern Holland in a province named Friesland. The Friesian horse was created with the mixture of the British shire horse and the traditional Fell Pony. Friesian Horses
Anne Bulten Fotografie, Netherlands
During the UK Norman invasion of England by William The Conquer, it is thought the mounted Norman nights would be riding Friesian horses, and would be a preferred mount for nights from the 12th century through to the 16th century.

During the 15th century the breed would have an infusion of blood from Spanish horse breeds such as the Andalusian, even with this infusion of Spanish blood the Friesian horse breed would retain it indigenous characteristics.

Where Are Friesian Horses From
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