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Website Design Trends

Website design is continually evolving, all you need to do is look on at the big brands websites from 10 years ago and compare them to today`s websites and you will see huge differences in the design, structure and technology methods being used in the construction of today`s websites.

Here are some trends and techniques to consider if you are considering building a new modern website.

Virtual Reality and 360 degree Video`s
Last year Facebook gave an impressive presentation on the future of virtual reality in regards to their platform, although this is some time off from becoming a standard user experience it does show the direction they are going in and show how other sites can use this exciting new technology. Google are also carrying out extensive R&D developing their own VR system called Google Daydream. Something that is creating a more interactive immersive experience that is already being used is 360 degree video`s that allows the user to fully transverse the full view within the video. As expected the entertainment industry are doing some fantastic examples, Star Wars Rougue one used 360 degree VR video`s extensively in their websites as well as on social media platforms with some fantastic results.

Watch the Facebook VR Demo >>

Card Design & Grid Layouts
Many websites are using grid layout designs for their website, some good examples of this type of website design is Pinterest, Tumblr and Dribble, these types of design fit in perfectly with modern design allowing you to create a site that is flexible with the creation of user generated content and works on different screen resolutions and devices.
Automated Communication With Visitor`s
With web programming language`s advancing, web developers can create bots and scripts to interact with visitor`s and try to influence user behaviour. These technologies also allow the website creator`s to link their online presence to other platforms such as Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook.

Reduction in Stock Photo`s
As the user`s of the internet are getting more experienced and savvy the need for authentic photography is becoming more important as the visitor`s to the website can spot the cheesy stock photo`s much easier and devalues the final finish of the completed website, we will continue to see the decline of cheesy stock photography in web design.

Pre Built Websites / Template Websites
Building a website has increased in difficulty, with designer`s having to consider the multiple screens that will be displaying the website. Many of the mass hosting companies are now offering low cost template website`s with built in CMS systems for user`s to keep the site up to date. For those who wish a more polished website there are other providers of easy to install template website`s that can be used in conjunction with Wordpress or Joomla.

CMS Website

Intelligent Forms
Many websites are used to gather information from the user, the web forms included on the website must ask the correct questions of the user while keeping the questions to a minimum by expanding or removing form fields depending on the user questions answered and how they are interacting with the website.

Robust web app functionality built into the websites
With the increase in web apps and mobile apps the lines are starting to merge between applications and websites, these web application`s allow the user to have much more functionality than a standard website. There are a number of app plugins now available that can be integrated in to a website.

Fluidity For Different Devices & Screen Resolutions
Design for mobile devices has been a key factor for website design for many years now, but with web TV becoming increasingly popular with smart TV`s available that includes a web browser designer must consider a lot more different resolutions.

Immersive storytelling
Bold visuals along with attractive designs must portray the story of the brand to the visitor, engaging the user and answering the queries they have with out to much digging through to find the key facts that are needed. Websites are going to continue to evolve, it is important that designer and business owners work together and set key goals for a website ensuring the website is developed to make the most of potential visitor`s converting them to buyers or answering the questions they have while not using human resource.

Website Design Trends